Confederate Soldiers Buried in Duplin County

The NCGenWeb has a new database online – the result of a project of the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. You can read more background about the database on the NCGenWeb blog.

For those with Duplin county research interests, you may be interested in the list of burials from Duplin county specifically here.   Happy hunting!

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Index to Duplin County Estate Files, 1663-1979 has an online database of estate records from across the state that span 1663-1979.  Thanks to a collaboration between the NC Genealogical Society (NCGS), the NC State Archives, and volunteer indexers, the database is being made available online at

At the time of this writing, not all the counties were complete, so please consider helping out! Contact the NCGS for more information. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see a list of Duplin County records so you can browse, rather than have to search, view the document below.

Index to Duplin County, North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979 by Taneya

If you’re unable to view the document, you can see it online here.

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DICKSON, William (d. 1820)

DIED — At his residence on Goshen, in Duplin County, in the 8<?> year of his age, Col. William DICKSON, a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania, but had lived in Duplin County about 76 years.  His useful public life commenced at an early period as a Surveyor throughout all the counties on the southern side of this State.  He was for many years a member of the State Legislature, before the Revolution, and from its commencement was a member of all the Conventions in the State; and was one of the members who ratified the Constitution of this State at Halifax, on the 18th day of December, 1776, of which body it is doubtful whether there be now a member living.  

He entered the military service of his country as an officer in 1777, and continued in commission throughout the whole Revolutionary war, and was never absent in the hour of danger.  He was once wounded; in action, and sealed with his blood his attachment to the liberty and independence of his country.  The County Court of Duplin, after the change in Government in 1777, unanimously chose him their clerk, which office he held much to the satisfaction of the Court and people, for nearly 44 years.  He resigned in April last.  He died, as  he had lived, a zealous supporter of the Christian Religion.

Source: Newbern Sentinel newspaper of New Bern, NC. 22 Jul 1820. pg. 3. 

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Thomas Kenan and Descendants – 1967 Book

In 1967, Alva Kenan Register compiled a book about the Kenan family of Duplin County, The Kenan family and some allied families of the compiler and publisher.  The information starts with Thomas Kenan, the immigrant ancestor of the family.  

The book has more than 320 pages and is rich with information – a genealogy chart, information on allied families, and more than 100 pictures.  The Kenan Family Crest, presented at the beginning of the book, is particularly colorful.

Each of the primary chapters are used to lay out the descendants of the children of Thomas and wife, Elizabeth Johnston. If you have any Kenan ancestry, you will definitely wish to consult this book.

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MARTINDALE, Stephen (1944)

DIED – Near Hallsville, Duplin county, of influenza, Stephen MARTINDALE, in the 94th year of his age- a Revolutionary soldier.  

Source: Raleigh Register, 8 Mar 1944. 

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Brooks Cemetery

Surveyed by Keith & Myra Lanier January 2012.

Located on Stallings Road 0.1 mile from the intersection of Stallings Road & Hwy 11 South on the right at the edge of the woods.

  • John William Brooks 10-13-1869 to 1898
  • Joseph Brooks 11-30-1844 to 4-20-1919
  • Joseph W. Brooks 9-12-1872 to 2-2-1935
  • Rachel Ann Brooks Wife of Joseph Brooks 5-15-1849 to 8-21-1910
  • Broken Stone Died 5-14-1873
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Pre-1914 Cemetery Transcriptions

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) records have been added online by the N. C. State Archives and the State Library of N. C.  These are North Carolina Cemetery Surveys done by the Historical Society in the 1930’s.

You can find the Duplin County files here.

The entire State files here.

The survey includes listings for the following cemeteries for Duplin County. I have gone through & put the page numbers where you can find the transcriptions for the cemeteries.

