Muster Rolls Of Duplin Soldiers

Transcribed by Joy Hilbun Mohr

Accounts of the US with North Carolina

War of the Revolution

The Rev. War records are organized (sometimes) by District, & the District of Wilmington included Duplin County.  It appears that the County Clerk for Duplin was also serving as one of the Auditors for the District of Wilmington. This all serves to further-solidify the links between the people identified by these various records.

The pay vouchers were generally issued to an entire unit at one time, beginning w/the officers & continuing through the privates. Thus, any grp receiving private pay listed all together would be presumed to be all in the same unit. Here is what is shown in the abstracts of the NC Rev.Army Accts, Bk W, # 1 (1781-1783), for the Wilmington Dist., listing the vouchers issued by the auditors of that district:

Book W.  No. 1–  1st Column

1631     Rich’d Rigan

1632     Saml. Carver

1633     Aaron Plummer

1634     Geo. Nooles     14      2

1635     Saml. Johnson  10        6

1636     James Cain

1637     John Tillson

1638     Tho.s Willis

1639     John Dunn

1640     William Russ

1641     James White

1642     Tho.s Clark

1643     James Carver

1644     William Sims

1645     Jos.h Hawthorn

1646     John Donoho

1647     Zach.l Plummer

1648     Rich. Huffham

1649     Tho.s Russ

1650     John Hawthorn Musician, NC Militia, 10th NC Cont. Line, Pension #R4775 (Rejected)
1651     Cap.t Danl Wms? (Daniel Hicks Williams) 1st Lt to Capt., 6th NC Continental Line

1652     Tho.s James

1653     Cullen Connerly         Private, NC Militia
1654     John Ward WARD, John L., Pvt, Duplin Militia & Edgefield S.C. Lighthorse, pension File # S 32579; 
1655     Wm Ward Pvt, NC Continental Line, Pension # S 7809   

1656     Lewis Stuckey

1657     Miles Hutson(Hudson), Pvt, 1st NC Battalion of Foot, Lib. of Cong. # 90949
1658     Hardy Holmes-- 4/5/6. Capt. in Duplin. 2nd Lt to Capt., 1st. NC Cont. Line, Heitman's List of            
 Officers in the Continental Line

1659     Wright Bass


2nd Column

1660     Uriah Burket

1661     Danl Byrd                     2          5          6

1662     Danl hicks  4              5             6 Pvt, NC Militia

1663     Austen Beesley 3          7          6          ment. In Jerome Tew’s book as a Pvt.

1664     Tho.s Carlton             3/7/6        Private, (probably) NC Militia 

1665     James Lockerman         3          7                      Pvt. NC Militia

1666     Wm. Owens                 3          7

1667     Lt. Silas Myhand         6          15

1668     Joshua Sykes                2          14

1669     Lewis Holmes               2          14        See below

1670        John Cooper            2             14            Captain, NC Militia; see below

1671     Hamb.’n Hilborn         2          14

1672     Wm. Wiggons            2 /14        Wm Sr., Pvt, Duplin Militia, 10th NC Continental Line

1673     Elihu Wiggons  2          14;       Elihu (b. 1776 Sampson.,d.1830  Conecuh Co.Al.) & Marg. Kinnard D-1842 Conecuh Al.)Elihu had twin Elishu. PARENTS-Wm Wiggins 1755-1819 & Eliz. Cooper(1759 -1825).

1674     John Carter

1675     Hardy Stevens              2 /14     Pvt. NC Militia- Tew

1676     Joseph Kelly

1677     Dempsy Carrol          1             10            Private, NC Militia, Pension # S 32161.

1678     Wm Butler        1          10

1679     Ephr.m Emanual

1680     Cap.t Aaron Williams-  Lt. NC Milita- J. Tew’s book

1681        Dan.l Teachy           17            126      Lt, NC Militia, Widow's Pension #W 4082, Bounty Land Warrant # 19907-160-55.

