Cemeteries and Churches



  • Davie County Cemeteries, two volume set, tombstones before 1998, $55 for set.  Order from Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society, 371 North Main Street, Mocksville NC 27028.  Online index to Volume I and Online index to Volume II have PDF files that are searchable.


Ron Cornelius contributed the information below. Originally each cemetery or church linked to the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) web page from which the names were extracted, and one could go to the corresponding topographical maps. Unfortunately the linked GNIS page no longer works, so Ron’s table has been replaced with a simplified version without the links.

Name Latitude
USGS 7.5′
Map Name
Cedar Creek Cemetery 360011N 0803240W Farmington
Farmington Cemeteries 360103N 0803212W Farmington
Joppa Cemetery 355423N 0803440W Mocksville
Rose Cemetery 355416N 0803324W Mocksville
Advance Methodist 355634N 0802441W Advance
Baileys Chapel 355459N 0802542W Advance
Bear Creek Church 355920N 0803915W Calahaln
Bethel Church 355342N 0803211W Mocksville
Bethlehem Church 355940N 0802837W Advance
Bixby Presbyterian 355619N 0802704W Advance
Blaise Church 355524N 0803537W Mocksville
Boxwood Church 354759N 0803022W Cooleemee
Byerlys Chapel Methodist 355131N 0803746W Cool Springs
Calvary Baptist 355142N 0803258W Cooleemee
Cedar Creek Baptist Church 360019N 0803245W Farmington
Cedar Grove Church 355224N 0802654W Churchland
Center Methodist 355443N 0803715W Mocksville
Cherryhill Church 354756N 0803004W Cooleemee
Chestnut Grove Church 355735N 0803652W Mocksville
Christ Temple Church of God 355851N 0802907W Advance
Clarksville Pentecostal Holiness 360026N 0803905W Lone Hickory
Clement Grove Church of God 355541N 0803803W Calahaln
Concord Church 355022N 0803012W Cooleemee
Cornatzer Baptist 355519N 0802845W Advance
Cornetzer Baptist Church 355502N 0802854W Advance
Crossroads Church 354934N 0802943W Churchland
Davie Baptist Tabernacle 355532N 0802709W Advance
Dulin Church 355614N 0802945W Advance
Dutchmans Creek Church 355107N 0802846W Churchland
Eaton Church 355903N 0803526W Mocksville
Elbaville Church 355517N 0802419W Advance
Episcopal Church of the Ascension 355255N 0802641W Advance
Fairfield Baptist 355051N 0803247W Cooleemee
Farmington Baptist 360055N 0803201W Farmington
Farmington Methodist 360100N 0803201W Farmington
Fork Baptist 355247N 0802645W Advance
Fork Church 355247N 0802645W Advance
Fulton Church 355309N 0802508W Advance
Green Meadows Baptist 360106N 0803017W Farmington
Hardison Church 355211N 0803517W Cooleemee
Holy Cross Lutheran 355108N 0803256W Cooleemee
Ijames Crossroads Baptist 355605N 0803831W Calahaln
Jericho Church 355207N 0803614W Cooleemee
Jerusalem Baptist 354856N 0803056W Cooleemee
Liberty Baptist Church 360233N 0804015W Lone Hickory
Liberty Church 355028N 0803251W Cooleemee
Liberty Church 355748N 0804137W Calahaln
Macedonia Moravian 360211N 0802823W Clemmons
Mainville Church 355609N 0803259W Mocksville
Mocks Church 355744N 0802548W Advance
Mocksville Pentecostal Holiness 355417N 0803247W Mocksville
Mount Zion Church 355455N 0802327W Advance
New Union Church 355752N 0804102W Calahaln
No Creek Church 355307N 0802824W Advance
Oak Grove Church 355551N 0803242W Mocksville
Palmetto Church 355718N 0803646W Mocksville
Piney Grove Methodist 355658N 0802417W Advance
Redland Church of Christ 355910N 0802836W Advance
Redland Pentecostal Holiness 355924N 0802738W Advance
Saint Francis Church 355420N 0803437W Mocksville
Saint Johns American
Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
355419N 0803309W Mocksville
Saint Matthews Church 355251N 0803948W Calahaln
Salem Church 355310N 0803957W Calahaln
Smith Grove Methodist 355755N 0803001W Mocksville
Turrentine Church 355219N 0803058W Cooleemee
Union Chapel 355610N 0803557W Mocksville
Wesley Chapel Methodist Church 360123N 0803445W Farmington
Yadkin Valley Fundamental Baptist Church 360210N 0802822W Clemmons
Zion Chapel 355733N 0804015W Calahaln