Henderson County Heritage Website

Noted Henderson Co NC historian Jennie Jones Giles has developed an informative and enjoyable website which is a must for anyone interested in the history of Henderson County.  Jennie was a reporter for the Hendersonville Times News and wrote many articles regarding the history of the county.  One of these was an in-depth study of the cemeteries of Henderson County, both private and church, which is invaluable for all researchers.  She is responsible for bringing awareness of the cemetery conditions and is undoubtedly the reason many were preserved.

Jennie teaches Henderson County history classes at Blue Ridge Community College and conducts field trips to different county communities in conjunction with the classes.  Jennie is an excellent and knowledgable researcher.  Her research has helped clear up several history mistakes with documented fact.

The first semester of the class concentrates on prehistory, native American, Revolutionary War and the geography of the county up to the Civil War.  The second semester picks up with the Civil War, Reconstruction Era, the arrival of rail transportation and telegraph/telephone communication up to present day Henderson County.

The website, http://hendersonheritage.com , includes the following:

History and Heritage – the history of the formation of the county, it’s people, religion, geography and the role of the first settlers in the Revolutionary War,  industry, mining, slavery, tourism and much more.

Historic Cemeteries – A work in progress, this section includes at present Mills River and Mountain Page cemeteries as well the burial sites of Revolutionary War soldiers.  Check back often for new additions

Communities – currently includes Mills River and Mountain Page, more will be added

Unsolved Triple Murder –  In 1966 three people, two of them prominent Hendersonville residents, were viciously murdered.  The crime was never officially solved.  In 2006 Jennie Jones Giles wrote a continuing newspaper articles recounting the crime and follow up investigations.  A fascinating account, anyone connected with Henderson County during that time will find this insightful and thought provoking.






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