1682     Joseph Williams                       Pvt. NC MILITIA; Jr.- Pvt/Ensign/Lt. NC Militia

1683     Charles James

1684     P……Parker 10 11 6

1685     Joseph Beven   13        14

1686     R  Matthis        13 19

1687     Wm Biven        13       19

1688     Lott? Green      13        19.        See below- Pvt.

L 217-2-6       whatever that means



1659     Wright Bass

1663     Austen Beesley           3          7          6          ment. In Jerome Tew’s book as a Pvt.

1685     Joseph Beven  13        14

1687     Wm Biven       13       19

1660     Uriah Burket

1678     Wm Butler

1661     Danl Byrd

1636     James Cain

1664     Tho.s Carlton

1677     Dempsy Carrol- 1790 Sampson- p 3

1674     John Carter

1643     James Carver

1632     Saml. Carver

1642     Tho.s Clark

1653        Cullen Connerly   Private, NC Militia

1670     John Cooper

1646     John Donoho

1639     John Dunn

1679     Ephr.m Emanual- 1790 Sampson Co.- p. 1; 3 free persons

1688     Lott? Green

1650     John Hawthorn Musician

1645     Jos.h Hawthorn

1662     Danl hicks

1671     Hamb.’n Hilborn

1658     Hardy Holmes

1669     Lewis Holmes

1648     Rich. Huffham

1657     Miles Hutson(Hudson),

1683     Charles James

1652     Tho.s James

1635     Saml. Johnson 10        6

1676     Joseph Kelly

1665     James Lockerman

1686     R  Matthis

1667     Lt. Silas Myhand- see below…. 1790 Sampson- p 7

1634     Geo. Nooles    14      2

1666     Wm. Owens                 3          7

1684     P……Parker

1633     Aaron Plummer

1647     Zach.l Plummer

1631     Rich’d Rigan

1649     Tho.s Russ

1640     William Russ

1644     William Sims

1675     Hardy Stevens- land bordered Hamblin Hilburn’s grant aft. Revolution.

1656     Lewis Stuckey

1668     Joshua Sykes

1681     Dan.l Teachy

1637     John Tillson

1654        John Ward 
1655        Wm Ward Pvt, NC Continental Line, Pension # S 7809   

1641     James White

1673     Elihu Wiggons

1672    Wm. Wiggons           

1680     Cap.t Aaron Williams

1651     Cap.t Danl Wms?

1682     Joseph Williams

1638     Tho.s Willis













Some Duplin Co. officers during Rev. War:

Maj. [Abraham] MOLTON of Duplin, Col. KENAN, Col. Charley WARD, Stephen MILLER, Capt.  James GILLISPIE, Maj. James LOVE, Capt. Hardy HOLMES & Sgt. Joseph MAO


GREEN, Lott Pvt, NC Militia
Rec’d from NC Army Accts, Vol. VI, Bk. 23, p. 106, voucher #56 from Duplin. In 1784/6 state census for Duplin Co, 
he’s listed in Capt. Stallin's Dist. as free white male head of house w/4 females of all ages.  He was b. 1760/1766, 
poss. in Duplin & was poss. son of John. John & Thomas made a deed to Lott ca. 1800. He marr.  Sarah?(DAVIS)? (FUSSELL)? 
Ca.1785. KIDS: Martha b. 1786/87, Samuel 1788, Rebecca b1790, Elizabeth b.1792, Ann b. 1795, & James b. 1798. 
Lott d. 1829 in Duplin. Ann marr. Stephen WILLIAMS & Eliza. marr. Isaac BROWN. The other 2 didn’t marry. All were in 
Marion Co GA bef.1840 except for Ann. He rec’d militia pay voucher #858 from Wilmington District.


HOLMES, Lewis, Officer NC Militia. –b. abt 1757 to Gabriel Holmes Sr. & Mary Caison. He is listed in Pierce’s 
Register & drew 10 RW pay vouchers. He is in the 1790 US Census for Sampson Co.; was a county official. Lewis 
& brother Hardy settled their dad’s estate in 1785. Lewis Holmes married Grace Cooper abt 1784. He apparently
 moved from Sampson Co. before 1800.


Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters


Dempsey Carrol S32161 fn19NCPension application-  Transcribed by Will Graves-11/6/10 ; Methodology: Spelling, punctuation &/or grammar have been corrected in some cases for ease of reading & to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original often lends itself to varying interpretations.

Served under Capt.Michael Kenan; Genl James Kenan & Col Richard Clinton


State of Alabama Wilcox County  (and edited by Joy):

The following are the interrogatories propounded by the court & the answers thereto by petitioner.

Quest. 1st Where and in what year were you born? A. born in Duplin, NC in 1762

2nd Have you any record of your age and where is it? A. I’ve no record of my age except a record I made myself acc. to my Father’s acct of my age when & where I was born etc. – that record is in SC.

3rd. I was in Duplin Co., NC when called into service. Later I moved to SC, then to Wilcox Co, Alabama where I now live. The date of my removal I do not recollect

5th State names of some of the officers who were w/the troops you served, Continental & militia regts  A. Col. White & Col. Redin were 2 recruiting officers stationed @Duplin Courthouse & I was acquainted

6th Did you ever receive a discharge from service, &, by whom was it given and what has become of it?  A. I had a discharge from Gen. James Kenan but I lost it.

