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Lantrec Crammer Brodgen

The following biographical profile appeared in the September 2, 1899 issue of the Kinston Free Press

L.C. BROGDEN – Superintendent Kinston Public Schools

Lautrec Crammer BROGDEN was born in Goldsboro, NC, December 9, 1872.  His father is W.H. BROGDEN and his mother’s maiden name was Virginia E. ROBINSON.  They moved to the country when he was only one year old and he spent a large part of his life, until he was 21 years old, on the farm at hard labor. He attended the neighborhood free schools until 15 years old and then entered the Goldsboro public graded schools, where he was prepared for college.

In September, 1891, he entered the freshman class in the State University and graduated in 1895 with the degree of Ph. B.  He was then elected principal of Sparta Institute, Alleghany county, for the session of 1895-’96.  From there he went to Dunn High School, Harnett county, which he conducted with great success during the session of 1896-’97.  He was called in 1897 to teach English and mathematics in the high school department of the Greensboro graded schools.  In 1898 he came to Kinston and was employed by the school committee of this township to teach a private school in the public school building until January 1, 1899. He was then elected superintendent of the public schools of Kinston for the spring session.

His conduct of the schools was very successful and met with the approval of the people.  If the school had not been a success perhaps it would have been more difficult to carry the graded schools position. The trustees of the graded schools at their second meeting, on June 1st, elected Prof. BROGDEN superintendent of the Kinston public schools for the session of 1899-1900.

Prof. BROGDEN is a young man of much promise as an educator.  He is thoroughly trained in the science of teaching and loves his work.  He seems gifted with good judgement and has the faculty of controlling the student body with the ease of a trained disciplinarian.  He is not harsh, but firm in his command.  We look forward to a very successful year’s work.


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