Cemeteries A-H

The Cemeteries of Old Guilford County, North Carolina
(Including Some That Are Now In Neighboring Counties)
Index of Cemeteries ~ “A” through “H”

Below are the names of cemeteries, any known information on locations, and a key to any published catalogs, which are detailed at the end of this page. It should be noted that sometimes people set up separate entries on Find-A-Grave (FAG) for the same church. Cemeteries known by more than one surname are listed under each surname in the cemetery’s name.  Cemeteries described in the published sources as “Unidentified Family” will be found under “U.”  

GCGS has published a series of cemetery surveys, and they are under copyright. It is not my intention to compete with GCGS — or with the Find-A-Grave or Cemetery Census websites.

Cemetery name, location, etc.  Publication if known (see list at bottom of page).

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Abandoned Slave Graveyard~ abandoned cemetery ~ published in FBG

Ai Methodist Memorial Cemetery  ~ Oak Ridge, at intersection of NC 68 & Alcorn Road (SR 2269).
published in GCC#1 ~ also see #1 & #2 & #3 ~ FAG

Alamance Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ 4000 Presbyterian Rd, Greensboro 27406.
church website ~ church history ~ published in GCC#2 ~ Archives listing ~ FAG

All Saints Episcopal Church & Columbarium ~ 4211 Wayne Road, Greensboro, NC 27407.
church FAG listingcolumbarium FAG listing

Andrews Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery ~ Browns Summit

Apple’s Chapel United Church of Christ Cemetery ~ 7345 North NC 61, Gibsonville.
published in GCC#2 ~ FAG

Armfield-Millis Cemetery ~ aka Trotter/Piney Grove Methodist Cemetery.
published in FBG ~ FAG


Baker Cemetery, now known as Old Church Cemetery

Bass Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Bellville Cemetery, Greensboro

Bessemer United Methodist Church, Holts Chapel Cemetery ~ at site of Holts Chapel M.E. Church, South; on Holts Chapel Rd, SE of E. Market St. intersection.
published in GCC#2 & reference in FBG ~ FAG

Bethany Gardens, Sedalia NC 27342 ~ FAG

Bethany United Church of Christ Cemetery, Sedalia ~ published in GCC#2 ~ FAG

Bethel Presbyterian Church, 300 Knox Rd, McLeansville 27301 ~ website ~ FAG ~ history

Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery ~ 8424 Haw River Rd (SR 2028), Oak Ridge 27310 ~ published in GCC#1 ~ FAG

Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery ~ 6103 NC Hwy 22, Climax ~ published in GCC#2 ~ FAG

(Bevill) Caffey-Moore-Bevill Cemetery ~ FBG

Bowman-Deviney Cemetery ~ FBG

Brann-Marsiliot-Stanfield Cemetery ~ now in Rockingham County ~ FBG

(Bream) Shoefner-Bream Cemetery ~ African-American ~ FBG

Breedlove-Hill-Holder Cemetery ~ FBG

Brick Reformed UCC Cemetery, formerly Old Brick Church, & Clapp Church ~ Gibsonville ~ published in GCC#2 ~ website ~ FAG

Brightwood Christian Church Cemetery ~ Brightwood Church Rd, Whitsett ~ published in GCC#2 ~ FAG

British Soldiers Cemetery ~ “lost but not forgotten” ~ FBG

(Brookbank) Nelson-Brookbank Cemetery ~ FBG

Brown Wesleyan Church Cemetery ~ Gibsonville ~ website ~ FAG

Browns Chapel Missionary Baptist Church ~ Gibsonville ~ FAG

Browns Summit UMC Cemetery ~ 4426 E. NC Highway 150 ~ published in GCC#2 ~ FAG

Bruce Cemetery ~ published in FBG ~ FAG

Buchanan Baptist Church ~ Guilford County ~ FAG

Buffalo Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ 803 16th St, Greensboro 27405 ~ published in BPC ~ website ~ FAG ~ history