7th State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood & who can testify as to your character for veracity & their belief in your services as a soldier in the revolution.

A. James Jinkins, John Jinkins, Abijah Miller, Stephen Smith, Thomas M Cants and John M Cants


State of Alabama Wilcox County

This is an amended declaration to one drawing by said Dempsey Carol on  29 Jan 1833 .

On 28 Jan 1834 personally appeared in open court bef.  Hon.John W Bridges presiding Judge of the Wilcox County Court now sitting Dempsey Carol a resident citizen of Wilcox, AL 71 yrs who sworn acc. to law, & on his oath make the declaration in order to get the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed Jun 7th A.D. 1832. He entered the Army of the US under the following named officers. He was born 22nd Dec 1762. When he was 16 he was entered on the muster roll & it was during that yr or the next, he volunteered as a private in the militia company of Capt.Michael Kenan who was ordered out [by] Gov Burt then the chief Magistrate of NC. That it was in consequence of the capture of Wilmington by the British in said State that drafts were ordered at the time he volunteered as aforesaid. That the commanding officers were Genl James Kenan & Col Richard Clinton – he does not now recollect the date of the month or the month in which he entered the services aforesaid neither does he recollect at this lapse of time the precise time when he was discharged from said services but is distinct in his recollection that he was in the services aforesaid six months. That at the time he volunteered as aforesaid he was a resident citizen of Duplin County in the State of NC. That he wasnot in any Battle during his said services save a small Battle or Skirmish with the Tories at Purtervines old ford on their march betw. Duplin & Wilmington when & where the principal commander’s which he recollects are those mentioned above. The Battle w/the Tories above mentioned didnt last in actual combat exceeding 2 hrs. He volunteered for above for 6 mths; he served his time out as a vol. private or soldier not having commission. The principal stationary place for said company was at Bluford’s Bridge near Wilmington. The services were mostly in marching thru Cumberland Co., Bladen Co., Hanover & Duplin Counties in guarding the counties from the British. His age was recorded in a family Bible but that is in SC if not destroyed. He did get a written discharge but lost it. He wasnt engaged in any civil pursuit during the time for which he volunteered. That he knows of no one by whom he can prove his said services – he further states he didnt serve w/any of the Continental regiments nor was he acquainted with any of the reg. officers except Gen. Gates & Gen. Greene – he feels himself unable to state further particulars which he concedes would be of any benefit to him in the investigation of his claim as many of the incidents have been forgotten– he hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any state (or if any) only on the agency of the State of NC.  Sworn & subscribed to the day & yr aforesaid in open court.         S/ Dempsey Carrol, X his mark

[James Thompson, a clergyman, & Israel Davis gave the standard supporting affidavit.] [Veteran pensioned at rate of $20 per annum begin. 3/4/1831, for 6 mths service as pvt in the NC militia.]


John Crumpler– a documented Patriot of the Amer. Revolution.  He prob. migrated to Duplin Co. abt 1755 (he witnessed a deed fr. Michael Taylor to Robert Allen. He witnessed another deed betw. Robert Allen & Robt Butler 7/13/1756. He’s believed to have come directly from Isle of Wight, Va.  John recd a land patent for 200 ac. in Duplin on W. side of Coherey River on Mar 17, 1756 & another for 150 ac. in same area on 5/26/1757.  He rec’d another one Oct 23, 1761, for 300 ac. in Duplin adj. his own property. During the Rev. War, he aided the cause by furnishing supplies to the Rev. forces. He was issued vouchers #63 & 97. John died 1782; his will probated Apr 1782 in Duplin; will recorded Will Bk 1, p 8, of Duplin Co. records. By 1812, this family had acquired vast acreage west of the Little & Big Cohaire Creeks in Sampson. He married Nancy HOLMES 1749 in Isle of Wight Co, VA.  Will- 1782:  all the rest of my Estate … to be Equaly Divided betw. my children Grace Rachel Sarah Elizabeth Nancy & Cajah. I appt my son Jacob, John Crumpler & Elihu Wiggins my Executors of my Last Will/Testament.


1754-Thomas Suggs of Bladen to Wm. Owens (1666) of Duplin….land on Bearskin Marsh & E. side of Little Cohary.  Wit. Wm Peacock

1759 Joshua Sykes (#1668)  to Morris mcGlohand

1770– Wm Pope to John Cooper (#1670), 100 acres on east side of Great Cohary on the mill swamp, & mentions near Call? Sampson’s line. Wit. Silas Myhand & James Myhand. Bk 4, p 346

1772  Bailey Fisher to Fleet Cooper. Land on east of Grt. Cohary…..Wit. John Cooper.

1779John Cooper (#1670), sold land to James Cook Duplin, (Sampson ROD source) Bk 7, p 167; 10 acres on east side of Little Cohary, next to Cook’s line.  Wit.: James Myhand.

