PARKER, Joisah to James PARKER (1786)

Contributed by Raymond Parker Fouts

Feb. 10, 1786

Gates Co., NC Deed Book 1; pg. 172
This Indenture made this Tenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Six Between Josiah PARKER Senr. of Gates County and State of North Carolina of the one part and James PARKER of the County & State aforsaid Son of the Said Josiah PARKER of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Josiah PARKER well for and in Consideration of the Natural Love and affection wh___ he hath and Bareth unto the Said James PARKER his son as also for the Better Maintainance and Perfirmant [sic] of the Said James PARKER hath Given Granted alined enfiefed and Confirmed and by these prese___ doth Give Grant Alien enfeoff and Confirm unto the said James PARK__ all the Messuage Tenement Tract or parsel of Land Situate Lying and be___ in Gates County aforsaid on the South Side of MILLS Swamp containing Estamation one Hundred Acres be the Same More or Less it being one Moiety of a Tract of Land the Said Josiah PARKER bought of Stephen SHEPHARD by a Deed baring date the Twentieth Day of August in the year of Our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & Fifty Six Relati__ being thereunto had may more fully appear and is bounded as Follows Be___ning at a pine a Corner Tree in ROGERS’s Line on the South Side of MIL__ Swamp thence Runing a long ROGERS’s Line to a White Oake a Corner ____ on the other side of Toe? Pecoson thence Eastwardly binding on Thoma_ PILANDs Line to a Red Oak thence near Northwestwardly along a L___ marked Trees to a Chenkapen Oak Standing in the Edge of MIL__ Swamp thence up the Said Swamp to the first Station with all Hous__ /out Houses/ Orchards ways waters water [sic] Courses Proffitts Commodities Heriditamen__ and Appurtenances Whatsoever to the Said Premisses hereby Granted or an_ part thereof belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversion and __versions Remainder and Remainders Rents and Services of the Said pr__ises and all the Estate Rites Title Intrest property Claim and Dem___ whatsoever of him the Said Josiah PARKER of in and to the Said Ri?____ or Tenniment Lands and primesses and of in and to Every part [p. 173] Parsel There of with the appurtenances and all Deeds Evidences and Writing Conce/a/rning the Said Premeses only now in hands or Custoday of the Said Josiah PARKER or which he may get or Come by without Suit in Law to have and to hold the Said Messuage or Tenement Lands and premises hereby Given and Granted or Mentioned or intended to be given and granted unto the Said James PARKER his Heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of him the Said James PARKER his Heirs and assigns for ever, and I the Said Josiah PARKER for him self his Heirs Executors and Administrators doth Covenan_ and grant to and with the Said James PARKER his Heirs and assigns by these Presents that he the said James PARKER his Heirs and assigns Shall and Lawfully may from henceforth for ever hereafter Peaceably __ietly /have/ hold Occupy Pr?ossess and enjoy the Said Messuage Tenement __nds Hereditaments and premises hereby Given and Granted a__ Mentioned or Intended so to be with their appurtenances free Clear __ Discharged of and from all former and other Gifts Grants Bargains __ils Feoffments jointures Dowres Estates Entails Rents rent Charges Arrearages of Rents and of and from all other Titles Trobles Charges and Encombrances whatsoever had made Committed don or Suffered /or/ to be had Made Committed done or Suffered by him the Said Josiah PARKER His Heirs Executors or Administrators or any other person or persons Lawfully Claiming or to Claim by from or under him them or any __ Either of them in Witness whereof the Said Josiah PARKER hath hereunto Set his hand and Seal the Day and year first above Written.
/s/  Josiah [his J mark] Parker

__ned Sealed & Delivered
__ the Presence of
_ames RICE

State of North Carolina}
Gates County } ss. February Inferior Court of Pleas &c 1786
The Within Deed Gift was in open Court duly proved by the Oath of Lawrence BAKER one of the Subscribing Witnesses and on Motion was Ordered to be Registered Christr. RIDDICK P. R. Test Law BAKER C C

[Note: The mark of Josiah PARKER is represented here as a “J.” It appears in the deed book, in the stylized form of a vertical line crossed at the top, center and bottom. Missing words and letters are denoted by “____.”]

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