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Bowden/Cherry/Broadhurst Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

The following bible record came from the estate of Evelyn Bizzell HARDY of Kinston, N.C. Transcribed by Sloan S. Mason with permission of the HARDY family.

The following bible record is a xerox copy from the original bible-only the Birth page was xeroxed. No title page.


  • Wm. D. CHERRY was born October 2 the 1806.
  • Ann J. CHERRY was born January 22, 1815.
  • Wm. S.? BOWDEN was born August 20th, 1820.
  • Allen M. BROADHURST son of John & Helen BROADHURST was born July 19, 1882.
  • Pearl Juanita daughter of Allen and Penina BOWDEN was born Sept. 29, 1883.
  • Eva BOWDEN was born January 11, 1885.
  • Ernest Cameron BOWDEN was born April 28th, 1886.
  • Alma BOWDEN was born January 18th, 1888.
  • Helen Calista BOWDEN was born March the 11th 1856 on Tuesday. Samuel Allen BOWDEN was born April 3rd, 1858 on Saturday.
  • John BROADHURST was born June the 8th, 1847.
  • Ida Lorinas BROADHURST was born March the 18, 1871.
  • Charley Keanor? BROADHURST, a son of John BROADHURST and Hellen C. BROADHURSRT was born August the 9, 1873.
  • Edith Ann BROADHURST a daughter of John and Hellen BROADHURST was born November the 13, 1875.
  • Joseph William BROADHURST a son of John and Hellen BROADHURST was born February the 16?, 1878.


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