Bell Cemetery

Surveyed by Glenn Fields March 2009.

Location On a path north of Hwy 11 at Smith Colony Road where the old drive-in theatre was. The old ticket booth is still there in sight of the highway.

Faith Elizabeth Bell
Apr 25 1924
Apr 28 1924

Mary Mildred Bell
June 10 1910
Mar 26 1926

Double stone
Emma Phillips
His Wife
May 14 1881
May 15 1971
Rev Benjamine E
July 9 1880
Sept 22 1955

Double stone
Woodrow W Bell
July 4 1914
May 25 1975
Thelma Ginn Bell
Feb 19 1914
Apr 17 1996

Mary Alice Bell
Dec 20 1943
Dec 25 1943

Mary Carol Bell
July 20 1952
July 21 1952

Charles F Bell
Nov 15 1916
April 9 1987

Veteran’s marker
Charles F Bell
Nov 15 1916
April 9 1987

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Becton Cemetery

Surveyed by Jeanette Corcoran July 2008.

Location at 1735 Dallas Turner Road, Kinston NC behind the William Blackman Becton Homestead.

Becton, Eliza Jane - 1835-1923
Becton, Elvia Whaley – 1798-1877
Becton, Jarman - 1833-1886
Becton, Jessie B. – daughter of W B & Lillie Becton – Sep 19 1909 – Apr 15 1910
Becton, Lillian Wees – 1870-1930
Becton, Lillie Bryan – 1882-1972
Becton, Millard Filmore – 1866-1906
Becton, William Blackman – 1874-1961

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Lenoir County Newspaper Obituaries

The NCGenWeb Project features a database called NC People in the Papers.  This database is a collection of items extracted from newspapers and includes births, marriages, deaths, & general news items.

The time coverage varies, but click on the graphic below to see a list of Lenoir County deaths as reported in the Kinston Free Press and other newspapers. Be sure to check often because the list is automatically updated as new entries are added.

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1926 Kinston Directory

A 1926 Kinston directory has been added to the Internet Archive.  This book can be read online, downloaded to your computer as a PDF file, and also downloaded to all popular e-reader devices – including your Kindle.

Visit the directory’s page on the Internet Archive for downloadable formats.

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Grainger High School Graduates: 1926-1970

Mickey Sutton has taken the time to compile this collection of yearbooks of Grainger High School into an online resource.  Senior photos are available on the site from 1926-1970.  If your Lenoir County resident went to school here during this time period, this is a must-use site!

The names of those attending are being added to the NCGenWeb Yearbook Index.  Check this list of Lenoir County graduates (currently, only 1927-1940 of this yearbook is included).

Click on the icon below to visit the GHS senior photo site.

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Photo: Grainger, Jesse W.

From the June 27, 1906 issue of the Kinston Free Press.  This drawing accompanied an article about Capt. Grainger welcome address to St. John’s Lodge, No. 4 during a masonic celebration.

Additional resources for J.W.:

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Photo: Collins, Plato

This photo appeared in the June 27, 1906 issue of the Kinston Free Press.  The picture accompanied an article in which Plato presented the board of managers of Parrot Hospital with a charity annex named in honor of Elizabeth Parrot.

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Bell, Jesse H. – Bicycle Repair (1898)

From the May 15, 1898 issue of the Kinston Free Press

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Canady, B.W. – Hardware: Brass Pump (1898)

B.W. Canady advertises for a Brass-Seat Pump for pumping water. From the May 4, 1898 issue of the Kinston Free Press.

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Einstein Brothers (1898)

From the May 3, 1898 issue of the Kinston Free Press

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