Civil War

Some Iredell Soldiers of the War
The Landmark newspaper, May 11, 1906

Apparently, the alphabetical order in the newspaper article was approximate or non-existent at times; names have been grouped into tables and alphabetized within their groups, to make searching easier.

During the War Between the States, companies of troops from Iredell County entered the Confederate army. In addition to the nine companies organized in the county, a number of Iredell men joined companies organized in adjoining counties. There were Iredell men in a company organized at Mt. Zion Church, Mecklenburg County.

The vote of Iredell County in the presidential election of 1860 was 1,625 for John Bell, Whig and Union candidate; and 328 for John C. Breckenridge, Democrat. It is estimated that there were first and last in the war about 1,715 Iredell soldiers. Of this number, it is estimated that 813 were killed or died of disease or wounds, and that 360 were discharged on account of wounds and disease, making a total of 1,175.

Mr. R.O. Leinster of Statesville, to whom the Landmark is indebted for the above information, has also furnished us the names of the first captains of the nine Iredell companies sent from Iredell and the regiments, as follows:

Captains A.K. Simonton, John B. Andrews and John Z. Dalton, all of whom belonged to the 4th N.C.R.; Captain Jas. R. McAuley, 7th N.C. Regiment; Captain Robert V. Cowan, 33rd N.C.R.; Captain A.M. Walker, 48th N.C.R.; Captains P.B. Chambers, and A.D. Moore, 49th N.C.R.; Captain Clint M. Andrews, 2nd N.C. Cavalry.

Capt. Simonton became major of the 4th Regiment and was killed at Seven Pines; Capt. John Andrews died of disease; Capt. Dalton resigned as captain and became first lieutenant in the 4th Regiment, was wounded at Seven Pines; Capt. McAuley was killed in battle; Capt. Cowan was promoted to colonel of the 33rd Regiment and died since the war; Capt. Walker was wounded and died since the war; Capt. P.B. Chambers was promoted to major of the 49th Regiment and died since the war; Capt. A.D. Moore died since the war; Capt. Clint M. Andrews was promoted to colonel of the 2nd Cavalry and died since the war.

Iredell also furnished two colonels at the outbreak of the war — Col. Reuben P. Campbell who was killed in battle at Gaines Mill in 1863; and Col. Clint R. Hill who died of disease.

Company A

The list below is mainly from the payroll list of June, 1862. There are some names not on it — men who died and were killed at the Battle of Seven Pines on 31st May, 1862. W.L. Davidson was afterwards captain of the company to succeed Simonton, promoted.

Capt. A.K. Simonton 1st Lt. W.A. Eliason 2nd Lt. W.L. Davidson 3rd Lt. W.G. Falls
Orderly Sgt. B.F. Simonton 1st Sgt. A.S. Fraley 2nd Sgt. W.F. McRorie 3rd Sgt. E.F. Morrison
4th Sgt. W.L. Shuford 5th Sgt. J.P. Cowan 1st Corp. T.M.C. Davidson 2nd Corp. E.M. McNeely
3rd Corp. W.R. McNeely 4th Corp. E.C. Rumple    


