Ebenezer Baptist Church – partial record

(Broken series) From Wake Forest Univeristy, Winston Salem, NC

Minutes of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Henderson County, NC

October 21st day 1838

  1. After sermon by Brother Blythe the church inquire for fellowship and all found in love
  2. Brother Reuben Step came forward agreeable to the request of the church and give general satisfaction.
  3. A petion came forward from Mud Creek Church for the eldership of this church and it granted.
  4. A petition came forward from Crab Creek Church for the eldership of this church and it granted.
  5. A petition came forward for helps (?) from Mills Riber church to this church and it granted.
  6. A petition came forward from the arm (?)at Cane Creek for Brother Lyons to attend them the church concluded to grant the request
  7. Brother Ignatius Bruse requested letter of dismissal for him and his wife.
  8. We received a letter for Meadow Br Church in Anson County in this State, it read and refered to a community of sister churches, the names is as follows, Benjamin King, James Blythe, John Lyons, Baley Bruse, Robert Jordan, Jacob Cantrel, Hampton Paterson, Peter Corn to beare the potition to brother King  Hiram King to bear the petition to brother Blythe, David Garron to bear the petition to Brother —-, Noah Corn to bear the petition to Jordan, Brother Crown to bear the petition to Brother Cantwell and also to order Brother — The church unanimous agree to petition Brother Blythe to attend them one year

January 19th 1839

The church met and when fellowship was ast (?) for Brother George Allen cross his… and stated that he was hurt with himself for (the rest of this entry missing).

Whereas D Corn appointed Clerk

December the 14th 1839

After sermon by Brother Thomas B. Justus

  1. Proceded to enquire of the church found in love
  2. Took up the case between Brother and Sister Allen and Brother Drury S Corn it settled to satisfaction
  3. Moved by the church that the clerk wright and forward the petitions appointed by the church
  4. Moved that the church take up the case of Sister Nancy Dunlap and her excluded for having two ??? (looks like Wees…)
  5. Moved and seconded and sanctioned that the church request Brother Reuben Step to attend at our next meeting to answer to charge against him for going to a horse race (?) and appointed Brethern Williams and Joseph Taylor to request him to attend.
  6. Received a petition from Mills River church for the eldership of this church to attend with them the fourth Sabbath of December this instant it granted

1st  January 18th 1840  After sermon by brother J… Lyon the church found in order took up the case of Brother Reuben Step refered from last meeting and excluded him

2  Brother David Garron objects to fellowship against himself for drinking too much him restared

3.  Agreed that Brother Peter Corn be invited to attend at our next meeting to answer to a charge against him for going to the horse race and drinking too much.  Bretheren E Shipman  and Wm Case appointed to cite him

February the 15th 1840 ater sermon by Brother N. P. Corn

1st   (remainder of this entry missing)

October the 18th 1845

After sermon by Elder J King and Elder Rickman inquire for fellowship in love….

October 19th 1845

After sermon by E. J. King and Elder James Blythe opened a door for the reception of members and received by experience Elenor E. Allen, Anthret Phillips, Mary Case and Manervy Williams

On Monday the 20th of October 1845

After sermon by Elder M. Rickman and Elder J Blythe opened a door for the reception of members.  Received by letter Lewis Hill

Sister Sarah Swinney applied for a letter of dismission letter granted

November the 15th 1845

After sermon by the moderator

1st inquire for the fellowship abounding in the church all in love

2nd Sister Lilly Jones applied for a letter of dismission letter granted

rest missing)

July 18 1846

After sermon by Elder Cantwell (probably Cantrell) the church called for fellowship all in love

2 the church agrees to send a delegate to the next convention at our next meeting

Joseph Gilbert and Elizabeth Gilbert his wife applied for letter of admition letter granted.  Opened door for the reception of members and by letter Jacob Cantwell (probably Cantrell) and Elizabeth Cantwell his wife

August the 15th 1846

After service by Br Cantwell and Br. Corn the church cald for fellowship all in love with the exceptions of Br Larke Benefield who professes a hurt with himself who made satisfaction and restore to fellowship

Took up the reference from our last meeting in respect lending a delegate to the convention and chose Elder Cantwell to represent us at convention…….

Opened the door to fellowship received Mathew Corn

Took up a reference from November meeting and agreed to go into the nomination next meeting

Sister Esther Owins applied for a letter of dismission  letter granted.  Also Brother Alexander Merrill and his wife Mary Merrill applied for letters of dismission letter granted

The return from the arm is as follows – August the 12th 1846 received by baptism Jerusha Blackwell – Elizabeth Stepp.  September the 23rd 1846 Spensor Blackwell, John Jones, Maryann Justice, was baptized Oct the rth 1846 Margaret Smith, Maryann Gilbert, Susannah Stepp, W W. Case, Edward Shipman, James L Case,, Martain Gilbert was baptized November 11 1846  Elizabeth Case by letter December 2nd 1846 – Daniel Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Maryann Stepp – Pharia Corn was baptized December the 2nd 1846, Elizabeth Jone, Rachel Jones an Mariann Case was baptized February 12 1847

Sister Mary Taylor Deceased October 21….

February 20 1847 – first line missing

… Mc Donald , Curther (?) McDonald, Elizabeth Jone, Nelly Brock, Mary Brock,Ankey Case, Sureil (?) Shipman, Jackson Tredway, Thomas Gilbert, William Gilbert, Joseph Brock, Elizabeth Treadway Martha McDo…, Jefferson(?) Treadway, Linda Maxwell, Sarah Corn, Menurvey Stepp  (#18) also by letter Jane Gregon , Mary Painter # 2

June 19th 1847

A memorandum of the number and names of Bretheran and sisters that petitioned the church for dismission which was granted  W.W. Case, Morgan (?) Case, Elizabeth Jones, Rachel Jones, Maryann Justice, Joseph Brock, Nelly Brock, Maryan Brock, Ollive Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, James McDonald, Cent (?) McDonald,, Saphronia McDonald, Martice (?) McDonald, John Gilbert, Susannah Gilbert, Mathew Gilbert, Mary Gilbert, John Jones, Elizabeth Jones, William Gilbert, Daniel Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Walter Williams, Mary(?) Williams, Maneurva Williams, Mary Stepp, Manervy Stepp, Jonathan Tabor, Lucinda Taber, Elizabeth Justice, Penlope McDonald, Lydia Morgan, Maryann Tabor, Sarah Holingsworth. Joseph Taylor, Mary Taylor Spence Wood – # 38

Received by baptism Andrew Maxwell, , Cintha Bedingfield, Lizer Hoots and Elizabeth Treadway

July 17th 1847

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