  • Dock Baker Cemetery Page 61
  • George Williams Cemetery Page 62
  • S. J. Williams Cemetery Page 63
  • B. C. Bowden Cemetery Page 64
  • L. F. Loftin Cemetery Page 65
  • L. R. Loftin Cemetery Page 66
  • Elias Bell Cemetery Page 67
  • John H. Bennett Cemetery Page 68
  • John Broadhurst Cemetery Page 69
  • Calypso Cemetery Page 70
  • D. H. Lambert Cemetery Page 72
  • Rooty Branch Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery Page 73
  • N. B. Sloan Cemetery Page 74
  • J. D. Summerlin Cemetery Page 75
  • D. W. Sutton Cemetery Page 76
  • J. B. Andrews Cemetery Page 77
  • John D. Batts Cemetery Page 78
  • Brock Cemetery Page 79
  • William D. Brock Cemetery Page 80
  • J. D. Brown Cemetery Page 81
  • Nick Brown Cemetery Page 82
  • Penny Brown Cemetery Page 83
  • Cavenaugh Cemetery Page 84
  • D. W. Cavenaugh Cemetery Page 85
  • James Cavenaugh Cemetery Page 86
  • Joshua Cole Cemetery Page 87
  • R. N. Cole Cemetery Page 88
  • Obed Dail Cemetery Page 89
  • R. N. Dail Cemetery Page 90
  • Hosea Fountain Cemetery Page 91
  • Jessie W. Edwards Cemetery Page 93
  • W. M. Henderson Cemetery Page 94
  • Hugh Hunter, Sr. Cemetery Page 95
  • John L. James Cemetery Page 96
  • Robert James Cemetery Page 97
  • Amos Jones Cemetery Page 98
  • J. W. Jones Cemetery Page 99
  • L. F. Jones Cemetery Page 100
  • John W. Judge Cemetery Page 101
  • Amos Lanier Cemetery Page 102
  • Ben Lanier Cemetery Page 103
  • Louis W. Lanier Cemetery Page 104
  • Joshua Maready Cemetery Page 105
  • Mobley Cemetery Page 106
  • G. B. D. Parker Cemetery Page 107
  • W. D. Pickett Cemetery Page 108
  • David R. Powell Cemetery Page 109
  • John B. Sheffield Cemetery Page 110
  • S. J. L. Sholar Cemetery Page 111
  • W. R. Sholar Cemetery Page 112
  • Sloan Cemetery Page 113
  • Henry B. Sloan Cemetery Page 114
  • J. D. Southerland Cemetery Page 115
  • Sallie Taylor Cemetery Page 116
  • Finn Wallace Cemetery Page 117
  • Wood Cemetery Page 119
  • Dr. Buck Hill Cemetery Page 120
  • William Hall Cemetery Page 121
  • Hallsville Presbyterian Church Cemetery Page 123
  • Daniel Williams Cemetery Page 124
  • Archelous Branch Cemetery Page 125
  • Hiram J. Brinson Cemetery Page 126
  • Charles Brock Cemetery Page 127
  • John A. Bryan Cemetery Page 128
  • John Dobson Cemetery Page 129
  • Basil Garner Cemetery Page 130
  • Pete Grady Cemetery Page 131
  • Graham Cemetery Page 132
  • Everett Herring Cemetery Page 133
  • Hines Cemetery Page 134
  • Luke Houston Cemetery Page 135
  • Gaston Kelly Cemetery Page 136
  • Ira J. Kornegay Cemetery Page 137
  • A. D. McGowan Cemetery Page 138
  • Capt. Jsames Middleton Cemetery Page 139
  • William W. Miller Cemetery Page 140
  • David Pearsall Cemetery Page 141
  • Edward Pearsall Cemetery Page 142
  • James Pearsall Cemetery Page 143
  • Snow Hill Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery Page 144
  • John D. Southerland Cemetery Page 145
  • Warren L. Bostic Cemetery Page 146
  • Geo. W. Carroll Cemetery Page 147
  • Chestnutt Cemetery Page 148
  • David J. Chestnutt Cemetery Page 149
  • Lewis S. Herring Cemetery Page 150
  • James Gaylor Cemetery Page 150
  • Alfred Hollingsworth Cemetery Page 151
  • Robinson Cemetery Page 152
  • Alex Southerland Cemetery Page 153
  • John W. Swinson Cemetery Page 154
  • Wm. A. Brooks Cemetery Page 155
  • Jessie Westbrook Cemetery Page 156
  • Carr Cemetery Page 157
  • J. D. Carr Cemetery Page 160
  • Concord Baptist Church Cemetery Page 161
  • Fussell Cemetery Page 162
  • B. W. Fussell Cemetery Page 165
  • Robert A. Hall Cemetery Page 166
  • W. I. Hall Cemetery Page 168
  • E. Harrell Cemetery Page 170
  • Levi Harrell Cemetery Page 171
  • W. B. Hawes Cemetery Page 172
  • G. Dallas Herring Cemetery Page 173
  • John Huffman Cemetery Page 174
  • Dickson Mallard Cemetery Page 175
  • Bizzell Johnson Cemetery Page 176
  • Matthews Cemetery Page 177
  • Mt. Zion Church Cemetery Page 178
  • Murphy Cemetery Page 179
  • Tim Newkirk Cemetery Page 180
  • Lewis Peterson Cemetery Page 182
  • Rose Hill Cemetery Page 183
  • Sloan & Carr Cemetery Page 184
  • Stoakes-Wells Cemetery Page 185
  • William Usher Cemetery Page 186
  • Jas. E. Ward Cemetery Page 187
  • Alsa Wells Cemetery Page 188
  • James Wells Cemetery Page 189
  • Robert Wilkins Cemetery Page 190
  • Kinchen Carter Cemetery Page 191
  • Cavenaugh Cemetery Page 192
  • Hanchey Cemetery Page 193
  • James D. Boney Cemetery Page 196
  • Madison English Cemetery Page 197
  • David Murray Cemetery Page 198
  • N. F. Register Cemetery Page 199
  • T. H. Smith Cemetery Page 200
  • Joseph T. Wells Cemetery Page 201
  • D. H. Williams Cemetery Page 202
  • Samuel A. Williams Cemetery Page 203
  • John L. Carlton Cemetery Page 204
  • J. K. Harrell Cemetery Page 205
  • Oscar L. Ward Cemetery Page 206
  • Hanse Wells Cemetery Page 207
  • Friendship M. E. Church Cemetery Page 208
  • Samuel L. Gavin Cemetery Page 209
  • D. J. Middleton Cemetery Page 210
  • Alec Wells Cemetery Page 211
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Welcome to the new Duplin County NCGenWeb site.  Your county host is Myra Lanier.  She and her husband Keith will be quite busy these next several weeks working adding material to the site to help with your Duplin County research.

