WHEDBEE, Joshua – (d. 1900)

Joshua WHEDBEE, a well-known citizen of Gates County, N.C., died suddenly today in Perquimans county, near the town of Hertford.  He was attacked with paralysis or heart trouble and expired suddenly, aged 80 years.  Mr. WHEDBEE was visiting the family of his daughter, Mrs. John David PARKER.  The burial will take place tomorrow near Gatesville, NC.  

The deceased leaves two daughters and three sons – Mrs. J.D. PARKER, Perquimans county, N.C.; Mrs. James PARKER, Gates County, N.C.; L.H. and R.H. WHEDBEE, Suffolk; Joshua WHEDBEE, Gates county.  He was an uncle of Mrs. Junius T. PARKER andb of Suffolk.

Source: Virginian-pilot. (Norfolk, Va.), 23 Nov. 1900. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn86071779/1900-11-23/ed-1/seq-8/>

Public School Teachers, 1903

The following are listed as public school teachers in the 1903 NC Yearbook and Business Directory:

  • BOND, Eddie S. (Miss) – Willow
  • COWPER, B.T. – Gatesville
  • EASON, James A. – Gatesville
  • EURE, Sammie E. (Miss) – Corapeake
  • GATLING, Mary W. (Miss) – Sarem
  • HARRELL, Mary (Miss) – Sunbury
  • HARRELL, Minnie P. (Miss) – Eure
  • HILL, Florene (Miss) – Sunbury
  • HUDGINS, Rebecca P. (Miss) – Willow
  • JENKINS, Mamie (Mrs.) – Reynoldson
  • LILLEY, J.E. – Gatesville
  • MANNING, C.M. – Sunbury
  • NIXON, R.S.H. – Hobbsville
  • OUTLAND, R.W. – Gatesville
  • PARKER, M.P. (Miss) – Willeyton
  • PEARCE, Mina (Miss) – Hazelton
  • PRUDEN, Evie (Miss)  – Gatesville
  • PRUDEN, Mary (Miss) – Gatesville
  • RIDDICK, M. Nina (Miss) – Trotville
  • RIDDICK, S.L – Gatesville
  • SMITH, Beatrice E. (Miss) – Willeyton
  • SMITH, Nettie (Miss) – Somerton, Va
  • SPEIGHT, W.H. (Mrs.) – Sunbury
  • STORY, H.G. – Eure
  • STORY, Irma V. (Miss) – Eure
  • WALTON, J.B. (Mrs.) – Gatesville
  • WHITE, Lizzie Lee (Miss) – Gliden
  • WILLIAMS, R.E. – Gatesville

Gates County Marriage Bonds

Groom Bride Date of Bond Bondsman & Witness
Ballard, Rob[er]t Mary Parker 15 Feb. 1843 Tho[ma]s Riddick
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Benbury, Rich.d Julia Riddick 27 Sept. 1842 J[enings] A. Blount
(w) W. G. Daughtry
Benner (?), Ephraim Penny White 25 June 1840 Thos X Forehand
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Blanchard, Richard Julia Hurdle 2 Sept. 1840 Charles X Hurdle
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Brown, Richard Elizabeth Jones 13 Oct. 1839 Sim[mo]nds Fountree [sic]
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Carter, Lewis Nancy Pearce 5 Oct. 1840 Nathan Harrell
(w) ————
Cross, William Mary Beasley 14 Ap. 1840 William x Beasley
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Daniel (?), Uriah x Susan Lassiter 6 Oct. 1842 Edward x Jones
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Dashiel, Thomas Eliza White 5 Sept. 1843 J[ames] A. H. Cross
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Eason, Jesse Mary Riddick 3 Apr. 1837 J[ethro] H. Riddick
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Edwards, Jesey J[ordan] Catherine Johnson (15 yrs. of age) 25 Feb. 1843 Benja. N. Roberts
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Gatling, William C. x Cherry Langston 16 Feb. 1824 Abm. Cross
(w) C.E. Sumner
Goodwin, Levi Creecy A. Dukes 29 Apr. 1840 Sahdk x Piland (
w) W.G. Daughtry
Harrell, Dempsey Priscilla Parker 23 June 1842 Elisha x Harrell
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Harrell, Jose[p]h Polly Harrell 27 Dec. 1842 Riddick x Eure
(w) H.M. Daughtry
Hobbs, Jordan Eliza Parrish 9 Oct. 1837 William Hobbs
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Hoffman, John Frances C. Guinn 6 June 1839 Wilson Norfleet
(w) O.B. Savage
Holland, Zachariah E. Ann Pretlow 27 Sept. 1843 John Jones
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Howell, Elijah Sarah Morgan 21 Aug. 1837 Leml. E. Parker
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Jones, Blake Nancy Bond 31 Jan. 1843 James x Hinton
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Jones, Wiley Lavina (?) Jones 19 Oct. 1842 Exum Jinkins
(w) ————
Jones, William x Elia Smith 15 Mar. 1843 Wm. W. Cowper
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Langston, Miles Mary Boyt 14 May 1840 Robert Smith
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Lassiter, Alfred Sophia Masten 14 May 1840 Thomas x Lassiter
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Lassiter, Jethro Nansey Overman 13 Sept. 1824 Cyprian x Eure
(w) ————-
Phelps, Wesley Rebecka Rice 5 Oct. 1842 Jethro H. Riddick
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Piland, Peter x Emma Braddy 27 Dec. 1842 Daniel x Eure
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Porter, James x Martha Knight 26 June 1839 Richard x Jones
(w) O. B. Savage
Rice, John Sally Johnson 26 Sept. 1840 Kedar x Lassiter
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Rice, John Elizabeth Spivey 15 Nov. 1843 Allen Briggs
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Riddick, Henry Emma Riddick 12 Nov. 1842 A. S. Jordan
(w) ———-
Rountree, Quinton Ritta Powell 3 Sept. 1840 Bryant B. Best
(w) W.G. Daughtry
Savage, Cordy Y. —— Mitchiel 9 Apr. 1840 Jennings A. Blount
(w) O.B. Savage
Skinner, Abram Armese Griffin 28 May 1839 [Dempsey Knight]
(w) O.B. Savage
Steel, William Martha Lassiter 18 Dec. 1841 Isaiah Lassiter
(w) ———-
Wades, Irs Sarah Clark 4 Mar. 1843 John Riddick
(w) W.G. Daughtry