Mills of Guilford

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Chipman Mill ~ The Miller map (available through GCGS) shows this mill on the West Fork of the Deep River. Pegg says that this was once known as the Chipman Mill, having been built by Joel Chipman around the time the Wheeler Mill was built (in the 1870’s, following the closure of the Lindsay Mill). The mill later belonged to Julius Brown and Charles Idol.

Dillon Mill ~ Rowan County court minutes, dated January 10, 1764: “Ordered that Daniel Dillon have License to Build a Publick Grist Mill on the Reedy Fork of Haw River at the mouth of Beaver Creek.” Dillon built the mill on his 1755 Granville Grant of 552 acres on Reedy Fork and Beaver Creeks. This land was part of the territory used to create Guilford County. “The original tub mill and dwelling on 175 acres was sold to Joel Sanders for $900 in 1808. In 1819, Sanders moved the mill 500 feet down stream and built a new dam across the creek, which increased the millpond to 10 acres. The new mill was designed as a merchant corn and wheat mill with an overshot wheel to replace the small tub mill.” (source: Old Mill of Guilford history page)

Idol Mill ~ see Chipman Mill

Lindsay Mill

Old Mill of Guilford ~ still operating: Old Mill of Guilford

Sanders Mill ~ see Dillon Mill & Old Mill of Guilford

Wheeler Mill