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WILLIAMS, Samuel (d. 1850)

The following death notice for Samuel Williams, age 64, appeared in the April 17, 1850 issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper.



SPRUILL, Elizabeth Rebecca (d. 1848)

The following obituary appeared in the April 12, 1848 issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper. Elizabeth Rebecca SPRUILL was the wife of Sheperd S. SPRUILL and a daughter of David LATHAM (a former senator of Martin County). She was 21 years old.


YATES, Margaret (d. 1847)

The following notice appeared in the June 15, 1847 issue of the Semi-Weekly Raleigh Register newspaper for the death of Mrs. Margaret YATES. She was the wife of Dr. Levi S. YATES and daughter of D.W. BAGLEY.




CHERRY, Romulus S. (d. 1847)

The following death notice for the death of Romulus S. CHERRY appeared in the June 11, 1847 issue of the Semi-Weekly Raleigh Register. Romulus was the 25 year-old son of Darling and Elizabeth CHERRY

Obituary for Romulus Cherry


Marriage: HARRISON, A.L. and Hattie LAWRENCE (1898)

On Wednesday morning, Dec. 21st, 1898, at 8 o’clock at the home of the brides father, in Hamilton, N.C., Mr. A.L. HARRISON and Miss Hattie LAWRENCE were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. 

The attendants were: Miss Modie HARRISON, of Plymouth, with S.O. LYNN, of Suffolk, Va., Miss Alma HOUSE, of Greensboro, with B.N. ALLBROOK, of Scotland Neck; Miss Annie LONG, of Hamilton, with Gordon HOUSE, of Hobgood; Miss Adelia SKITTLETHARPE, of Hamilton.  The wedding march was artistically rendered by Miss Mary BAKER

After the ceremony, which was preformed by the brides father, Elder M.T. LAWRENCE, the bridal party left for the home of the grooms mother, Mrs. Emma HARRISON, near Plymouth, where a reception was held. 

Source: Roanoke Beacon, 30 Dec 1898, pg. 2.



Individual Marriages

The following are individual marriage listings.  Please let me know if you have additional ones to submit:


BIGGS, Asa (d. 1878)

Death of Judge Biggs — Hon. Asa BIGGS, of the firm of K<…> BIGGS & Co.,died in Norfolk at 12 am of Wednesday the 6th inst.  The immediate cause of his death was rheumatic gout.

Judge BIGGS was born in Martin county, North Carolina, on the 4th of February, 1811.  he was licensed to practice law in 1831, entered public life in 1840 as a member of the House of Commons from Martin, was re-elected in 1842, and went to the State Senate in 1844.  In 1845 he was elected to Congress from the First District, beating Hon. David OUTLAW, and in 1847 was in turn defeated by Mr. OUTLAW.  In 1850 <.two sentences unreadable> the result of their joint labors, the Revised Code, would of itself, have been sufficient to have kept green the memories of each of the co-laborers.
In 1854 Judge BIGGS was again elected to the Legislature from Martin and by the Legislature of 1854 and 1855 he was elected to the United States Senate. This position he resigned for the purposes of accepting the United States District Judgeship, which position he held until he resigned and was at once appointed District Judge of the Confederate States.
At the close of the war Judge BIGGS persued the practice of law with marked success and continued in the practice until 1909, when he, in company with Chief Justice SMITH went to Norfolk and opened a law firm.

Judge BIGGS leaves a family of three sons and three daughters.  Capt. Wm. BIGGS, of the Oxford Free Lance, being the eldest of his sons.

Source: Roanoke News, 9 Mar 1878, pg. 3. website.


Vitals from Sons of the American Revolution Applications

The Ancestry website contains a database of more than 145,000 applications for the Sons of the American Revolution approved between 1889 and 31 December 1970.

Applications require a pedigree and accompanying information to demonstrate a generation-by-generation link to a patriot ancestor. Genealogical information submitted may include references to Revolutionary War pension files, baptismal records, marriage records, cemetery records, census records, family Bible records, deeds, court records, documented family and local histories, and copies of applications to other lineage societies. Applications also typically include a short summary of the ancestor’s service. —

The following list below is an extraction of vital record data of individuals in the database who have an association with Martin County.  The listing below provides the person’s name, their relationship to the applicant, details provided in the application, the SAR membership number, and the applicant’s name.  Each piece of information is separated by a dash.

