Mud Creek Baptist Minutes – partial


From Wake Forest University, Winston Salem NC

(it is difficult to tell the correct date or order these pages should be in)


Names of members

Jeremiah Hollandsworth excluded November 24 18

Wiley Jones Deacon

William Jones

William Surrette

Robert Jones

Kinson Middleton receive by letter November 27 18??

Lincoln Fullam Deacon

John Pack excluded November 15, 184?

Henry Pack excluded by request May 22 18??

Absalom Shadwick? excluded February 27 185?

Charles Barnett dismissed by letter October 30,1855

Sarah Holcomb excluded November 24 186?

Harriet Painter Dismissed

Jane Thompson died May 7, 1858

Elizabeth Hollingsworth excluded November 24 186?

Sarah Jones Senior deceased

Mary Jones

Letty Jones dismissed

Sarah M Allison dismissed by letter April

Marthew Jones  (looks like died)  June

Celia Surrette died May 9, 1860

Sarah M Jones Junior

Narcissa Middleton dismissed

January 20, 1855 – Members

1  William Capps Died October 19th

2.  Mathew Capps (name crossed out) excluded Feb      the 27 185?

3. G. W. Corn dismissed by letter

4  E. W. Corn dismissed by letter

5  J. M. Corn excluded

6  R. A. Corn dismissed

7  D. E. Lona?  dismissed by letter Oct

8  Sarah Capps

9  Elizabeth Corn dismissed by letter Aug the

10  Mary Ann Capps

11  Nancy Kuykendall dead January

12  Elizabeth Walters Died Dec the 4

The above are the members that once formed the Old Salem Church and were amalgamated with the Union Church Jan 20 1855

55 by experience

1  Robert Stedman excluded Aug

2  John S. Barnette dismissed by letter


Names of Members Dec.

17  Abner Shepherd dec

by letter

18 James Jones excluded May 22 18??

19  Mary Heatherly dismissed

20  Olive Heatherly dismissed

21  Martha Ann Heatherly dismissed

22  Rachal Heatherly dismissed

by excep

23  Jefferson Barnette  dismissed

24  J Cephus Stradley dismissed

by recantation

25 Petr Guice dismissed by letter

by except 20  William Mathews  Excluded

27  Henry Stedman excluded

28 Abberter W. Fullam

29 Louisey Stedman dead February

30 Ann Berry (Middleton crossed out, Revis written      above) dismissed

31  Lucinda Brookshire  dismissed

32  Susan (Jones crossed out, written Serrette)

33  Washington Barnette excluded

34  Rohda Davice dismissed by letter

35  Louisey Bass?  dismissed by letter

36  Nancy Buss?  dismissed by letter Nov

37  Macilda Thompson excluded

38  Nancy Stedman  Dead Jan? 7th 18

39  Elizabeth Jones excuded

40  Mary Middleton dismissed

41  Ellen Middleton dismissed

42      Matilda McCarson dismissed

43  John Allen Kuykendall excuded

44  Margaret W. McFaden? dismissed

45  Elisa Capps  excluded

46  Aileslin (???) Middleton

by letter 47  Katherine Laughter excluded

by letter 48 Elizabeth Roof  excluded

49 James Painter dismissed

50 Elisa Jones excluded

1855  Names of Members

by letter E. R Hollingsworth dismissed by

51  Mary McCarson

52  Marthew Roof  dismissed March

53  Wiley Joes Jr.

54  William Hollingsworth (crossed out) excluded

55  Riller Nelson

by letter 56 Robert Orr dismissed by letter is a      deacon

57 Elizabeth Orr dismissed by letter

58 Losiesa M. (Barnette crossed out Jones written above)

59 by experience Ann Calaway

60  Marthew Calaway excluded Nov

61  James Nelson

by letter 62  James J Blythe dismissed by letter

ex (experience??) 63 Wm J Jenkins ex

64Aaron Heatherly dismissed May 22 who is a deacon

65  Larieta Heatherly dismissed May 22

66  Mary Mathus dead

67  Sinentha Surcey dis??? by ???

68  Elisa Rollins dismissed by letter

Total members of white 99 Black 4 (looks like)

by letter  69  M. M. Brown

70 Mary Jane Brown

71 Nancy Anders

72 Elder J. M. Bryan

73 R B Williams dismissed

74 Vina Williams dismissed

75 Mary S Williams dismissed by letter

76 Henry Pack dead

77 G Walters dismissed by letter Aug 25

78 Jonas H. Morgan excluded

79 Nancy A Morgan dismissed by letter

80 John Allen Kuykendall dismissed Nov

81 John L. Johnson dismissed

82 Lucinda Corn

January 17, 1857 Church met in fellowship and  proceeded to business.

