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Index to the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Guilford County

Family Websites

Surname Lists with Interested Researchers

Albright, Hunt — Michael Brown

Allen, Baker, Bartlett, Bassett, Boone/De Bohun, Brevard, Burton, Chandler, Curtis, DeGraffenreid, Farmer, Foster, Hairston, Hatcher, Hudson, Jefferson, Johnson/Johnston, Lanier, Lashley, Lawson, McAdoo/McAdow/McDue, McElwee/McElyea/McElyee, Mayo, Morton, Moss, Patrick, Paine/Payne, Randolph, Renfro/Rentfro/Renfrow, Shelton, Shropshire, Sims/Symes, Stovall, Trent, Underwood, Watson, Wheeler, Williamson, Witt/DeWitt, Woods — Tony Johnson

Andrew/Andrews, Thompson — Carol Andrews

Arnett, Brashears, Davis, Galloway, Hendricks/Hendrix, Kennedy, Newland, Owings, Prior/Pryor, Ruley, Skimmerhorn, Underwood — Virgene

Benbow (a Quaker family from Wales), Dick (Presbyterian Scots-Irish family), Dicks/Dix (English Quaker family), Forbis/Forbush, Hall, Heath, Long (John Wesley Long family), Moore (descendants of John Moore [d. 1795] of Rowan & his sons, including Camm), Paisley — Katherine Benbow

Blackburn, Davis, Johns, Moffitt — Audrey Hausen

Blair, Coe, English, Gray — Elizabeth Harris[website]

Bond, Bunker, Hunt, Mills — Kathy

Brashear, Cumming/Cummins/Kimmons/Kimmins, DeGraffenreid, Endsley, Kimmons/Kimmins, Lawrence, McCuistion, McGee, McMurry, Nelson, Ruth, Vance — Pat Kennedy

Bratten/Bratton, Parsons — Sarah Bratten married James Parsons in 1822 — Marilyn

Carl, Charles, Cobb, Michael, Waggoner — Dan Patterson[website]

Chipman — David E. White

Christopher — Daniel Christopher b. 1760-1770 in NC, & son William Nicholson Christopher, b. 5 Mar. 1799 in Guilford. Daniel’s mother was Sarah (or Sallie) Boone married to a John Christopher. — Sharon

Clapp — Marilyn Wagner

Clapp, Holt, Summers/Somers, Woods — researching African-American people with these surnames — Jaime S. Graves

Clark, McPherson, Morton, Murray, Webster — Joyce Harrison[website]

Clark, Loy, Smith (Elisha Smith), Summers — R. Wayne Phillips

Climer, Heath — Reuben Climer married Elizabeth Heath in 1825 — Susan

Clodfelter — Don & Jeanine Hartman[website]

Coleman / Coalman — specifically James Preston Coleman’s family and siblings; he was born in Guilford in 1814 and died in Hayesville, Clay County, NC, in 1874 — Kay Thomas-Brower

Cox, Stout — Patsy V. Seay

Cummings — Captain John C. Cummings, born c1745 PA, died c1790 Guilford Co. [also]
McQuiston — Samuel McQuiston, c1779-1849— Elaine Cummings Myers

Cummins/Cummons — 1758 to 1828 — Linda Taylor

Cunningham, Field, Hamilton, Hoskins, Julian, McCuiston, Moody, Short, Witty — Fredric Saunders[website]

Cunningham — Charles E. Carroll

Duff, McDowell — Marlyn J. Duff

Edmiston/Edmondson, Gilston — Charla Manica

Edwards — Ores J. Edwards whose father was Levi “Preston” Edwards, whose father was Joseph Edwards — Lynette Edwards

Erwin/Eirwin — Steve Erwin

Farmer — interested in descendants of Christian Farmer — Sharon Farmer

Freeland, Gibson, Nicks, Richardson — Dot Pourteau

Gaddis — descendants of Archibald Gaddis, b. c. 1750, d. c. 1800, had 5 sons: Archibald, James, John, Ansel & Elijah — Bryson Hatfield

Gilbert/Guilbert, Strickland — Sue Howard

Goochee/Doochee — Randall Hughes

Grant, Kinman, Lett, Tyndell — Sherri

Groome — Jacqueline Groome Arbuckle

Hartgrove — Samuel Hargrove, b 1776 VA, d 1850 Crawford County, Arkansas; on Guilford 1790 census — Cindi Tipling

Hendricks/Hendrix, Kirkman — Susan Wilkins

Hodgin/Hodgson/Hodson — Hank Hodgin

Hoffein/Hofheintz/Huffines/Huffhines — David Huffines

Houston/Huston, McAdoo — Robert Houston, born about 1761, married Margaret McAdoo in November 1784 in Guilford County — Lois Humphrey

Huffman/Hoffman — Mara Harris

Kelley/Kelly — Raymond Kelly[website]

Landreth, Malcolm, Page, Woollen — James A. “Jim” Miller, Jr.

Lashley, Oakes — Ellen Kerley

Law, Sprouse — Andrew Law b circa 1740, & wife Margaret, children: James, Elisabeth, Rachel, Robert & Andrew Jr.  Daughter Elisabeth married in 1799 to Aaron Sprouse b 1771 in NC. — Lauren Moretti

Low/Lowe/Lau — Ianthia Gerringer LaMarr

Lowman/Lohman — Toni L. Nash

McAdoo, Tait/Tate — Shirley Bengston

McElwrath — Martha McElwrath Leadbetter married Robert Dwiggins in Guilford Co., NC, 17 Dec 1836. Looking for information on Martha’s family. Also, who was the Leadbetter she married? — Jo Wilson

Macy, Swain, Williamson — Jeffrey D. Kemp

Major/Majors — Mona Sarratt Knight

Maxwell, Phibbs — Rachel Grace

Milliken/Miliken/Millikan/Millikin/Milikin — Keith Hunter

Mills, Wheeler — Patsy Taylor

Payne — Tony King Payne

Pegram — Nola Duffy

Robinson — Marque Lethenstrom

Shelton — Marie Reedy

Simpson — Denise Woodside[website]

Smith, Sullivan, Willis — Penny Sharp Stanley

Tabor/Taborn/Taburn — William Harrison Tabor, born 1800, Guilford, & others with same or similar surnames & mixed racial heritage — Fran Tabor

Tatum — Ronnie Tatum[website]

Wall — Tim Walls

Weeks — Christine Bates

Winchester, Witty — Cathy Gowdy

Winchester, Witty — Warren Winchester

Wrenn — Mary Ellis[website]