Daniel (Doss) B. DWIGGINS Bible

Published in New York, NY by A.J. Johnson & Co, 1882.


Daniel B Dwiggins was born March 19th 1846
Mary J. H. Dwiggins was born Dec 24th 1845
Sallie L. Dwiggins was born Aug 2nd 1869
Walter S. Dwiggins was born Oct. 25th 1871
Annie M. Dwiggins was born Sept. 14th 1873
Johney A. Dwiggins was born Oct. 4th 1875
Mary E. Dwiggins was born March 8th 1880
Addie P. Dwiggins was born Jan. 25th 1885
Van Bede Dwiggins was born Sept. 13th 1893


Daniel B. Dwiggins and Mary Jane H. Ballard was married Nov. 5th 1868

W. M. Barrow and Sallie L. Dwiggins was married August 15th 1886

Walter S. Dwiggins and Laura Warren was married Dec. 7th 1893

Walter S. Jones and Mary Emma Dwiggins was married March 4th 1903

N J Dillon and Annie M Dwiggins was married Sep 4th 1904

A. D. Dillon and Addie P. Dwiggins was married June 14th 1908

Cornelius Nelson and Van Bedie Dwiggins was married April the 25th 1909


Justin Orville Barrow a grandson of D B & M J Dwiggins died September 25th 1896 Glenn Dillon grandson of D B & M J Dwiggins died June 8th 1907
Roy Dwiggins grandson of D B & M J Dwiggins died July 13th 1907
Fanie Adell Barrow granddaughter of DB and MJ Dwiggins died Apr 11th 1909

D. B. Dwiggins died December the 22nd 1923

Mary J. Dwiggins died February 7 1925
Garland Dwiggins son of W. S. Dwiggins died Dec. 26th 1933 age 39 John A Dwiggins died December 21, 1937
Addie P Dillon died 4-28-1955


John Ballard father of M.J. Dwiggins was born July 5th 1822 died Feb. 5th 1897 Ashley Dwiggins father of Daniel B Dwiggins born March 22 1815 died Nov 11 1891 


Owned by: Stella Ingram, Kernersville, NC in 2009 – granddaughter of Daniel and Mary Jane Dwiggins

Transcribed by: Patsy Dwiggins, Winston-Salem, NC

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