William Garren Family Bible

know this difficult to read.  This has been enhanced to the maximum.  It is in German but find the translation below.

The Ultra Violet, then enhanced photograph of the Dedication Page of the William Garren Bible was provided by the restorers in Italy.  It has been assigned a certifcation number of: 78947630GB-905.  Photograph taken 4/3/05 by Mario Pelatoni in association with the Museo Gregaliano Egizio-Vaticano.

Transcription of Bible Entries
Notes in Red

This book of our Lord, freely given by my hand to my son, William and his wife Sara on the day of their joining. April 2nd, in the year of our Lord 1816.

Andrew Garren

To my son as unto me.

(William’s Ancestral Line)

James Garren January 1666 Berta Sporlinger

Paul Em(unreadable) en June 3, 1706 Martha Hues

John Garren Dec. 3, 1739 Laura Marie Digges

Andrew Garren January 27, 1761 Mary Phoutz

William Garren June 15, 1796 Sarah Anne Lanning

(William & Sarah’s Children)

Abselom Garren June 15, 1817 (unreadable ends in a 3 or 8)

Nancy Anne Garren Sept 11, 1819 (unreadable) rth

John Garren April 22, 1822 (unreadable)

William Garren March 4, 1827 (unreadable) Mildew

(damaged area)

Ado(unreadable) en April 6, 1828 (unreadable)

The William Garren Bible is currently housed at the Museo Gregarano Egizio-Vaticano and the restoration continues….  Mr. Garren has been advised that it is of considerable historical value and plans to archieve the Bible at the National Archieves in Washington D.C., upon it’s return.
They were members of the Swedish Lutheran Churches in Raccoon Creek and Penns Neck, New Jersey 1731-1763 before migrating to NC.
Contributed by  Janet Masters