The data represented here is only a portion of the full file.  If you see something of interest, access to the files requires a membership (free access is available through July 4, 2011) if you wish to view them on the website.  Alternatively, you can contact the society directly for further information.  I can provide lookups but please limit your request to one individual.


NameRelationship to ApplicantBornBirth LocationDiedDeath LocationSAR Application No.NotesApplicant Name
BIGGS, Henry EmersonSelf18 June 1862Martin CountyN/AN/A27089N/ABIGGS, Henry Emerson
BRYAN, Ann GreyGreat-Grandmother5 Dec 1786WilliamstonN/AN/A88274Wife to William Bryan HymanBORDELON, Irving M.
DUPREE, Mary PatienceGrandmother15 Dec 1879Martin CountyN/AN/A89790Wife to Thomas Levine OsborneOGLESBY, James Gorham
EVERETT, HenryGreat-Grandfather1792Martin CountyN/AN/A92088Husband to Elizabeth (Betsy) ManningJAMES, Roland Maximillian
EVERETT, James WalterSelf4-Jul-05RobersonvilleN/AN/A46625Son of Marcellus Everett and Lela KeelEVERETT, James Walter
EVERETT, Jane ElizabethGrandmother2 Sep 1838Martin CountyN/AN/A92088Wife to William Tillman KeelJAMES, Roland Maximillian
GAINOR, Anne4th Great-GrandmotherN/AMartin CountyN/AN/A78945N/AHARLEY Jr., George Foster
HARRELL, Samuel NewbernSelf13 Apr 1875HamiltonN/AN/A47090Son of Augustus Harrell and Harriet WhitehurstHARRELL, Samuel Newbern
HASSELL, AmariahGrandfather22 Aug 1810Williamston18 Jul 1895Manlo, Georgia99585N/AHASSELL, John Fleming
HODGES, MarinaGrandmother18 Jul 1856Beaufort County10 Apr 1880Robersonville83563Wife to Marcus Augustus RobersonELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
HOWELL, Elizabeth DorothyGreat-Grandmother24 may 1817Martin County26 Feb 1849De Soto County, Mississippi92100Wife to Reuben Staten ManningMANNING, Wilkins Reuben
HYMAN, William BryanGreat-Grandfather2 Oct 1779Cedar Landing21 Feb 1820Williamston88274Husband to Ann Grey BryanBORDELON, Irving M.
KEEL, William TillmanGrandfather11 Sep 1842Martin County27 Dec 1917Martin County92088Husband to Jane Elizabeth EverettJAMES, Roland Maximillian
MANNING, Elizabeth (Betsy)Great-Grandmother1802Martin CountyN/AMartin County92088Wife to Henry EverettJAMES, Roland Maximillian
MANNING,Marcom3rd Great-GrandfatherN/ANorfolk, VirginiaN/AMartin County92100Husband to KeziahMANNING, Wilkins Reuben
MANNING, Marcum3rd Great-Grandfatherprior to 1758N/A18 Oct 1792Martin County92088Husband to KeziahJAMES, Roland Maximillian
MANNING, Reuben2nd Great-Grandfathercirca 1776N/Acirca 1831Martin County92088Husband to Sarah WhitneyJAMES, Roland Maximillian
MANNING, Reuben2nd Great-Grandfathercirca 1789Martin CountyWill dated 16 Jul 1831Martin County92100Husband to Sarah WhitneyMANNING, Wilkins Reuben
MANNING, Vannoy HartrogGrandfather26 Jul 1839Martin County3 Nov 1892Branchville, Maryland92100N/AMANNING, Wilkins Reuben
PAGE, MarthaGreat-Grandmother25 Nov 1824Martin County22 Feb 1877Robersonville83563Wife to Henry Daniel Roberson. Married about 1848.ELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
PIERCE, PenlopeGreat-Grandmother1764Martin Countyabout 1785Martin County41262Wife to John PricePRICE, James Hardy
PRICE Sr., William4th Great-Grandfatherabout 1730Martin Countyabout 1785Hamilton47193N/APRICE, Frederick Singleton Lucas
PRICE Sr., William2nd Great-GrandfatherN/AMartin Countyabout 1800Martin County41262Husband to MarthaPRICE, James Hardy
PRICE, William PierceGrandfather1797Martin County1836Georgia41262Husband of Sarah WilliamsPRICE, James Hardy