1st as Brother Blythe was absent appointed brother Joseph King moderator

2nd  as it was thought more proper to elect our minister in the first month of the year the church went into an ??? and the choice fell unanimously upon elder James Blythe.

3rd  brother James painter requested a letter of dismission which request was granted and also sister Rachel Heatherly requested a letter of dismission which request was granted

4th  there being no other business on hand agreed to have prayer meeting on

??? after which dismissed in order

Prayer by brother King

Date missing

1st  agreed that our October meeting be a communion meeting.

2nd  the church agreed that the clerk wight to brother Mauldin if he could find out where to write to and tell him if he did not come to the next meeting and make satisfaction for staying so long that he would be excluded without further lat???

3rd  by motion on the church brother Aaron Heatherly was appointed to see sister Sarah Holcomb and invite her to attend our next church meeting.

4th  Appointed brother Peter Guise to invite brother William Surrette to attend our next meeting.

5th  Appointed brother ER Hollingsworth to see brother William Hollingsworth and request he attend our next meeting

6th  appointed brother Aaron Heatherly to see brother Matthew Capps in reference to his joining the primitive church at Mountain Page and report at next meeting

7th  Appoint Brother R Jones to see BrotherWilliam Pinking ??? and request him to attend our next meeting

8th  the clerk was requested to examine the case of Brother Absalom Shadrach  (rest of page missing)

8th  Preaching continued until Thursday night both day and night with great interest though no person joined. Nelson Boen preached here on the fourth Sabbath at night opening the door of the church and received by experience sister Mary Jane Swearingen.  Continued preaching at night until Wednesday night received by experience Sarah Jane a free girl staying with brother Joseph King and also sister Eliza Rollins

October 17

There being muster on today at Hendersonville and the pastor of the church being gone to Asheville we did not go into any church business The service wise postponed until November.

The stand was occupied on Sabbath by Elder J K Bryson followed by Elder James Blythe who preached the funeral on Joseph Davis’ wife and child. received a petition for the Reffuge Church register.  The eldership of mountain church and as many of the ??? as could be ???  (remainder of sentence missing)

Next page appears to be missing the beginning – continues:

Of members and receive by letter from mountain page church RB Williams Vina Williams and Mary S Williams

2nd  Took up the case of brother William Jenkins and excluded him from the fellowship of the church

3rd  Took up the case of sister Elizabeth Mccarson for not attending and continued the case and appointed brother J M Bryan and James Blythe to see her and report at next meeting

4th on motion excluded James Jones and Eliza Jones for unfavorable reports and leaving the county under suspicious circumstances

5th agreed to continue our meeting on Saturday in future

6th  by request granted Brother Aaron Heatherl and wife Lauriet  M Heatherly letters of dissuasion

7th  brother Henry Pack requested exclusion from the church which was granted

8th  a motion excluded John Allen Kuykendall for dancing and other crimes

9th  by request granted Brother TJ Barnett letter of dissuasion

10th  appointed brother JM Bryan Wiley Jones and Robert Jones to write a suitable notice of our departed sister Jane Thompson and report next meeting

adjourned JM

(no page number or date, first page appears to be missing)

Parmelia Barnett to see sister Elizabeth McCarson and invite her to come to meeting

5th  sister Marthew Roof requested a letter of dismission which request was granted

6th  Robert Jones requested letters of dismission for Mary Heatherly Olivia Heatherly and Martha Ann Heatherly which request was granted dismiss till tomorrow at 11 o’clock no important business attended to

(looks like “March 8” – can’t be sure)

Sermon by brother James Blythe opened the door of the church and received by letter from Willow church elder JM Bryan dismissed till our May meeting

R  Jones C Clk.

Names of Members (some of dates are not given and some have left off the year, or have not copied correctly)

Jeremiah Hollingsworth  excluded 24

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