Alamance Presbyterian Church

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Alamance Presbyterian Church History
a history received from the church

Various Records of Alamance Presbyterian Church, Guilford County, NC:

(1) Miscellaneous Cemetery records for Paisley, Majors, McLean, Stewart.

Commemorative markers (one with males, one with females) placed 1969 contain the following information:

Margaret McLean Major, 1715-1779 (death date is incorrect; she died after 1789; wife of Thomas Majors)
Jane Latham Donnell, b. 1718
Agnes Tallon Denny, 1718-1770
Margaret Paisley Denny, b. 1747
Maryann Denny Paisley, 1762-1847
Elizabeth Denny Donnell, 1762-1847
William Paisley Sr, 1700-1777
John McLean Sr, 1665-1750 (father of Margaret McLean Major)
Thomas Majors, 1707-1789
Major John Donnell, 1748-1822
Pvt. John White, 1737-1787
Pvt. James Denny, 1746-1805
Pvt. James Doak, 1745-1811

(2) Colonel John Paisley, b. 1745, d. 1811, Revolutionary War officer, North Carolina Minute Men
(3) Deliverance Paisley, d. 9 January 1818, wife of William Paisley
(4) Jane Rankin Paisley, wife of John, 1771-1822 (placed between the two commemorative stones noted above)
(5) Colonel Joel McLean, b. Nov 29, 1794, d. 16 Dec 1858
(6) Finley Stewart, d. 13 February 1809, 78 years and 9 months
(6b) Prudence Stewart, consort of Finley Stewart, d. 28 February 1821, 80 years and 2 months (same stone as Finley)
(7) Euphance Stewart, d. 30 Apr 1861, wife of Isaac
(8) Sampson Stewart, 1752-1832, Revolutionary Soldier
(9) Will M. Paisley, d. 11 sep 1822
(10) Mary Ann McLean, b. 20 March 1780, d. 27 May 1811, wife of Colonel Joel McLean

Baptisms and Other Records, Alamance Presbyterian Church, Guilford County, NC:

Martha Elinor McLean baptized at Alamance Church June 1, 1834, daughter of Josh. and Margaret McLean.
Martha Elinor McLean joined the Church May 26, 1850.
Robert Paisley is listed in the Church records as an ordained Elder of Alamance Church. (no date and no confirmation of which Robert Paisley this is)
Thomas Paisley, admitted to Communion on September 18, 1831.
John G. Paisley, son of Malisa and Thomas Paisley, was baptized at the Alamance Church on May 18, 1851, per session records.
William Denny Paisley, son of Malisa and Thomas Paisley, was baptized at the Alamance Church in May 1853, per session records.
Joseph Paisley, son of Malisa and Thomas Paisley, was baptized at the Alamance Church on April 6, 1856, per session records.

List of Rent of Pews for Alamance Church, 1839:

Wm. Akin, Rev. Eli Caruthers, David Cooper, Hance Cosby, Thos. H. Dick, Wm. Doak, Rankin Donnell, John Finley, David and Eli Forbis, Levi Foust, Cameron Gannon, George Gannon, Wm. Gannon, Nathan Gibson, James Gilmer, Robert S. Gilmer, Sr., David K. Gorrell, Hannah Gorrell, Margaret Gorrell, Eli Hall, J. Hall, John and Roddy Hanner, Joseph Hanner, Robert Hanner, John Hobbs, Patsy Job, Rody Kirkman, Isaac Lewy, Alfred E. Lin, Wm. Mathews, Sarah Mebane, David McAdoo, Col. W. McConnell, David McLean, Hannah McLean, Job McLean, Joel McLean, Robert McLean, James Paisley, John Paisley, John W. Parker, Robert Patterson, Samuel Phipps, Albert Rankin, Joseph Rankin, Thomas Rankin, Finley Shaw, James E. Shaw, Euphance Stewart, James A. Stewart, John B. Tate, Umsted Tate, Daniel Thom, David Thom, James Thom, N. N. Thompson, James S. Watson, Ezekiel Webb, Adison Wiley, David Wiley, David L. Wiley, Hugh C. Wiley, John Wiley, Robert Wiley, Shannon Wiley, Allen Woodburn, Robert Woodburn, Mathew Young.

This list was received from someone who obtained it from the ladies at the Alamance Presbyterian Church. A more detailed list can be found in “The Guilford Genealogist,” Volume 12, No. 3, issue #29 (Spring 1985), pages 17-19, which also includes a map of the church pews showing the locations chosen by each family and the amount of rent paid by each family.

The following are all the ministers who have been installed at Alamance Presbyterian Church, since it was formally commissioned in 1764:
David Caldwell, DD (1768-1820)
Eli W. Caruthers, DD (1821-1861)
C.H. Wiley, licentiate (1861-1862)
Willis L. Miller (1863-1865)
William B. Tidball, supply (1865-1867)
William B. Tidball (1867-1883)
Ernest Caldwell, supply (1883-1884)
Archibald Currie, supply (1884-1885
Cornelius Miller (1885-1891)
Ephraim C. Murray (1891-1892)
R.E.C. Lawson, supply (1892)
R.E.C. Lawson (1893-94)
J. Henry Smith, DD, supplied 6 months
H.D. Lequex, supply (1895-1896)
H.D. Lequex (1896-1902)
Samuel M. Rankin (1903-1907)
Melton Clark, supply (1907)
C.E. Hodgin, supply (1907)
J.C. Shive (1908)
James A. Willson (1909-1912)
John McEachern, licentiate
C.E. Hodgin
Alexander W. Crawford (1913-1914)
Ephraim C. Murray, DD (1914-1919)
W.S. Milne (1919-1923)
E. Frank Lee, supply (1923-1924)
J.W. Millard (1924-1957)
Ben F Brown, DD (1957-1965)
Eugene Boelte, Associate (1965-1967)
William Lowry McBath (1965-1973)
Jim Allen, supply (1973-1974)
James E. Drinkard (1974-1984)
George Harriss Ricks, Jr., Associate (1979-1985)
Lucius A. Gray, DD (1986-1995)
James W. Eller, DD, Associate (1987-1991)
Robert Gant, Associate (1993-2004)
John Wilkerson, supply (1995-1996)
Keith Alan Uffman, DD (1997-????)