Burnetts Chapel UMC Cemetery ~ Pleasant Garden ~ FAG

Burton Street Missionary Methodist Church Cemetery ~ FAG


Caffey-Moore-Bevill Cemetery ~ published in FBG ~ FAG

Caldwell Slaves Cemetery ~ “lost but not forgotten” ~ published in FBG

Carolina Biblical Gardens ~ High Point ~ FAG

Carter-Hobbs Cemetery ~ published in FBG

Case Family Cemetery ~ Summerfield ~ published in FBG ~ FAG

Celia Phelps AME Cemetery ~ African-American ~ published in FBG

Centenary UMC Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Center UMC Cemetery ~ 6142 Lake Brandt Rd, Greensboro (on Summerfield side) ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Centre Friends Meeting Cemetery ~ 375 NC Hwy 62, southern Guilford Co. ~ GCC#2 ~ FAG

(Charles) Bruce Family Cemetery ~ Summerfield ~ FAG

Chipman Cemetery ~ FBG

Christ the King Catholic Church Columbarium ~ 1505 E. Kivett Dr., High Point ~ FAG

Christ UMC Church ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Clapp’s Chapel AME Cemetery ~ 1301 Piney Grove Rd., Whitsett ~ GCC#2 ~ FAG

Clapp’s Church Cemetery ~ see Brick Reformed UCC Cemetery

Coble’s Lutheran Church Cemetery ~ 5200 Coble Church Rd, Julian 27283 ~ GCC#2 ~ FAG

Collins Grove UMC Cemetery ~ on Lewiston Rd (SR 2124), .1 mile E of Fleming Rd (SR 2135) ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Community Baptist Church Cemetery ~ High Point ~ FAG

Concord Friends Meeting Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Cone Cemetery (latitude:  360634N, longitude:  0794644W)~ FBG ~ FAG

Confederate Soldiers Graves in Oakwood Cemetery, High Point

County Line Cemetery ~ once known as Fuller Cemetery ~ FBG

Cridlebaugh Cemetery ~ FBG

Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ FBG

(Cummings) John Cummings Cemetery ~ Rockingham Co.; wooded area on south side of Troublesome Creek, off Witty Road (SR 2351); about 200 yards from road on elevated ground ~ FBG


Davis Cemetery, aka Davis Family Burying Ground ~ FBG ~ FAG

Deep River Friends Meeting Cemetery ~ 5300 W. Wendover Ave. ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

(Deviney) Bowman-Deviney Cemetery ~ FBG

Dick Family Cemetery ~ graves relocated to Bethel Presbyterian near McLeansville ~ FBG

Dickey Cemetery ~ FBG

Doak Cemetery ~ FBG

Dover Friends Meeting Cemetery ~ in grove of trees 200 yards down gravel drive between 2 houses on E side of Bunker Hill Rd (SR #2007), 1/10 mile N of intersection w/ Marshall Smith Rd (SR 1843), ~ 2 miles N of Colfax; enclosed in fence, thickly overgrown. ~ GCC#1; also mentioned in FBG ~ FAG

Dwiggins Cemetery ~ “lost but not forgotten” ~ FBG


Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Elm Grove Baptist Church Cemetery ~ N side of Hwy 158, less than a mile W of intersection with US 220, opposite Vulcan Materials; the church does not exist any longer; the building was torn down in the 1940’s. ~ in FBG as EGMC ~ FAG

Elm Grove Methodist Church Cemetery ~ see Elm Grove Baptist Church Cemetery ~ FBG

Emerywood Baptist Church Columbarium ~ High Point ~ FAG

Emanuel Family Baptist Church ~ FAG

Emanuel Lutheran Church Columbarium ~ High Point ~ FAG

Endsley-Peyatt Cemetery ~ on N bank of Haw River near Stokesdale, NC, on property controlled & secured by PineTree LNG.  Deed stated it was between Haw River & Reedy Creek.  According to another source, it also adjoins the old Tatum Family Cemetery in N Guilford.  There were 2 graves there in Nov 2000: Rachel Peyatt, & Sidney Endsley, who died 1815-1816.


