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Prof. W.C. Chance – Principal of Higgs Industrial Institute

From the December 30, 1909 issue of the Robesonian, newspaper of Lumberton, NC

Prof. W.C. Chance, colored, principal of Higgs Industrial Institute at Parmele, Martin county, is in Lumberton canvassing for his school.  He has a letter from Congressman Jno. H. Small highly recommending him.  Prof. Chance got his training at the A. and M. College at Greensboro.  His school was started last October, employs three teachers and emphasizes industrial work, especially agriculture.  J.G. Goddard, cashier of the Martin County Bank at Williamston, is treasurer of the institution and R.J. Peele, superintendent of public instruction is secretary.  Congressman Small says that Prof. Chance is doing a good work and is worthy of any assistance that may be given him.

6 Responses to Prof. W.C. Chance – Principal of Higgs Industrial Institute

  1. charles jenkins says:

    I was a member of prof. Chance school. I knew him and he was a great man. Most of my family went to his school. His family was also wonderful people. The town of Parmele owe Prof. Chance a lot.

  2. McArthur Chance says:

    I am a grand nephew of the late,prof.W.C.Chance.

    My father also attended W.C. Chance school. I am

    the nephew of the late Mack Jenkins by way of

    marriage to Emilee Chance and probably a distant

    relative of the first “commentor”

    It is nice to have a good name, Proverbs 22:1.

    I am proud of my heritage, God Bless W.C. and his

    contributions toward us.

  3. George Bullock says:

    I was a student of Professor Chance in the early 40s and late 50s. He was a champion for equal opportunity and was often arrested and tried for his efforts for Black equality. I know his children and his wife was also my teacher. A Great Civil Rights Crusader–even before Martin Luther King. I am proud to have been a student of his at W C Chance elementary school in Parmele, NC.

    • taneya says:

      Hi George!

      Thanks for sharing your comment and memories of Professor Chance. I keep meaning to look for a picture of him – would be great to have one.

  4. charles jenkins says:

    McArthur Chance please contact me

  5. To Charles Jenkins :
    I Was Nephew to Mack and Emilee and I am on facebook See you soon!

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