Searching Online Newspaper Repositories for Lenoir County News

Checking databases of digitized newspapers may lead to information relevant to your research, even if a newspaper from your specific county is not included. Often, the larger city papers ran columns with details on individuals and events from smaller communities.  Additional free sources for searching historical newspapers include:

  • NC Newspaper Digitization Project – earch the full-text of several different NC newspapers from the mid 1700s – late 1800s.  Though no papers from Lenoir county are included, newspapers often included information from other areas in the state.  There are several papers from nearby Craven County.
  • Google News Archive – includes some free and some paid content
  • Library of Congress: Historic American Papers – search the full-text of many different papers across the county, including several from the Southeast.  Covers late 1800s-early 1900s.
  • New York Times Archives – free full-text of the newspaper from 1851-1922.  You can search later articles, but those from 1922-1981 require payment.
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Lenoir County Residents in North Carolina Newspapers

The NCGenWeb Project features a database called NC People in the Papers.  This database is a collection of items extracted from newspapers and includes births, marriages, deaths, & general news items.   The time coverage varies, but in addition to clicking below to see a list of names associated with Lenoir County, you can also search the entire database for a last name of interest and perhaps find family members in other parts of the state.

The NC People in the Papers database includes many extracts from the Kinston Free Press newspaper, so there are numerous individuals from Lenoir County mentioned.  Click on the graphic below to access the list.

Surnames you may recognize include: Croom, Fordham, Grainger, Griffith, Hardy, Harper, Hooten, Jones, Moseley, Outlaw, Rouse, Wooten and more.

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List of Newspapers Published in Lenoir County

The following newspapers were published in Lenoir County.  Each hyperlink takes you to the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America website which includes details on libraries that hold each paper.   The current website for the Kinston Free Press is at

You will also wish to check the holding of the NC State Library.  Go to page 90 of this PDF to see which papers they hold.


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Personal Websites with Lenoir County Families

This page is for listing websites & webpages of persons with Lenoir County roots.

  • Allen J. Barwick Family
  • Bright Family Puzzle
  • Croom Families & other surnames
  • Family Orchard – Dekle, Loops, Loveall & Young family genealogies
  • Koonce Family Genealogy – the family genealogy website of  Taneya Koonce – information about the African-American Kilpatrick, Lawhorn, Koonce, Holloway, Cox and Harvey families of Kinston, Ft. Barnwell, Dover, etc area. Includes links to census records, vital records, pictures, etc.
  • Kornegay Family
  • SSNeuse – site by Patricia H. Armor for families south of the Neuse in the Trent, Neuse, Woodington, Wouthwest, Pink Hill & Sand Hill townships
  • Woodpile Genealogy Project – shares genealogical information about the Batten, Dail, Dale, Fail, Lee, Massengill, Mooring, Sasser, Talton, Tart, Wood, and other families from Eastern North Carolina
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Lenoir County Students at North Carolina Colleges

Did you know that the NCGenWeb Project hosts a NC Yearbook Index.  This Index lists (mostly) graduating seniors at colleges and schools across the state.  Currently, the index largely focuses on pre-1931 graduates but there are some exceptions.  Each index entry links to the full digitized yearbook online.

List of students that put a Lenoir County city as their hometown


Since hometowns were not always included, it is a good idea to also search the entire database.

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1872-1916 Directories Online

Directories can provide interesting & useful information on the businesses and people of the area.  The link will take you directly to the Lenoir County section of the freely available online directory.

  • 1872 – NC Business Directory
  • 1890 – Branson’s NC Business Directory
  • 1903 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1904 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1905 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1906 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1910 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1911 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1912 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1913 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1914 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1915 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
  • 1916 – NC Yearbook & Business Directory
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Deed: WHITFIELD, George to LASSITER, Jesse (1845)

Contributed by Doug Rader
15 Dec 2010

Doug acquired this “burned deed period” legal document related to the Lassiter, WHitfield and Waters families of Lenoir County, NC.  It is dated 4 March 1845, and is an agreement by George Whitfield to sell to Jesse Lassiter (“Lasitter”; both of Lenoir County) half of his lands on the Meadow and Brushy Arm Pocosin, adjacent to Jesse Waters, Haywood Waters, Josh (?) Waters, Charles Fuller and Richard Sutton. The rate was to be $3.75 per acre, paid in three equal installments; the acreage and payment schedule are not given. Witnesses are William Fields and N.W. (?) Blount.