Allen, W.L. Allison, W.F. Anglin, J.S. Anglin, W. Bailey, T.A. Barker, J.S.
Barnes, S.M. Beam, D.A. Bennett, J.J. Bost, E.G. Brawley, H.A. Brawley, N.S.
Brawley, P.W. Brawley, R.(?) M. Bruce, Wm. Byers, A. Carter, W.L. Cavin, J.Y.
Clark, M. Cohan, J.A. Cohan, J.W. Connor, C.L. Crista, A. Crista, Andy
Day, E. Donaha, J.M. Forkner, F.A. Fox, D.C. Fullbright, D.T. Gillan, W.L.
Glascott, J. Hall, Hugh Hall, J.A. Harbin, J. Harbin, W.G.J. Hardin, L.
Harris, C.S. Harris, E. Harris, E.D.C. Hobbs, H. Hobbs, J.W. Hobbs, W.C.
Honeycutt, J.F. Houpe, P.P. Hunter, D.C. Ingram, J.A. Ingram, J.G. Irvin, J.G.
Irvin, J.O. Johnson, J.H. Johnson, W. Kerr, G.W. Kerr, W.F. Kiser, D.
Lackey, J.A. Lagenby, R.S. Lampe, A. Lemley, W.A. Lyons, J.S. Massey, J.
Mayhew, B.H. Mayhew, M.B. Mayhew, R.C. McLelland, W.C. McMasters, J.C. Middleton, C.
Morgan, J.B. Morris, J.W. Morris, R.A. Morrison, F.M. Morrison, L.H. Murdoch, C.D.
Murdoch, J.F. Osborne, R.M. Plyler, B. Plyler, J.W. Rickert, W.T. Rogers, W.S.
Rumple, J.C. Shaver, P.A. Sherrill, J.W. Sherrill, W.P. Smith, P. Snow, M.
Spride, G.W. Stevenson, W.L. Stinson, E.B. Stinson, J.B. Strikeleather, J. Strikeleather, J.A.
Summers, W.R. Thompson, W.R. Walker, R.T. Wallace, J.F. Wallace, J.L. White, T.A.
Wiesenfield, M.          

Company C, 4th Regiment

Captain J.B. Andrews 1st Lt. J. Rufus Reid 2nd Lt. E.A. Osborne 3rd Lt. J.C. White
Orderly Sgt. J.E. Summers 2nd Sgt. G.A. Andrews 3rd Sgt. J.J.J. Troutman 4th Sgt. W.A. Kerr
5th Sgt. Thomas W. Stevenson 1st Corp. A.J. Anderson 2nd Corp. J.C. Norton 3rd Corp. D.P. Dobbins
4th Corp. F. (or E.) May      


Those below were mustered into service at Camp Vance near Statesville on 7th June, 1861:

Adams, W.M. Alexander, C.S. Arms, C.B. Armstrong, J.F. Beggarly, Jas. A. Brady, W.
Brawley, Jas. M. Brawley, W.R.J. Brock, J.W. Bustle, D.S. Bustle, H.L. Campbell, J.H.
Campbell, J.P. Canoy, J.M. Carpenter, N.W. Chambers, H.A. Chipley, W.M. Claywell, M.A.
Claywell, S.A. Cook, R.B. Currie, D.A. Dobson, J.A. Dobson, W. Feimster, J.A.S.
Feimster, R.P. Fisher, F.J. Gibson, J.F. Goodin, A.H. Goodman, A.F. Goodman, J.T.
Goodman, W.M. Hair, R.O. Hall, E.A. Hall, R.A. Harkness, J. Hendren, G.W.
Holmes, J.A. Holder, W.H. Holmes, R.M. Holshauer, M. Hoover, S.A. Houpe, J.A.
Johnson, H.T. Jones, I.(or L?) M. Kerr, C. Kerr, R.T. Lewis, A.F. Lizenby, W.H.
Lollar, A.R.S. Lunster, R.O. McHargue, F.A. McHargue, S. McKinney, W.B. McLelland, J.R.
Miller, C.M. Mills, A.S. Mills, G.N. Moose, J.M. Moose, M.W. Murdock, N.A.
Murdock, T.L. Parker, J.F. Patterson, R.E. Raymer, J. Nat. Reamer, J.C. Reid, J.A.
Revis, J. Rickert, J.M. Scroggs, J. Sharpe, R.A. Steele, J.C. (or O.) Summers, A.L.
Summers, A.T. Summers, N.C. Summers, T.B. Summers, Thomas Swan, T.B. Tomlin, A.S.
Tucker, T.S. Turner, A. Turner, J.C. Waddell, J.A. White, A.M. Wilson, S.L.

