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While I have many Guilford roots, I do not live there, and I am not on staff with the local government, etc. Since I do live in NC, when I want a record I use one of several methods to get what I need. It may be available through the Guilford NCGenWeb Archives, but I like to see the original record, as transcriptions can have errors.  So, if either Ancestry or the Family Search website does not have an image of the original, I order a photocopy from the NC State Archives — if it’s not in the MARS online catalog.  I also visit the Archives periodically, where I can take a color photograph of the original documents stored there.

If you live in NC, you can use the NC State Archives online form and order a copy of a document without a research fee. If you live outside NC, your request has to be made by mail, and there is a research fee. See this page for further information.

If you pay a fee for each of several documents, it can become expensive.  I know several APG members who live in the Raleigh area, and you can ask them what they charge for making copies for you.  It may end up being no more expensive, and possibly less.

The other option is to find someone in Guilford County who can go to the Guilford courthouse and find copies of what you want. The originals will likely be in the Archives.

Yet another option is to order microfilm of the records through your local FamilySearch Center, and view the film there.

It is possible that someone has transcribed and/or posted one or more of the documents you seek, so you can try using Mocavo or a generic search engine to locate those.

Once you manage to retrieve a document, please consider donating it to this website or the Guilford NCGenWeb Archives, so others can see the record.

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