Some of the current information on the site includes:

  • transcriptions for 100+ cemeteries; many with pictures! The cemetery photo archive has more than 1,000 photos currently available. If you wish to browse the photo archive directly,  be warned that names have not been attached to all the pictures just yet – that will take some time so bear with us 🙂
  • a new, searcheable deeds database.  Myra & Keith have transcribed hundreds of Duplin county deeds.  Currently, there are only about 30 deeds in the new database, but over time  more will be added
  • this is not unique to the NCGenWeb project, but did you know that you can search the website of the Duplin County Register of Deeds for vital records information going back to the early 1900s?  Links to the database are provided on the Births, Marriages, and Deaths pages
  • Directories are a great way to understand & get to know the businesses and people of the past.  Via the Internet Archive project, there are several NC business directories available for online viewing – we link directly to the Duplin county portions for your convenience on the Directories page.

More content is also planned to help with  your research, so  continue to keep track of our progress.  How do you stay up-to-date? You have three options:

a) sign up to receive email alerts whenever a new announcement is made

b) subscribe to the RSS feed and add us to you favorite news reader

c) come back to and explore — be sure to click on the What’s New link to come back to this blog and see the updates

Many thanks to Doc Adams for letting us use his photo of the Duplin County courthouse!  He was so tickled by our request that he let his Flickr friends know about it :-).  Doc takes great pictures so be sure to look at his other work.

Please consider contributing any information you may have on your Duplin County ancestors & relatives.   This site relies on your contributions to further grow.

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