Cox-Kennedy Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Mary COX was born the 5 of October in ye 1717

Hannah COX was born the 26 of September in ye 1721

Richard COX was born the 15 of October in ye 1723

Thomas COX was born the 3 of February in ye 1729

Sarah COX was born the 7 of September in ye 1732

Esdras COX was born the 25 of March in ye year 1735

Elizabeth COX was born the 2 of March in ye year 1737

Elizabeth __ was born the 3 of October in ye year 1727

William COX was born ye 6 of January in the year of our Lord 1754

Samuel COX was born ye 15 of —– in ——— 17-5

John PIKE was born the 15 …

William COX was born year of our Lord 1761?

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John KENNEDY son of Walter & Sarah KENNEDY was born ye 21 Day of the 9th month in the year of Our Lord one Thousand seven Hundred and forty seven __ old this ye 21st day of 9th mo. 1747

William KENNEDY son of Alexander KENNEDY and Anna his wife was born at Cullian

Aereshire, Scotland ye 1st day of the 5th mo. 1690 and departed this life ye 6th Day of the 6th mo. 1749, Johnston Co.

Walter KENNEDY Son of William & Mary KENNEDY departed this life ye 1st Day of 5th mo. 1750

Sarah KENNEDY wife of Walter KENNEDY and daughter of John FELLOWS departed this life ye 9th Day of the 6th mo. 1769

Hannah Musgrave departed this life the 13th day of the 10th month 1790

Elizabeth Musgrave departed this life the 23d day of the 10th mo 1790

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Levi Herring Carter Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

From the Duplin County Historical Society, Rose Hill, N.C.

Bill MURPHY Collection


This branch of the CARTER family was seated at “Cartersville” near Pink Hill which stretched into both Lenoir and Duplin Counties. Two CARTER houses, the mill site (now called KENNEDY’S Mill Pond) and two family cemeteries remain on the plantation.

The Bible was printed in 1851 in New York by the American Bible Society and was owned in 1983 by Mrs. Mildred Carter KENNEDY of Pink Hill.

J. P. CARTER, son of Gilbert B. CARTER & Elizabeth Jane CARTER his wife was borned September 24th, 1901.

Andrey C. the son of Levi H. CARTER and Elizabeth his wife was borned August the 1 day 1857.

R. E. I. CARTER son of L. H. CARTER was borned November the 8th, 1873.

L. H. CARTER the son of Bryant CARTER and Nancy his wife was borned April the 21 1829.

Robert CARTER the son of L. H. CARTER and Lucy his wife was borned August the 8, 1873.

(has to be a typeo)

G. J. B. CARTER the son of L. H. CARTER and Lucy his wife was borned November the 9, 1879.

L. H. CARTER the son of Bryant CARTER and Nancy his wife was borned April 21st, 1829.

Christopher LAWSON b. September the 22, 1796.

Senos CARTER the son of Bryant CARTER and Nancy his wife was borned 24 May 1827.

Martha an HARDISON, born in 1842.

Marther an HARDISON was borned in May the 24 day in 1842.

Mary Matilda HARDISON was borned in November 17 day 184—.

Charls HA—— was bor—————————————-.

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Branch Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

Found at an antique store outside Pink Hill, N.C. This bible could not be saved, but I was able to copy the information from it.

No title page

Marriage Record Pink Hill, N.C.

Frank BRANCH & Della OUTLAW married at Mayo OUTLAW, Jan. 1891 Signed



  • Frank BRANCH, b. 20 April 1868
  • Della BRANCH, wife of Frank, b. 8 Oct. 1871 Arthur James BRANCH, b. Oct. 11, 1893
  • Loyd? W. BRANCH son of Frank & Della, b. June 7, 1896
  • Edmond BRANCH the son of Frank & Della, b. Feb. 9, 1899
  • Mattie OUTLAW was born Feb. 21, 1896
  • Beatrice HALL b. June 26, 1922


  • F. BRANCH died 6 Dec. 1952 at 2:25
  • Della BRANCH died Nov. 3, 1957
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Bowden/Cherry/Broadhurst Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

The following bible record came from the estate of Evelyn Bizzell HARDY of Kinston, N.C. Transcribed by Sloan S. Mason with permission of the HARDY family.

The following bible record is a xerox copy from the original bible-only the Birth page was xeroxed. No title page.


