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Bear Grass Civil Rights March

From the online collection “Daily Reflector Image Collection” is this picture of a civil rights march December 16, 1963 in Bear Grass.

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2 Responses to Bear Grass Civil Rights March

  1. I beleive these images are incorrectly identified and more likely associated with the old Beaunit industrial plant in Hamilton NC. The ECU library recieved the negatives for these from the Daily Reflector and in many cases the negative sleeves, if they survived, contained incorrect notations. A study of the back issues of the Daily Reflector on microfilm for the 1960s and early 70s will possilby reveal the true identification.

    On second thought, they also may be connected with the old Voice of America complex. At any rate, I think it can be safely said they are not associated with the Bear Grass community proper.

  2. taneya says:

    Thank you Fred for the feedback! The information you provided may indeed be helpful for anyone else interested in the picture.

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