Cox-Kennedy Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Mary COX was born the 5 of October in ye 1717

Hannah COX was born the 26 of September in ye 1721

Richard COX was born the 15 of October in ye 1723

Thomas COX was born the 3 of February in ye 1729

Sarah COX was born the 7 of September in ye 1732

Esdras COX was born the 25 of March in ye year 1735

Elizabeth COX was born the 2 of March in ye year 1737

Elizabeth __ was born the 3 of October in ye year 1727

William COX was born ye 6 of January in the year of our Lord 1754

Samuel COX was born ye 15 of —– in ——— 17-5

John PIKE was born the 15 …

William COX was born year of our Lord 1761?

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John KENNEDY son of Walter & Sarah KENNEDY was born ye 21 Day of the 9th month in the year of Our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and forty seven __ old this ye 21st day of 9th mo. 1747

William KENNEDY son of Alexander KENNEDY and Anna his wife was born at Cullian

Aereshire, Scotland ye 1st day of the 5th mo. 1690 and departed this life ye 6th Day of the 6th mo. 1749, Johnston Co.

Walter KENNEDY Son of William & Mary KENNEDY departed this life ye 1st Day of 5th mo. 1750

Sarah KENNEDY wife of Walter KENNEDY and daughter of John FELLOWS departed this life ye 9th Day of the 6th mo. 1769

Hannah Musgrave departed this life the 13th day of the 10th month 1790

Elizabeth Musgrave departed this life the 23d day of the 10th mo 1790

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