The following joined the company on March 22, 1862:

Arthurs, M. Beard, W.P. Beard, W.S. Brady, G. Brandson, J.A. Campbell, A.F.
Campbell, A.F. [#2] Campbell, W.J. Carpenter, D.F. Claywell, M.A. Cline, J.A. Eidson/Erdson, J.R.
Ervin/Erwin, A.B. Feimster, J.A. Fleming, J.A. Fry, J.W. Garrison, J.A. Green, D.L.
Hall, J.R.A. Harkin/Harbin, J.F. Hoover, A.P. Holmes, J.F. Holmes, W.C. James, W.W.
Johnston, C.L. Kerr, Thomas Lewis, F.A. Lock, G.W. Lollar, H.L.S. McCoy, J.P.
Mills, P.T. Norton, J.P. Reamer, W.D. Reid, W. Reynolds, D.A. Robb, J.T.
Sharpe, C.S. Sherrill, J.B. Shuford, Frank A. Stevenson, W.A. Strikeleather, J.C.N. Strikeleather, W.J.
Tays, Jno. T. Waugh, J.W. Waugh, W.L. Yates, F.A.    

The following joined the company at different times:

Freeman, W. Goodin, A.A. Holmes, R.O. (or C.) Hutchins, W.T. Jacobs, Pink Kerr, Thomas
Laughley, W. Murdoch, Dave Swan, P.W. Walker, W.A. White, G.W. Wilson, J.L.
Yates, D.S. Yates, M.V. Young, J.G.      

Company H

Capt. John Z. Dalton 1st Lt. G.W. Weaver 2nd Lt. J.B. Forcum 3rd Lt. F.H. Weaver
Ord. Sgt. J.M. Albea 2nd Sgt. H.H. Jones 3rd Sgt. J.A. Summers 4th Sgt. S.H. Bobbitt
5th Sgt. A.M.D. Kennedy 1st Corp. J.P. Madin 2nd Corp. S.P Graham 3rd Corp. H.P. Williams
4th Corp. T. Ball      


Albea, H.C. Albea, J.H. Bales, J.B. Ball, D.M. Barkley, C. Barnard, F.M.
Barnard, J.C. Barnard, L. Barton, G.W. Bennett, G.W. Bowers, R.S. Brown, M.
Campbell, B.A. Campbell, E. Campbell, F. Campbell, Jos. A. Campbell, M. Carter, B.
Chamberlain, J. Chamberlain, S. Cheshire, J. Crewfield, J. Cummings, J.B Cummings, J.N.
Current, F.M. DeFoe, M.B. Dillon, B.E. Dillon, W.J. Dingler(?), M.M. Dobson, J.
Dobson, J.S. Dobson, W. Dobson, W.F. Dunlap, J.A. Edwards, S.P. Edwards, T.W.
Ervin, A.B. Ervin, J.R. Farr, D. Farr, John Farr, Jos. Forcum, B.W.
Forcum, W. Foy, J.W. Frazier, S. Furches(?), T. Gaither, B.C. Gaither, T.W.
Gaither, W. Goforth, J.M. Goforth, L.L. Goodin, J. Greenwood, W.S. Grose, J.C.
Hallard, N. Harman, D.A. Harman, N.M. Harman, T.R. Heath, A.W. Heath, J.D.
Heath, T. Hicks, H. Howard, A.B. Jones, D.M. Joyner, J.C. Jurney, B.
Jurney, N.V. Jurney, T.L. Jurney, W. Kinder, M. Kinder, J.R. Lambert, L.
Lemmon, J. Maden, W.W. McDaniel, S. McFoster, S. McHargue, E.L. McHargue, J.A.
Milton, H.L. Mise, S.M. Mitchell, J. Morefield, G.W. Morefield, L. Morgan, D.
Morris, L.G. Moyes, A.H. Padgette, J.C. Padgette, J.L. Parker, M. Patterson, W.P.
Powell, J.G. Privette, J.C. Rash, B. Rash, J. Rhyne, R.N. Richardson, A.M.
Rives/Reeves, J. Rives/Reeves, N. Robertson, H.F. Robertson, J.W. Ronagar, T. Shaw, E.
Shaw, J. Shives, G.W. Simmons, G.W. Smith, J.D. Snow, E. Spicer, J.W.
Sprinkle, F.B. Sprinkle, H.T. Thomas, I.H. Thorpe. B. Thorpe, J.W. Tomlinson, N.
Walker, J.L. Walker, M.H. Weisoner, J.A. Weisoner, M.H. Wood, F. Wood, W.H.
Wooten, A. Wooten, P. Wooten, T. York, A.W. York, J.  