ROBERSON, Henry DanileGreat-Grandfather10 Oct 1824Martin County14 Sep 1884Robersonville83563Husband to Martha PageELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
ROBERSON, LillianMother12 Feb 1878Martin CountyN/AN/A83563Wife to Arthur Franklin Ellsworth. Living in 1958 in Tacoma, WashingtonELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
ROBERSON, Marcus AugustusGrandfather27 Dec 1851Martin County15-May-01Martin County83563Husband to Marina HodgesELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
ROBERSON, William2nd Great-GrandfatherMay 1790Martin County11 May 1845Martin County83563Husband to Sarah Rebecca WynnELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
ROBERTSON, James HenryFather13 Nov 1884Williamston17-Jun-52Rocky Mount, North Carolina90982N/AROBERTONS, Haywood Lawrence
ROSS Jr., William4th Great-Grandfather9 Aug 1731Martin County25 Dec 1801Martin County65749Husband to Mary GriffinDIERKING, John Edward
SLADE, Ebenezer (Dr.)5th Great-Grandfatherabout 1714N/AMar 1788Martin County78945N/AHARLEY Jr., George Foster
SLADE, Jeremiah (General)3rd Great-Grandfather12 Aug 1775Martin County1824N/A78945N/AHARLEY Jr., George Foster
SLADE, Jeremiah (General)3rd Great-Grandfather12 Aug 1775Martin County1824N/A78945Husband to Janet BogHARLEY Jr., George Foster
SLADE, Thomas Bog2nd Great-Grandfather26 Jul 1800Martin County5 May 1882Columbus, Georgia78945Husband to Anne Jacqueline BlountHARLEY Jr., George Foster
SLADE, William (Lieutenant)4th Great-Grandfather7 Jan 1745N/AFeb 1791Martin County78945N/AHARLEY Jr., George Foster
SMALLWOOD, Portia BonnerGrandmother12 Sep 1853Washington, North Carolina20-Feb-25Williamston84275Wife to George Llewellyn Grimes WhitleyWHITLEY, Walter Jenkins
VAN PELT, Lavenia4th Great-Grandmotherabout 1737New YorkN/AMartin County83563Wife to Watkin William WynnELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
WARD, John James (Capt.)Grandfather9 Sep 18189Martin County29 Jul 1864Griffin, Georgia94973Husband to Ellen Tyler YoungREILLY, William Irving
WHITLEY, George Llewellyn GrimesGrandfather1 Apr 1842Williamston13-Nov-19Williamston84275Husband to Portia BonnerWHITLEY, Walter Jenkins
WILLIAMS, Mary2nd Great-Grandmotherabout 1739Martin Countyafter 1800N/A89790Wife to Samuel CherryOGLESBY, James Gorham
WYNN, Sarah Rebecca2nd Great-Grandmother31 Oct 1792Bertie County8 Oct 1872Martin County83563Wife to Wiliam RobersonELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming
WYNN, Watkin William4th Great-Grandfatherabout 1733Bertie CountyN/AN/A83563Was living in Martin County in 1798. Husband to Lavenia Van Pelt.ELLSWORTH, Arthur Fleming



Martin County Newspaper Obituaries

The NCGenWeb Project features a database called NC People in the Papers.  This database is a collection of items extracted from newspapers and includes births, marriages, deaths, & general news items.

The time coverage varies, but click on the graphic below to see a list of Martin County deaths as reported in the area newspapers.  Be sure to check often because the list is automatically updated as new entries are added.


Photo: Rev. William Perry Williams

In 2009, I posted an obituary for Rev. W.P. Williams from a 1900 issue of the Charlotte Observer.  One of our site visitors turned out to be a great-great grandchild of Rev. Williams and was kind enough to share this photo of him taken around 1899.

Rev. William Perry Williams

Photo contributed by David Shaffer.