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VANN, Blanney (d. 1847)

The following notice appeared in the March 16, 1847 issue of the Raleigh Register on the death of Mrs. Blanney VANN.  Mrs. VANN was the wife of A. VANN and was 25 years old. She died in Madison County, Florida. 

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COLEMAN, Blount (d. 1847)

The following obituary for Col. Blount COLEMAN appeared in the June 1, 1847 issue of the Raleigh Register.  

obituary of Blount Coleman

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BRIGHT, Mortimer (1846)

The following obituary for Mortimer BRIGHT appeared in the February 26, 1847 issue of the Semi-Weekly Raleigh Register. Mr. BRIGHT passed away November 11, 1846 in Pensacola, Florida at the age of 42 years old.

Obituary of Mortimer Bright

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CARRAWAY, Henry Clay (1841)

The following death notice for Henry Clay CARRAWAY appeared in the August 24, 1841 issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper.  Henry was the son of Snoad B. CARRAWAY.

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HOLLAND, Sarah Olivia (1841)

The following death notice for Sarah Olivia HOLLAND appeared in the December 17, 1841 issue of the Raleigh Register.  She was the daughter of  Dr. William HOLLAND.

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CROOM, Isaac (1841)

The following death notice for Isaac CROOM appeared in the August 27, 1841 issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper. 

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PARHAM, W.A. (1906)

This afternoon Mr. J.H. PARHAM, of this city, received the sad intelligence that at about 1pm, his father, Mr. W.A. PARHAM, dropped dead at his home near Oxford.  Mr. W.A. PARHAM was 65 years of age and was apparetnly in the best of health.  Mr. J.H. PARHAM leaves tonight for the old home, but will not arrive there before morning.  (pg. 4)

Source: Kinston Free Press, 6 Jul 1906, pg. 4.

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METTS, Craven (1839)

The following obituary for Craven METTS appeared in the November 23, 1839 issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper.

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Query: Family of Henry Tucker

The following query has been submitted to the site:

I am looking for info. on the Henry Tucker family. from Old Dobbs County born circa 1790 inNC   died1840 in Monroe Co. Tenn.     I could not find much info in Dobbs because the Court House burned early.   I have dates on marriages.  He married  Marry Polly Grant cr 1790 inNorth Carolina.   He married Sarah Myers Sept 29,1814 in Washington Co. Virginia.    I have tried for years to find his parents. — Jeannie  Tucker Beasley

If you have any suggestions for Jeannie please email her at


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Charles ROUSE to Compete for Rhodes Scholarship (1928)

Kinston Free Press
22 Oct 1928

Local Youth Has a Chance Rhodes Scholarship Now – Charles ROUSE, son of Mr. and Mrs. N.J. ROUSE, of Kinston, was selected as one of the five University of North Carolina students who will compete with students from other colleges in the State for the honor of being one of the two Rhodes scholars to be selected from the State this year. A news dispatch from Chapel Hill at the weekend carried the following announcement:

“The five university representatives are Jack CROWE, Dallas, Tx.; Ed HUDGINS, Marion; Charles LIPSCOMB, Greensboro; Charles ROUSE, Kinston, and Walter SPEARMAN, Charlotte.  The selections were announced today by Dean Addison HIBBARD, chairman of the local Rhodes scholarship committee.  Other members of the committee were N.W. WALKER, D.D. CARrOLL and R.B. HOUSE.

Applications were judged on the basis of the students; character, scholarship and extra-curricular activities.  Six men applied for the coveted scholarships, which carry an annual stipend of about $1,500 for study at Oxford University.  The names of the men selected will be forwarded to President H. S. HILLEY, who is secretary of the state committee. Dr. H.W. CHASE, president of the university, is chairman of the state committee. From the men selected in each institution will be chosen the two successful candidates. Dr. T.J. WILSON, III of Chapel Hill and William J. COCKE, of Asheville, were the last Rhodes scholars to represent the university.

Young Mr. ROUSE is at present a law student at the university, where he took his A.B. degree with high honors, being accorded the Phi Beta Kappa membership for scholarship. He is at present on the staff of the Law Review of the University and has been prominent in frat circles.

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