Bible Records

Bible Records in the Guilford NCGenWeb Archives
itemized below:

John Allison Bible
(surnames)  Allison, McGibboney, Simpson, Roberts, Sloan, Mason, Woodbury, Shaw
(dates)  1767-1860

Anderson-Gray Bible
(surnames)  Anderson, Gray, Whittington, Gibson
(dates)  1807-1917

Chesley Barnes Bible Record from Pension File
(surnames)  Barnes, Means, Gann
(dates)  1760-1840

Robert Hall Bible
(surnames)  Hall
(dates)  1757-1840

Robert Harris Bible
(surnames)  Harris, Stubblefield, Trousdale, Taylor
(dates)  1757-1800

John Little & Annritter Hollen Little Family Bible
(surnames)  Little, Hollen
(dates)  1816-1848

David Henry Holmes Family Bible
(surnames) Holmes, Moore
(dates) 1866-1907

Richard Jones Bible
(surnames) Jones
(dates) 1786-1811

James & Martha Martin Bible
(surnames) Martin, Loftin, Eldridge, Scales, Julius, Hamilton
(dates) 1774-1836

James Maxwell and Martha Russell Bible
(surnames) Maxwell, Russell
(dates) 1762-1802

Herbert Cannon Moore & Mary “Polly” Ann Love Family Bible
(surnames) Moore
(dates) 1861-1871

Joseph “Nicky” Newton Newlin Bible
(surnames) Newlin
(dates) 1885-1980

Capt. Robert Paisley Bible
(surnames) Paisley
(dates) 1769-1789

Christopher Robbins Family Bible
(surnames) Robbins/Robins, Bryant
(dates) 1802-1867 (or 1870)

William Searcy Bible
(surnames) Searcy
(dates) 1760-1793

Solomon Sullivan Bible
(surnames) Sullivan, McComb
(dates) 1744-1823

Robert And Martha White Bible
(surnames) White
(dates) 1731-1749

James Wood Bible
(surnames) Wood, Dean
(dates) 1784-1904