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1866-Present: Martin County Land Records Online

While fixing up some things here on the site, I recently learned that the Martin County Regsistrar of Deeds has a new online system for locating old records.  You can now access county land records back to 1866 on their website! Records available include: deeds, easements, agreements, deeds of trust, assignments, releases, plats and more.  This list of land record terminology may be helpful as you navigate around.

The site has three methods for accessing the records

  • Option 1: Full System – these files include both images and indexes.  This combined retrieval covers January 1, 1985 to present.
  • Option 2: Imaging System Only – these files include the images from
    • Deed Books A-01 thru B-24 p. 714 (March 10, 2011)
    • Old Deed Books U (08/26/1866) thru December 2, 1010
  • Option 3:  Scanned Index Images — these files are the scanned copies of their index.  The records here cover Jan 1, 1925 through Dec 31, 1984.

Here is an example of the search interface for the Full System where you can enter various search criteria. ‘

Sample search interface

Looking at the old deed books are fun too! Here is a screen shot of Old Deed Book U — notice that by using the sidebar buttons you can go page by page.  This looks to be a deed from Emily & William B. Tarkenton from September of 1870.  Hope you can read this old handwriting better than I!

sample old deed from 1870

Thank you to the Register of Deeds office for making these available!  Visit their website to search on your own.


Index to Deed Book A: 1774-1787

In 1993, the Martin County Historical Society published books of deed abstracts from Martin County.  I’ve photocopied the index pages of Deed Book A that covers 1774-1887.   The book is available for sale from the society here

If there is something you are interested in, you can order the book from the society, check to see if there is a library near you that has it, or contact me for a lookup (only if you can wait about 30 days).  

The index can be downloaded as a PDF file if you’d like to store your own copy locally.

Index to Martin County Deed Book A: 1774-1787