Delmar Family Articles: 1794-1892

Contributed by Frances Fulford Moore

From the Elizabeth Moore Papers, Collection # 322, East Carolina University Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. For research and study only. Permission to publish has been granted.

This newspaper article was published in the “Pamlico County News,” June 4, 1970. Genealogy and History – by Elizabeth Moore
1794 Account of Sales of the Estate of Francis Delamar, deceased. December 5, 1794. One page inventory of persal estate returned by Joseph Burney. Names mention: Jacob Paul, Jr., Edward Edmondson, Hopkins Bateman, Frederic Biggs, Nathan Carraway, Thomas Delamar, John Avery, James Nelson, Oliver Hall.

1799 – Estate of Francis Delamar, deceased, in account with the executors and executrix. Names mentioned: E. Graham, attorney; Samuel Chapman, C. C. (clerk of court); Tabitha Avery, Joseph Nelson, Thomas Badger, Nelson Delamar, Ephraim Fulshire, John Dawson, James Cannon, Thomas Sparrow, John Lester.

Order that Thomas Sparrow, Thomas W. York and William Harris audit the accounts of Harty and Thomas Delamar, Exrs. of Francis Delamar, Sen. deceased, and divide the personal estate. Returned December 1801

Suit of Jones v. Thomas, James Beard of Beard’s Creek, Francis Dawson the third, died possessed of all the lands represented by this plan, which is devised to his three sisters, Eliza, who married Francis Delamar; Anne, who married Seldon Jasper, Eunice, who married 1st Matthew Neale and since, Roger Jones.

Names mentioned in file: Isaac Hollis, G. Abraham Vendrick, James Hoover, Seldon Delamar, John Thomas, Thomas Jocelin, William Johnston, John Biggs, John Banks, 1809-1810. (Record filed Clerk’s Loose Papers, Craven County, NC)

Abstracts of Delamar Wills:

STEPHEN DELAMAR, Legatees: Wife and Executrix, Mary. Sons Thomas Sparrow Delamar and Paul S. Delamar. Witnesses: Elijah Clark, Robert Sparrow. Dec. 18, 1813. Prob. March 1815, James G. Stanly, CC. Book of Wills C., Page 80.

SMITH DELAMAR of Smith’s Creek. Legatees: Wife, Sarah. Sons: William and Stephen Delamar. Daughters: Gatsy Harris, William, Stephen, Ann, Muriah, and Joseph N. Executor: William and Stephen Delamar. Witnesses: Thomas Bowden and John Shine. July 1, 1842. Prob. Aug. 1842. James G. Stanly, CC. Clerk’s Loose Papers, Craven County, NC.