Fairfield UMC Cemetery ~ 1505 NC 62 W, High Point; at junction with Harlow Rd. ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Fairgrove Baptist Church Cemetery ~ 7912 Summerfield Rd, Summerfield ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Fairview Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ~ at intersection of NC 68 & Alcorn Rd (SR 2269) ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Faith Baptist Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Faith Baptist Tabernacle Church Cemetery ~ Stokesdale ~ FAG

Faith Chapel ARP Church Cemetery ~ Pleasant Garden ~ FAG

Farmer Cemetery ~  FAG

Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery ~ Stokesdale ~ FAG

Field Cemetery ~ FBG

First Baptist Church of Summerfield Cemetery ~ 2300 Scalesville Rd, off US 220 ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

First Baptist Church Columbarium ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

First Christ Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

First Lutheran Church Memorial Garden ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

First New Light Cemetery ~ Guilford County ~ FAG

First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro ~ adjoining Greensboro Historical Museum ~ PCC ~ FAG

First Presbyterian Church Columbarium ~ High Point ~ FAG

Flack Cemetery ~ FBG

Flat Rock UMC Cemetery ~ Stokesdale; on US Hwy 158, .5 mile W of US Hwy 220 ~ GCC#1 ~ website ~ FAG

Floral Garden Memorial Park ~ 1730 English Road, High Point (latitude:  355646N, longitude: 0800134W) ~ FAG

Forest Lawn Cemetery ~ a Greensboro municipal cemetery ~ Greensboro database ~ FAG

Friedens Lutheran Church Cemetery ~ 6001 NC 61 North, Gibsonville ~ GCC#2 ~ FAG

Friends Burying Ground ~ Jamestown ~ FAG

Friendship UMC Cemetery ~ Friendship; on SR #1695, .1 mile N of US 421; church is gone ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Friendship UMC Cemetery ~ Monticello; @ intersection of Hwy 150 & Friendship Church Rd (SR 2728) ~ GCC#2 ~ FAG

Fries Pentecostal Holiness Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Fuller Cemetery ~ now known as County Line Cemetery ~ FBG

Fulton Cemetery ~ FBG


Garden Park Cemetery ~ High Point ~ FAG

Gethsemane UMC Cemetery ~ Hillsdale; @ intersection of NC 150 & N Church St Ext. (SR 1001) ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Gibsonville Christian Church Cemetery ~ Gibsonville ~ FAG

Gibsonville (City) Cemetery ~ Springwood Avenue, Gibsonville; LAT 36.091 N, LON -79.545 W ~ FAG

Gibsonville First Baptist Church Cemetery ~ Gibsonville ~ FAG

Gideon Grove UMC Cemetery ~ 2865 Gideon Grove Church Rd, Stokesdale ~ FAG

(Dr. Clyde M.) Gilmore Memorial Park ~ Julian ~ FAG

Glencoe UMC Cemetery ~ Summerfield ~ FAG

Gordon-Vaughn Cemetery ~ FBG

Goshen Methodist Church ~ Stokesdale in extreme NW Guilford County ~ FAG

Gossett Cemetery ~ now in Randolph County ~ FBG

Grace Baptist Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Grace Baptist Temple Church Cemetery ~ Julian (see Resurrection Garden) ~ FAG

Grace Methodist Church Cemetery ~ Smithwood Church Road ~ FBG

Graham-Holt Cemetery ~ FBG

(Gray) Squire Gray Cemetery ~ abandoned cemetery ~ FBG

Green Hall Cemetery ~ FAG

Green Hill Cemetery ~ a Greensboro municipal cemetery just north of downtown Greensboro ~ map ~Greensboro database ~ FAG

Green Hill Cemetery ~ High Point ~ FAG

Greensboro Christian Church Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Greensboro Hebrew Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ yes & also ~ CC

Groometown UMC Cemetery ~ Groometown Rd, Greensboro ~ GCC#1


Guilford County Home ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park ~ 2332 New Garden Rd, Greensboro ~ FAG