This copy does not reflect the registration of that agreement, but probably pertains to the deed registered in burned Lenoir County Deed Book 31, page 248 (as listed in the extant cross-index to those deeds) from George Whitfield to Jesse Lassiter. (That burned deed book is reported to have covered deed registered between 1 July 1846 and December 1849, and so is consistent with the date of the agreement.)  Doug notes that there are others deeds reported among these parties in the grantor and grantee indices, including from Whitfield to Needham Waters (Book 30:11), and from Jesse Warters to Haywood Warters (Book 31:314).

Click on the image to  see the details (PDF file).

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Index to Civil Actions held at the NC State Archives 1901-1913

The NC State Archives holds original records for Civil Actions.  An online index is available on their website.  For more information, please contact the State Archives.  View the index by clicking on the graphic below.

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1800-1940 Census Records

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Thomas J Faison Bible

Contributed by Sloan Mason

From the Duplin County Historical Society, Rose Hill, N.C.

Bill MURPHY Collection
Location unknown. Xerox found in the papers of the late W. Lyman MURPHY of Snow Hill, N.C.

Thomas J. FAISON was married to Maris Louisa MOSELEY the 17th day of December A.D. 1823 at the residence of Alexander MOSELEY, Esquire in Lenoir County.

Mary Ann FAISON daughter of the saide Thomas and Maria was born the 11th day of February A.D. 1836.

Susan Theodosia Burr FAISON daughter of Thomas J. & Maria FAISON was born the 8th day of June A.D. 1838.

Octavia A. W. FAISON daughter of Thos. J. and Maria FAISON was born Sept. 22, 1840.

Thomas son of Thomas J. and Maris FAISON was born the 17th day of October A.D. 1843.

William Preston W. P. K. FAISON son of Thomas & Sarah FAISON was born the 26th of Oct. A.D. 1851.

Alberta FAISON daughter of Thomas & Sarah FAISON was born the 19th of Oct. 1853.

Susan Virginia FAISON daughter of Thomas & Sarah FAISON was born the 13th of July 1856.

Sally G. FAISON daughter of Thomas & Sarah FAISON was born January the 23rd 1861.

Thomas J. FAISON son of James & Charlotte FAISON was born the 7th day of June A.D. 1802.

Maria L. FAISON wife of Thomas J. FAISON and daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth MOSELEY was born the 10th January A.D. 1805.

Julien Pydras FAISON son of Thomas & Maria FAISON was born the 1st day of April A.D. 1825.

Elizabeth Lucille FAISON daughter of the said Thomas & Maria was born the 3rd day of December A.D. 1826.

John Eliot FAISON son of the said Thomas and Maria was born the 10th day of October A.D. 1828.

James Alexander FAISON son of the said Thomas & Maria was born the 15th day of September A.D.1831.

Maria Louisa FAISON daughter of Thomas & Maria was born the 2nd day of December A.D. 1833.

Charlotte FAISON mother of Thomas J. FAISON & daughter of Thomas IVEY and Ann IVEY departed this life the 3rd day of March A.D. 1825.

James FAISON son of James & Mary FAISON and father of Thomas J. FAISON departed this life the 9th? Day of July A.D. 1825.

Susan Theodosia Burr FAISON daughter of Thomas J. & Maria FAISON departed this life the 15th day of June A.D. 1839, aged 12 months & seven days.

John E. FAISON son of Thomas J. & Maria FAISON departed this life the 9th of October 1843.

Maria L. FAISON wife of Thomas J. FAISON departed this life the 3rd day of July 1850 between the hours of 10 & 11 in the forenoon of said day.

Thomas J. FAISON son of James & Charlotte FAISON departed this life the 22nd of December A.D. 1865.

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