Bastardy Bonds 1840 – 1900

Bastardy Bonds are legal actions brought against unmarried parents when the resulting child might require financial assistance from the county. A warrant was issued for the mother. She was required to appear in court and name the father, who was then required to post a bond for the support of the child. Sometimes the mother would refuse to name the father. If so, her father or another relative could post the bond.

The bonds below were abstracted from files located in the NC State Archives, Raleigh, NC.  Unfortunately the staff will not research these records.  If you need a copy of the actual bond you will need to either go to the archives or hire a professional researcher.  I have copies of a few (indicated by ##) of these and will share them.  Please email your request.

This list gives the mother, the date of the bond and the father if stated.  This is not a complete list.  Others will be added when available and will be added to the chart. tBe sure to see the Grand Jury document following the chart.

Henderson County North Carolina Bastardy Bonds 1830  – 1870




Allen, Mary 1851 Mc Cawl, Ezekial
Ashworth, Elizabeth ## 1830? Lewis, Daniel
Bane, Mary Ann 1859, Aug 10 George, Jeremiah
Bennison, Sarah 1842 Middleton, Kincetan
Blackwell, Lydia 1851 Capps, John
Brown, Hannah 1854 Sitton, George
Cagle, Susan M. 1870 Staton, Jesse
Camp, Antha ? ??
Case, Sarah 1842 Stepp, John
Case, Sarah 1843 Stepp, John T.
Corn, Elizabeth 1842 McCarson, David
Case, Martha C. 1875 (6 Sept) Anderson, E. M.
Duncan, Catherine A. ## 1844 ??
Edney, Rosanna 1845 Maxwell, John M
Fortune, Caroline 1856 Poor, W. P.
Frady, Martha 1879, 8 Sept R. P. Youngblood
Frances, Malinda 1878, 27 Mar Daugher (or Dangher), Andy
Freeman, Mary 1842 Hart, John
Galyean, Rixy 1849 Barnette, Americus
Garren, Amy 1844 would not declare
Guice, Rebecca 1854 would not declare
Harding, Rebecca 1854 would not declare
Head, Leah 1859 Brock, James
Higgins, Susannah E. 1852 Mc Crary, Columbus
Hill, Nancy (child born 25 Feb 1865) 1865 would not declare
Hollingsworth,Susanne ## ? ??
Hoxit, Mary 1877, 27 Aug Byers?, Samuel G.
Huggins, Zilla 1852 Cantrell, Perry
Jackson, Nancy 1865, July 15 Williams, Elijah
Johnson, Sallie 1854 Thompson, John L.
Jones, Rachel E. 1856 Staton, John
Justice, Francine 1868, May 18 Bradley, J. H.
Manly, Isabeller 1856 King, Jacob
Maxwell, S. E. ?? would not declare
McCall, Margaret (female child) ## 1832 Johnson, Noble
McCarson, Sarah ? ??
McIntiery, Jewleyn 1859 Roberson, Henry
Mills, Mary 1852 Laughter, John
Murray (or Moody) Marian (two children,2 years and 5 weeks, one named Martha Ann) ## 1855 Henderson, William
Noah, Jane 1842 Tabaur, Masingale or James Blackwell
Osteen, Elizabeth 1841 Harlow, Isome
Pain, F. E. 1857 ?
Parris, Rebecca (child born 23 Oct 1842) ## 1842 Stepp, Reuben
Power?, Hannah ## 1853 Whitmire, Andrew
Raxter, Mary 1850 Brittian, Francis
Rexter, Mary 1842 Justice, James
Roll, Susinda? Roll, Susinda? 1860, Jan 17 Mull, H. E.
Russel, Scintha 1870 Joseph R. Byers
Shipman, Agnes (Decky) 1847 Merrill, Benjamin
Shipman, Luveny K. 1851 Fletcher, John
Shipman, Nancy 1858 Carnes, Hiram
Shipman, Rebecca 1842 McMinn, Jesse
Shipman, Sarah 1847 would not declare
Somey, Elvina 1842, Dec King, Alan
Stepp, Elizabeth (child born 5 Aug 1843 ## 1843 Drake, Hezekiah
Stepp, Jane (Child born 22 May 1841) ## 1842 Lewellen, Shadrack
Stepp, Mary ## 1839 Neiley, Matthew
Stince, Ellen 1870, Dec Sawyer, William
Thomas, A. L. 1854 Mc Call, Thomas
Thompson, Elizabeth 1843 Clayton, John
Toney, Henrietta 1856 would not declare
Townsend, Mary 1844 would not declare
Wadkins, Rebecca (child born 23 Apr 1865) 1867, 29 Jan Silas Garren
—-ward, Rachel 1878, 29 Oct John Ingram
Yates, Catherine 1849 Loftis, Robert
See Grand Jury below

The following Grand Jury document dated 1845 lists the mothers but not the fathers.   The spelling has been transcribed as found.

“The Grand Jury uppon there oath present the following cases of bastard children which has not been sworn, also such as we think should be bound.

Susanah Hollingsworth one should be sworn
Sarah McCarson one should be sworn
One child of Antha? Campe should be bound
One child of Rebecca Parrises now at James Stepps should be bound.
One of Caroline Hollingsworths thought to have been a bone filia for its maintainance is now on sufferance.
Issabella Miller one child should be sworn
Haner Shipman one or two should be sworn
Darthuley Cockram one should be sworn
Milly Phillips one child should be sworn
Mahaley Miller a child should be bound

signed Jos Hamilton

ordered to issue according to preamtment? William Brittain Chairman” State Papers, Obsolete at Sept. Session 1845″