1780– Gabriel Holmes to Hardy Holmes (#1658). Land Beaverdam Swmp area. Wit> Lewis Holmes (#1669) and Owen Holmes

1784 Silas Myhand (1667) to John Cooper (1670)…..Wit. Thom. Pope and Wm Tender?

1791  Joseph Kelly (1676) to Jacob Kelly…..Six Runs near Rowan. Bk 10, p 459

1791. Ephraim Emanuel (1679) to Fleet cooper. Bk 9, p 75


Southern Campaign Amer. Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters

Pension application of John Boykin S6551 fn25NC

Transcribed by Will Graves 9/27/10

State of North Carolina County of Sampson: SS

On 19th Nov 1832 – Personally appeared in Open Court before us David Davison, Henry Godwin & William McKoy Justices of the Court of Sampson now sitting John Boykin a resident of Sampson County and State of NC aged 68 yrs, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed Jun 7 1832.  He states that he entered the service as a substitute for a person whom he doesn’t remember; his Captain’s name was linear. He doesn’t remember his Lt or Ensign’s names. He states the field officers were Maj.William Jarvis, Col. Jonas Johnson [sic, and Jonas Johnston], & Gen. John Butler. He was born in Duplin (now Sampson) on Great Coharie, & he lived there when he entered the war & he still lives on the plantation he was born on. He was born in 1764. His age is recorded in a Bible he has. He went from Duplin to Fayetteville NC where they took up the line of march to SC & from thence to Augusta GA, from thence they marched down the Savannah River & recrossed the River into SC where he joined the main Army commanded by Gen Lincoln. He was at the battle of Stono or Stono Ferry.1 He recollects that Curtis Ivey was a regular officer, & he remembers that Gen. Lincoln was lame. The militia was discharged in SC after their 3 mths expired, & he returned to Duplin –he after volunteered & went to Rockfish near the Duplin line & was in the Battle that was fought w/the British at Rockfish2 where the militia were dispersed. He was in the foot company at that time abt a mth. He next volunteered under Capt David Dodd who commanded a Company of Horse; he doesnt recollect the names of the inferior Officers. He states they were engaged in Duplin principally suppressing the Tories. He states that they marched to Columbus & joined Gen Butler. They had an engagement w/ the British & Tories at Balden’s [sic, could be “Bulchen’s] in Bladen, then they retreated to Duplin where he served the rest of his time. Serving in the Horse Company 3 mths, he states he has no Documentary evidence – but that he expects to prove part of his service by Silas Myhand and by Thomas Gregory.3   He states he is known to David Underwood & Whitney Royal in his neighborhood who can testify as to his character for veracity & their belief of his services as a soldier of the revolution. He served abt 7 mths. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid

S/ John Boykin, X his mark

[David Underwood and Whitney Royal gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

State of NC County of Sampson


On this __day of Nov 1832 personally appeared in open Court before us David Davison,

Henry Godwin & William McKoy Justices of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for

Sampson now sitting Thomas Gregory a resident of Sampson Co. NC aged 83 (a Pensioner under the former Act of Congress) who being first duly sworn acc. to law Deposeth & saith as follows. He says that he is well acquainted w/John Boykin – the present applicant for a Pension. He believes him to be 86 yrs of age. He states that the said John Boykin served w/him in the Rev. War & he knows John Boykin was in the service in SC & Ga under Capt.__Lanier. He states that the company that Boykin was in was in the battle at Stono or Stony Pt. He believes Boykin was in that Battle. And further states that the said Boykin served at that time 3 mths.

S/ Thomas Gregory

State of NC County of Sampson: SS


On 19 Nov 1832 personally appeared in Open Court before us David Davidson, Henry Godwin & Wm McCoy Justices of the Court of Pleas/Quarter Sessions for Sampson now sitting Silas Myhand aged 87 who was sworn acc. to law…. He says he is well acquainted w/John Boykin & believes him to be 68 yrs. He states John Boykin served w/him in the Rev. war & that Boykin was w/him at the Battle of Rockfish near the Duplin line. He further states that Boykin was w/him at the Battle on Little Cohera.  Morgan? (or Myhand)? was in the Horse Co. under Capt. David Dodd.

S/ Silas Myhand


1 June 20, 1779

2 Could be either May 13, 1781 or August 2, 1781

3 Thomas Gregory S41589

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