Guilford Memorial Park ~ 6000 High Point Rd, Greensboro ~ FAG ~ CC

Gum Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ FBG


Hackett Family Cemetery ~ 3700 block of Williams Dairy Rd, Greensboro 27406; owned by Alamance Presbyterian, having been deeded to them ~ GCC#2

Hannahs Chapel Cemetery ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Hatton Cemetery ~ FBG

Haw River Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ now in Rockingham County ~ FBG

Heath Family Cemetery ~ also known as Old Shady Grove Methodist Church Cemetery ~ Old School Road, 0.2 miles east of Clapp Farm Road ~ GCC#2

Heath-Smith Cemetery ~ FBG

Hebrew Cemetery ~ High Point (one in Greensboro under the G’s above) ~ FAG

Henderson Cemetery ~ FBG

(Henry) Stephen Henry Cemetery ~ Rockingham County ~ FBG

Hickory Chapel Wesleyan Church Cemetery ~ 301 Hickory Chapel Rd, High Point; at intersection of Hickory Chapel Rd & Kivett Drive ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Hickory Grove Church Cemetery ~ 4100 McConnell Road ~ GCC#2

Hickory Grove UMC Cemetery ~ 5959 Hickory Grove Rd (SR 1558), Greensboro ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

(Highfill) J. W. Highfill Cemetery ~ Family cemetery of John William Highfill.  No carved stones, but there were 20-25 stones there before 1940.  Located near 7501 Strader Road, Summerfield. ~ FBG

Highfill Cemetery #1 ~ The few stones there are unmarked.  Located near 7600 Millbrook Rd., Summerfield. ~ FBG

Highfill Cemetery #2 ~ About 20 gravesites apparent, nine unmarked, and only one roughly carved stone slab.  Located near 7962 Highfill Road, Summerfield. ~ FBG

High Point Friends Meeting House Columbarium ~ FAG

High Point Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ~ FAG

(Hill) Breedlove-Hill-Holder Cemetery ~ FBG

Hillsdale Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ~ on Scalesville Rd (SR 1002), off Hwy 220 ~ GCC#1 ~ FAG

Hines Chapel Congregational Church Cemetery ~ 4476 Hines Chapel Rd, McLeansville NC 27301 ~ FAG

(Holder) Breedlove-Hill-Holder Cemetery ~ FBG

Holmes Grove UMC Cemetery ~ FAG

Holton-Vickrey Cemetery ~ now called Old Union Cemetery ~ FBG ~ FAG

Holts Chapel Cemetery ~ of Bessemer United Methodist Church, at the site of Holts Chapel M.E. Church, South; on Holts Chapel Rd, SE of E. Market St. intersection ~ GCC#2 & reference in FBG ~ FAG

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church ~ Greensboro ~ FAG

Hopewell Church (is this the same cemetery as the one below?) ~ FAG

Hopewell Monthly Meeting & Lower Reedy Fork Meeting ~ now Hopewell Wesleyan Church Cemetery ~ 2825 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Summerfield; at intersection of Pleasant Ridge (SR 2133), Lewiston (SR 2124), & Carlson Dairy Rds. ~ GCC#1 ~ yes

Hopewell Wesleyan Church Cemetery ~ see above entry ~ (above) ~ (above)

Horney Cemetery ~ FBG


[BPC] = Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina, compiled by Raymond Dufau Donnell; published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society.

[FBG] = Family Burying Grounds and Abandoned Church Cemeteries in Guilford County, N.C., and Immediate Environs, compiled by O. Norris and Rebecca H. Smith, under the auspices of Earl of Shaftesbury Chapter of XVIIth Century Colonial Dames; published by Guilford County Genealogical Society.

[GCC#1] = Guilford County Cemeteries, Volume I: Western Section, edited by Mary A. Browning; published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society.

[GCC#2] = Guilford County Cemeteries, Volume II: Eastern Section, edited by Mary A. Browning; published by The Guilford County Genealogical Society.

[PCC] = The Presbyterian Church Cemetery Adjoining The Greensboro Historical Museum, by David Woltz, Carter Craft, & O. Norris Smith, Greensboro; Greensboro Historical Museum.

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