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Query: Thomas Warren Williams

I am looking for the family of Thomas Warren Williams b: 10-2-1854 lived in Robersonville/Williamston,NC his father was Seth Williams,father was in the civil war. Thomas Warren also had other siblings, William Harvey,Thomas Warren,Reiliann Elisa,Dennis Robbert,Lizina Williams, mothers name was Sarah. Lizina was my grandmother any thing that anyone has would be of great help.

Elaina D Foster –

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  1. Robin Horner Crew says:

    I have been working out of a book called “Martin Co. Heritage–North Carolina” that was put out in 1980 by the Martin Co., Historical Society. I have looked up the names you have given and I am so sorry to say, there are lots and lots of Williams in this book, but none of the names you named. Wish I could help you, I know how frustrating it is to go into a brick wall.
    Robin Horner Crew

  2. elainad9 says:

    Thanks for the info.You are right alot of Williams. My problem that I had was that the spelling kept changing & my grt,grandfather was killed in the civil war .I did find my in the 1870’s grandmother(Lizina) with a set of Robasons where she was living with them as Lissina,she was listed in the 1860 under her family Seth & Emily as Winney.Thomas Warren was not listed then, so I am thinking that he might of died between 1854 & 1860. I got these names out of the family bible which I have. I also found that the name Harvey was also listed as Harry Williams. I was told that Seth owned a plantation in Robertsonville/Williamston,NC.I would like to find out if that is true and where it was located,just maybe that would give me some clues. It is like all of the family (mother)Emily(Emma),dau.Rilley(Rilie)son Dennis Robert,son,William Harvey(Harry) all just disappeared Thanks again

  3. Jatanna Williams Rigsby says:

    I am also working on my family tree. I am specifically looking for information on William Harvey Williams. He may be the sibling that you listed above. The only info that I currently have on William Harvey is that he was born around 1851 in Martin Co, NC. His parents were also born in NC. William Harvey moved to Nasemond Co, Virginia and was married twice. On both marriage documents, it lists his parents as Seth and Emmaline Williams. I don’t have a full name for Emmaline and I have found that many times one record will list a first name and the next record will list a middle name. I have no idea what her maiden name is or about when either Seth or Emmaline were born. I would love to pick your brain about what info you have so I can determine if your sibling is my many times great grandfather.

    • Hey
      My name is Dee Foster it sounds like you are on the right tract,I gave you the wrong mothers name,I am working on 6 different books. I have the Williams family bible,& I have the civilwar info listing her as Emily(Emma,Emmaline)as his widow.I am not sure of her maiden name,but somewhere I saw the last name as Harris??
      I know after grt.grandad was killed at Sharpsburg,the whole family was adopted out to other people do not know what happened to her. My granmother Lizina Winifred(Lizzy,Winnie)was with a family of Robason. I was told that Seth owned a plantation in Martin Co.
      Get back with me @757-410-0234 or
      Would like to hear from you. I live in Chesapeake,Va but can arrange to meet with you if near by.

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