Grady Cemetery

Surveyed by Myra & Keith Lanier March 2010

Located on N. Williams Road about 1 mile from the intersection of N. Williams Road & Sarecta Road on the left in a field.

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  • Inscribed on Monument:
  • The deceased volunteered on the 1st Aug. 1861 when only 17 years of age, & joined the 1N. C. Cavalry, but on account of physical disability was rejected: & again on the 28 Oct., 1861, he volunteered & joined Capt. Herring’s Co. of Artillery in which he served 9 months, when he was transferred to Co. A 43 Regt. NC Troops in which he served until 1 Sept, 1862 when from feeble health he was discharged from the army.
  • Base of Monument:
  • Here, Here, is all that still remains of them: This spot of earth is the whole world to me. S. M. G.
  • Grady, Leonidas Calhoun 3-30-1844 to 10-24-1863 Age 20 years Son of S. M. Grady
  • Grady, Eliza G. 1-15-1825 to 4-2-1861 Wife of S. M. Grady Age 37 years 
  • Footstone with S. M. G. No other Info
  • Footstone with  M. R. G. No Other Info
  • Footstone wife L. C. Grady
  • 2 Footstones No Other Info

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