PARKER, Josiah to Stephen SHEPARD (1786)

Josiah Parker to Stephen Shepard

Contributed by Jim Sizemore

Aug. 14, 1786

Gates Co., NC Deed Book 1; pg. 223
This Indenture made this 14th Day of August 1786 between Josiah PARKER of Gates County of the State of North Carolina of the One part and Stephen SHEPHERD of the Other part witnes_seth that ye Sd. Josiah PARKER for & in Consideration of ten pound_ Current Money of the State aforsaid to him in hand paid before the Sealling and Delivering of this Conveyance the Recept where of he hereby acknowledgeses [sic] himself therewith fully Satisfied Contented & paid hath Bargained and Sold and by these Presents doth bargain Sell alienate enfeoff grant and Confirm Unto the Sd. Stephen SHEPHERD all that Mesage [sic] tenement tract and parsill of Land Containing twenty five acres be the Same More or Less Situate in Gates County aforsd being part of pattent granted Thomas PILAND for four Hundred acres baring Date 20th Day of November 1738 and is bounded as follow_ Viz begining at a white Oake where Thomas PILAND Corners at MILLES patent line thence along MILLES Line to a Red Oake and Corners thence running Near a west Course Joining the Sd. Josiah PARKER by a line of Marked trees to a post Oke and Red oke Corner Trees from thence Running Near a South Course to Thomas PILANDs Line to a white Oke thence along the Sd. PILANDs line to the first Station and the reversion & Reversions Remainders & Remainders of all & Singular The primises and Every part & parsill Thereof and the Rents iss__ and profitts to the same belonging or anywise appertaining To have and to hold the message land Tenants and heriditemen/ts/ with all and Every the Primises whatsoever hereby sold bargained or Mentioned to be bargained and Sold with all and Every O?ther priviledges and appurtinances unto the Sd. Stephen SHEPHERD his heirs and assigns for Ever and also all the Estate and Estates Right title use intrust possion [sic] property? benifit trust Clame and Demand Whatsoever of him the Said Josiah PARKER to the only use and behoof of the Sd. Stephen SHEPHARD _is hiers and assigns obsolutely without any Manner of Condition Redemp_ion or Revocation in any wise and the Sd. Josiah PARKER for him Self his heirs Executors administrators and for Every of them Doth Covnant promise grant and agree to and with the Sd. Stephen SHEPHER_ his heirs and assigns by these presents that he the Said Stephen [p. 224] SHEPHERD heirs and assigns and his and their farmers and Tenants Shall or Lawfully May from time to time and all and Every time and times hereafter forever freely Quietly and peaceably have Possess Enjoy all and Singular the Close? Message and primesses with all and Singular their appertenances and all and Every the Rights issues profits and Commodities thereof and of Every Part and parcill there of have and take Without any Manner of Let Suits Trobles vexation eviction Disturbance or other Molestation whatsoever of I him [sic] the Said Josiah PARKER his heirs and assigns or Any Other person or persons whatsoever having any Lawfull Claim intrust or demand in or out of the Primises or any part or parcill of the Same and the Said Josiah PARKER and his heirs the Sd. Tenement tract and percill of Land With the Appurtenances unto the Said Stephen SHEPHERD his heirs And assigns against him the Said Josiah PARKER and his heirs Shall and will Warrent and for Ever defend by these present_ In witness Where of the Said Josiah PARKER hereunto Set his hand And Seal the day and Year first Above Writen.
/s/ Josiah [his J Mark] PARKER
Sealed and Delivered in}
the Presence of us }
Israel BEEMAN }
Abraham BEEMAN}

State of North Carolina} ss August Inferior Court of Pleas
Gates County} &c 1786

The within Deed of Sale was in Open Court Duly proved by the Oath of Israel BEEMAN One of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto and on Motion was Ordered to be Registered
Christr. RIDDICK P. Registr. Test Law BAKER C G C

[Note: The mark of Josiah PARKER is represented here as a “J.” It appears in the deed book, in the stylized form of a vertical line crossed at the top, center and bottom. Missing words and letters are denoted by “____.” A question mark “?” denotes lack of clarity in the handwriting, and “/the/” denotes interlining.]