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Negro Education in Martin County

Over on Google Books, one of the books I looked at this evening is  — Jones, Thomas Jesse. Negro Education: A Study of the Private and Higher Schools for Colored People in the United States. Washington: Govt. Printing Office, 1917.

The book is available in its entirety as a PDF file.  Page 423 has a profile of  Martin County Training School. Here is an excerpt:

Principal: William Claudius Chance
A school of elementary grade which has been selected as a training center for supplementing the facilities of the surrounding county schools.  The school was founded by the principal and received county aid for some time previous to 1914, when it was taken over by the county.  It has an advisory board of prominent southern white men.

Attendance — Total, 150; all elemtary, borders, 15
Teachers. — Total, 4, all colored; male 1, female 3
Organization — The regular eight elementary grades are fairly well taught.  Some instruction in cooking and sewing is provided.  The school plans to develop a course in the theory and practice of teaching as soon as possible.

Read more online here.

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