Company I, 7th Regiment

This company was organized at Creswell’s Springs near what is now the town of Mooresville on or about 22nd July, 1861. We are indebted to Lt. John Young Templeton for the Muster Roll.

Capt. Jas. R. McAuley 1st Lt. Wm. W. Dickie 2nd Lt. Robert G. McAuley 3rd Lt. John Y. Templeton

All were commissioned on 16th May, 1861.

The non-commissioned officers were appointed on the 22nd July, 1861:

1st Sgt. D.C. Smith 2nd Sgt. Edwin N. McAuley 3rd Sgt. Edward M. Correll 4th Sgt. J.W.A. Kerr
5th Sgt. Jas Van Pelt 1st Corp. Jas. S. Lipe 2nd Corp. George M. Morrow 3rd Corp. John M. Edwards
4th Corp. J.A. Harris Musician Joseph G. Donalson    


Alley, David W. Alley, John Atwell, Jas. B. Atwell, Joseph C. Atwell, Robert L. Atwell, Thomas H.
Ballard, Wm. S. Battle, Dossey Baxter, Franklin Baxter, James W. Beard, Robert C. Beard, Wm. S.
Beatty, James U. Bell, Ralph E. Bell, Wm. A. Blackwelder, H.F. Blackwelder, James L. Brawley, Joel V.
Brown, John H. Brown, Robert S. Brown, Smiley J. Burke, John L. Carter, John Cashion/Cashton, John C.
Cavin, Mastin D. Cavin, Wm. J. Christy, Miles G. Cleaver, Andrew Clodfelter, George L. Cook, A.H.
Cook, Robert S. Cook, Wm. S. Cornelius, Forrest H. Cowan, Robert H. Creswell, James C. Denton, Aaron G.
Denton, Andrew Denton, M.V.W. Denton, Thomas M. Denton, W.P. Denton, Wm. W. Eddins, John H.
Elkins, Benjamin Emerson, Robert M. Fisher, Elbert Freeman, James W. Galliher, James E. Galliher, John C.
Gardner, John M. Graham, James Hambright, G.R. Hardin, James M. Hayes, John Henry, George L.
Henry, John M. Honeycutt, David H. Johnston, Elias V. Johnston, John H. Jones, Monroe D. Kerr, Julius F.
Kistler, George L. Kistler, Roderick M. Knox, James D. Lentz, Edward M. Lipe, George L.D. Lipe, Jonas E.
Lipe, Joseph Mayhew, James F.(?) McDaniel, A.B. McKay, Daniel S. McLean, Edward T. McLean, John R.
McLean, Joseph A. McNealy, John R.D. McNealy, John W. McNealy, Joseph P. McNealy, Wm. M.(?) McRay, Robert W.
Means, John R. Mills, Charles F. Mills, Wm. C. Morrow, George H. Morrow, George M. Morrow, James D.W.
Morrow, Strangeman M. Neill, Andrew T. Nesbitt, Matthew F. Overcash, Eli Overcash, James E. Overcash, Otho C.
Overcash, Samuel C. Overcash, Solomon J. Overcash, Wm. A. Overcash, Wm. E. Parker, Julius A. Parker, Peter W.
Parker, Sol. L. Perdue, Thomas L. Perry, Daniel A. Perry, Lloyd C. Purvis, Wm. H. Rankin, George L.
Rankin, James A. Ready, Wm. M. Reece, James Robbins, Hiram W. Roberts, Edward B. Rose, Wm. A.
Rumple, James M. Sanders, Alfred Scott, John F. Shinn, George A. Smedes, Abraham K. Smith, Newsom, Jr.
Smith, Watson M. Smith, Wm. B. Steele, Robert C. Templeton, George C. Templeton, Joseph H. Templeton, Joseph V.
Templeton, Julius A. Troutman, Henry H. Walters, Daniel C. Watt, Jesse D. Westmoreland, George W. Westmoreland, Parker P.
Williams, David Williams, Wm. T. Williford, Rowan J. Willis, John W. Wilson, Alexander Wilson, Francis M.
Wilson, James G. Wilson, Jas. M. Wilson, James S. Young, Benjamin F. Young, George A.T.  

[Transcribed by Christine Spencer, August, 2008]

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