  • Wm. D. CHERRY was born October 2 the 1806.
  • Ann J. CHERRY was born January 22, 1815.
  • Wm. S.? BOWDEN was born August 20th, 1820.
  • Allen M. BROADHURST son of John & Helen BROADHURST was born July 19, 1882.
  • Pearl Juanita daughter of Allen and Penina BOWDEN was born Sept. 29, 1883.
  • Eva BOWDEN was born January 11, 1885.
  • Ernest Cameron BOWDEN was born April 28th, 1886.
  • Alma BOWDEN was born January 18th, 1888.
  • Helen Calista BOWDEN was born March the 11th 1856 on Tuesday. Samuel Allen BOWDEN was born April 3rd, 1858 on Saturday.
  • John BROADHURST was born June the 8th, 1847.
  • Ida Lorinas BROADHURST was born March the 18, 1871.
  • Charley Keanor? BROADHURST, a son of John BROADHURST and Hellen C. BROADHURSRT was born August the 9, 1873.
  • Edith Ann BROADHURST a daughter of John and Hellen BROADHURST was born November the 13, 1875.
  • Joseph William BROADHURST a son of John and Hellen BROADHURST was born February the 16?, 1878.


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James H. Bell Family Bible

Contributed by Joshua Waller


  • James H Bell was borned May the 15th 1845
  • Mary J Bell daughter of Jessee H Rouse & Jane his wife was borned June the 7th 1850
  • Julius H Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J Bell his wife was borned March the 24 1868
  • James H Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J his wife was borned Oct the 16th 1869
  • Charles Edward Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J his wife was borned April 20th 1883
  • Lula Leonah Bell daughter of James H Bell & Mary J Bell his wife was borned November the 21st 1871
  • James H Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J his wife was borned November the 19th 1876
  • George (unreadable) Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J his wife was borned January the 19th 1879
  • Needham Earick Bell son of James H Bell & Mary J his wife was borned March the 17th 1886


  • James H Bell & Mary J Bell were married December the 8th AD 1866
  • Jesse H Bell & Maggie M Tolson were married on April the 18th 1900


  • Our Mother Pennelopr Bell died January the 28th 1880
  • Mary J Bell wife of Jas H Bell departed this life Nov the 16th 1914

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Lenoir County Bibles @ NC Family Records Online

The State Library and State Archives of North Carolina hosts several digital collections.  Among them is the Family Records Online collection with records from across the state.  The following are Lenoir County relevant family bible collections that you can access for free online:

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Wedding of G.C. Smith & Pauline Pace

It pays to volunteer information online 🙂

For several years I’ve been indexing the Kinston Free Press and making excerpts available online in a database.  I am currently in the process of moving that data to a new database, but this week I was contacted by two family members of one of the individuals included.  The notice I’d included online was the first confirmation the family had of the marriage.

This marriage notice appeared in the October 2, 1905 issue of the Kinston Free Press noting the wedding of G.C. Smith & Pauline Pace . The text is faint, but reads “Mr. G.C. SMITH, of Lynchburg, Va., holding a position with Einstein Bros. in this city, and Miss Pauline PACE, of Lagrange, were married in Roxboro August 24 by Rev. E.D. HOLMES.  the marriage was kept a secret until recently and friends are congratulating the couple.  The bride has been living in her home in LaGrange until Sunday afternoon, when Mr. and Mrs. SMITH came to this city and are at present boarding at Mrs. COX’s, on Queen street.

Recently, G.C. & Pauline’s granddaughter contacted me to ask for more info for all I’d had in the index was a summary.  It turns out though that she AND a cousin of hers  were both interested for they are both granddaughters of Mr. Smith.   His name was Grover Cleveland Smith (later changed to Gilbert Smythe) and Ethel Pauline Pace was his first wife.  He later remarried Ms. Helen Fry and had a second family. The second cousin is he and wife Helen’s great-granddaughter.

G.C. & wife Helen


I wonder what else the cousins may find as they seek more details. I am just pleased that my contribution was able to be of help  – this is what the USGenWeb project is all about!

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Photo: Parrott, Dr. James M.

Dr. James Marion Parrot

From the 1914 Wake Forest University Yearbook



















Read a bio of his early life.

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US Colored Troops Symposium

This past weekend the Kinston Cultural Heritage Museum sponsored the Seventh Annual US Colored Troops Symposium.  The symposium was held in conjunction with the Kinston’s Blue-Gray Civil War Living History Weekend and featured presentations and exhibits from national and regional historians, storytellers, civil war scholars, the CSS Neuse Re-enactment, troop demonstrations, and living history cultural interpreters revolving around the participatory role of African Americans in the Civil War.

While the formal announcement gives a great description of the events, I always enjoy reading personal accounts from those that attend.  Tonight, I came across the blog, Jubilo! The Emancipation Century blog whose author attended and gives a great description of the events.

Be sure to check it out!

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Finding Wills & Estate Records

Over the weekend I received a query from a Lenoir County researcher on how to find estate records from someone who died around 1839.  I then realized that on this site, the only information provided on wills was a link to the Lenoir County NCGenWeb Archives listing of user-submitted wills.   While this is a good start, there are additional resources to check if you’re looking for probate records so I’ve added a new page on the site listing these resources.

Most of the links are to microfilm records that are available from the North Carolina State Archives and the Family History Library.  Check out the new page for more info!

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