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This page and the Families page complement each other.  This page will focus on known variations of surnames as families adapted to living in an English society.  Some of the German ones shown on this page were compiled by Rev. Offman from the records of Brick Church.  Remember that all surnames went through spelling variations in previous centuries, so it is wise to explore all phonetic spellings and similar surnames for possible connections.  This does not mean that all people bearing these surnames had the same origin.  Surnames such as Brown, Cook, Moore, & Smith were used by both English and German families.  Some surnames are translations, such as Schwarz/Black and Zimmerman/Carpenter.  Remember also that surnames of Germanic language origin can be found in various locations in Europe.

Albrecht (German) –> Albright

Anthone (German) –> Anthony

Appelt (German) –> Apple

Barro (German) –> Burrow

Bauer (German)–> Bower

Bauman (German) –> Bowman

Bohnn (German) & Bun (German) –> Boon, Boone

Brauer (German) –> Brower

Braun (German) –> Brown

Cachelreas, Cackelrize, Kachelriess, Kachelris (German) –> Cocklereece

Calk (German)–> Keck

Denald (German) –> Devault

Drollinger, Drollingerin, Drollingern, Trollerden (German) –> Trollinger

Eisle, Eisel, Eisslesin, Eisslin, Eissle, Ieslin (German) –> Iseley

Emig (German) –> Amick

Engel (German) –> Engle, Ingle, Ingold

Faust(German) –> Foust

Filiby(German) –> Phillippie, Phillipe, Phillips

Gerhart (German) –> Garrett

Gobel (German) –> Coble

Goertner (German) –> Cartner, Cortner

Goringer (German) –> Gerringer

Greff/Groff (German) –> Goff, Graves [?]

Grueber (German) –> Grover

Hoffeines, Hoafheintz, Hoffeinnen, Hoffeinsen, Hufenes (German) –> Huffines

Huyet (German)–> Hiatt, Hyatt

Kash (German) –> Costen

Keim (German) –> Kime

Kemerer, Kembren, Kemmerer, Kimri (German) –> Kimrey

Klapp (German) –> Clapp

Koch (German) –> Cook

Kopp, Kaub (German) –> Cobb, Copp

Lau (German) –> Low, Lowe

Lienberger (German) –> Lineberger, Lineberry

Lohmanin, Lohmann (German) –> Lohman, Lowman

Ludwig (German) –> Lewis

Mehson(German) –> Mason

Nies, Nease (German) –> Neese

Notz (German) –> Knotts

Schaeffer (German) –> Shepherd, Shaver

Schatterlis (German) –> Shatterly

Scherb (German) –> Sharpe

Schmidt(German) –> Smith

Schumacher, Schewmaker, Schumacherin, Shuhmach (German) –> Shoemaker

Schwarz (German) –> Black

Schwenk, Schwenck (German)–> Swing

Shaffner (German)–> Shoffner

Somer (German) –> Summer, Summers

Stahle (German) –> Staley

Sthar (German) –> Starr

Sutz (German)–> Soots, Suits

Vogelmann (German) –> Fogleman

Wagener, Wagenman, Wagenerin (German) –> Waggoner, Wagoner, Wagonman

Weirick (German) –> Wyrick

Weitzel, Weitzelin, Weitzelsin, Whitzel, Wethsel, Reitzel (German)–> Whitesell, Whitsell

Zimmerman (German) –> Carpenter