Guilford Greys

The name is spelled both Grey and Gray. I don’t know which is historically correct.

The Guilford Greys

Reminiscences of the Guilford Grays, Co. B., 27th N. C. regiment (1883)

Roster of Guilford Grays who left Greensboro for Fort Macon on 18 April 1861, to report for duty as ordered by Governor John Willis Ellis:

John Sloan, Captain
William Adams, 1st Lt.
James T. Morehead, 2nd Lt.
John A. Gilmer, 3rd Lt.
John E. Logan, M.D., Surgeon
Henry C. Gorrell, Ensign
William P. Wilson, Orderly Sergeant
John A. Sloan, 2nd Sgt.
George W. Howlett, 3rd Sgt.
Samuel B. Jordan, 4th Sgt.
Thomas J. Sloan, Corporal
Benjamin G. Graham, 2nd Corp.
Edward M. Crowson, 3rd Corp.
J. Harper Lindsay, 4th Corp.

Hardy Ayres, private
James Ayres, private
Thomas D. Brooks, private
Joseph E. Brown, private
Peter M. Brown, private
William L. Bryan, private
Charles A. Campbell, private
Allison C. Cheely, private
John D. Collins, private
W. G. Duvall, private
J. Frank Erwin, private
H. Rufus Forbis, private
Rufus B. Gibson, private
James Gray, private
Walter Green, private
Frank A. Hanner, private
Alfred W. Kluttz, private
Andrew D. Lindsay, private
J. W. McDowell, private
John H. McKnight, private
A. Lafayette Orrell, private
James R. Pearce, private
Charles E. Porter, private
Samuel Robinson, private
William U. Steiner, private
Edward G. Sterling, private
Edward Switz, private
Samuel B. Weir, private
John E. Wharton, private
Richard B. Worrell, private