Cohabitation records, Buncombe Co (1866)



Cohabitation records are post slavery recording of marriages of former slaves and freedmen.  Most of these have not survived.  There are none for Henderson or Transylvania County.  There is a small number in Buncombe.  These are located at NC State Archives in the “Road Docket” for Buncombe, in the back of the book, upside down. The dates are recording dates, not marriage dates.
Austin Smith was married to Frances Williams       June 1863
Sam Jones to Louisa Murphy       22 May 1866
Hardy McDaniel and wife Jane (freedman) married 35 years      25 Apr 1866
Kitt Stepp & Sarah (freedman) married 28 years        28 Ap 1866
Buttler Burgin & Ruth married 15 years     2 June 1866
Robert Gash & Nancy married 36 years     30 Aug 1866

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