BIGGS Jr., Asa (d. 1883)

New York Times
13 Nov 1883

Death of Asa Biggs

Petersburg, Va., Nov 12 — Asa Biggs, the young man who was burned in his residence, in Southampton, as reported in The Times today, was a son of the late Judge Biggs, of Norfolk, and his wife, who narrowly escaped burning to death, represented one of the oldest families in this section of Virginia.  She is a highly accomplished lady, but took a fancy to young Biggs, who was very dissipated; and finally married him against the wishes of relatives on both sides.

After the marriage Biggs left Norfolk and settled at the old family residence in Southampton.  The old house is built of colonial brick , and is an old landmark in the county.  Dr. Massenburg, the owner, died several years ago, leaving a widow and two daughters, who kept one of the grandest old homes in the country, and entertained handsomely.  The other daughter married and left home, and the mother had lived with her daughters alternately.  Biggs continued to drink after his marriage, and on Saturday night upset a lamp, set the building on fire, and perished in the flames.  It is one of the saddest affairs in the history of the county.