Oakwood Cemetery High Point

“A Wayside Hospital,” by Mrs. J. S. Welborn of High Point, published in “Confederate Veteran,” dated March 1930, page 95; posted on the RW Guilford mailing list on 10/26/2006:

“High Point, N.C., was only a village at the time of the War Between the States, but it played no small part in the affairs of the Confederacy. On Sept. 1, 1863, what was known then as the Barbee Hotel was converted into a Wayside hospital… As the patients became able to be moved, they were sent on to the general hospitals either in Goldsboro or Richmond or Petersburg. Only 50 are known to have died in this local hospital, all of whom are buried in the northeast corner of Oakwood Cemetery, and their graves are marked with neat marble headstones, giving names and records of practically every one. A list is here given with the idea in view that perhaps some loved one may be located by this list: [ I have posted the names from the Carolina’s mostly].

“Capt. B. L. Burnett, 1st S.C. * T. A. Ligon, 41st Ga. * P. T. Mahone, N.C. * W. W. Saunders, 2nd S.C. * E. Bisbee, S.C. * O. N. Gallman, S.C. * Benjamin Prichard, 6th S.C. * S. E. Herrington, 2nd N.C. * S. Eastridge, 1st S.C. * G. B. O. Banion, S.C. * George Arrowood, 42nd N.C. * G. W. Martin, S.C. * W. Cathman, 1st S.C. * George Dix, S.C. * H. C. Huffman, 42nd N.C. * F. Wilks, 1st S.C. * ___ Kinsey, Co. E, S.C. Regiment * B. Cox, 28th N.C. * Jeff Keys, S.C. * A. W. Davis, 19th S.C. * Oats Sutton, 46th N.C. * D. W. McCarty, 7th S.C. * George Campbell, 6th Ga.

“There are four soldiers buried in that quiet spot whose names are unknown, but High Point citizens honored the memory by placing a marble slab above each resting place and on Memorial Day every soldier grave is remembered.”