Iredell Surnames & Researchers

These have been updated and consolidated from the old listings of 1997 & 1998.
Names remaining on this list are people who confirmed their email address in July 2009.
New listings for this page are welcome. Contact the county coordinator.

Remember that spelling was largely an arbitrary matter for county clerks in past centuries, when few people in frontier areas were literate, so look for all spelling variations.

If you don’t see a surname of interest, please check the research page for suggestions.  And it is always wise to do your own research and not trust someone else’s conclusions.

Barker Zelia H Cline  
Cain Bonnie Cain Henrich  
Carson Rhonda L. Carson  
Cline Zelia H Cline  
Francis Roger Francis  
Gaither Phil Gaither  
Gant(t) Ben Gantt  
George Nancy Blevins  
Gunn Sharon Allen  
Hall Jerry Hale  
Haynes Paulette Haynes  
Ireland Bob Ireland  
Leslie Sharon Morgan Our Black Ancestry
Lewis James Lewis  
McBride Martin Thompson  
McEwen Charla Manica  
McKeown Charla Manica  
Morris Keith Morris www
Potts Charla Manica  
Redman / Redmond Nancy Blevins  
Scroggs Linda Peckham Scroggs www
Settlemyer Zelia H Cline  
Torrence Bart Sinclair  
Williams Nancy Blevins  
Williamson Zelia H Cline  
Witherspoon Charla Manica  
Wright Theresa Wright