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Reuben Bland: The Largest Family

From the December 22, 1926 issue of the Gastonia Daily Gazette, paper of Gastonia, NC

Reuben Bland Martin county, is figuring on going to the national capital to keep his story straight.  Bland is the father of 34 children.  He expressed resentment that representative Upshaw and the United States house of representatives made such an ado last week over a Georgia farmer with only 28.  Bland claimes he is the father of the largest family in the United States.

12 Responses to Reuben Bland: The Largest Family

  1. Melinda Middlebrook says:

    Thank you! Does anyone know where he is buried?

  2. robert bland says:

    reuben bland was my grandfather. my father was jesse c. bland, the 31st. child of 34. reuben and second wife laura had 15 children. his first wife had 19 by reuben. i have dates of birth for all of the children, reuben was born on june 7, 1855. please contact if interested. robert (bobby) bland.

  3. robert bland says:

    please contact me at regarding my grandfather reuben bland

  4. Cathy Outlaw says:

    I would like any information that anyone can share about the children of Mr. Reuben Columbus Bland. I am currently compliling information on him for my son. Interested in talking to family, getting copies of photos, etc.
    Please email me the information.

  5. RBreed says:

    He’s buried in a small cemetery out beyond Robersonville. It’s in the middle of a field and the owner/farmer has plowed over whatever road may have once existed. In other words, it is pretty much inaccessible without a truck, and without damaging the crops.

  6. Heather says:

    I am the great great granddaughter of Rueben. Among the 34 was a set of twins-George and Simon (born to Julie, the first wife.) George was my great grandfather and his son Latham was my “pa.”
    Robert, I was a very small child when Uncle Jesse and Uncle Coy would come and visit my grandparents (Uncle Lake and Aunt Viola.) I remember that they were always joking and were very colorful and grandma never allowed me to stay in the room very long. 😉 We have some newspaper articles on Coy and Jesse and would be glad to send you info.
    My mom has done a lot of research on the 34 (and even keeps flowers on some of their graves.)
    RBREED-Can you please provide more information on the location of the grave? Is there a marker or tombstone? We have been searching fields in that area looking. We thought it might be on the Roebuck farm on 903-we found a old overgrown graveryard that we walked to during the winter. But it’s fenced in and inaccessible due weeds, small trees and overgrowth. If we find the right one, we’d want to ask the permission of the landowner to clean it out and keep it maintained.
    Anyone with information or who’d like more information can contact Gail at or Heather at

  7. albert says:

    My name is johnathon Matthew bland I am the youngest son of Albert s bland jr (rocky), which is the son of Albert s bland, from the 1st marriage, my dad said if anyone has and questions give him a call at 3048444406, clarksburg wv

  8. Jessica says:

    My name is Jessica. Reuben Bland was my great great grandfather. I’m the great grand daughter of Jody Bland & Annie Bland. My grandmother Lessie has tons of information. I was actually named after Jesse whom I was very close to growing up.

  9. Ray says:

    Jess this is Ray Bland your moms double first cousin seen this and thought l would say hello.

  10. Heather H. says:

    Reuben Bland was my great-great granddaddy. Two of his sons, George Washington and Uncle Simon were twins (I think the only set in the 34) and their mother was Julie. George was my great-grandpa. His second son Latham “Lake” was my Pa (granddaddy.) My mom Gail has done tons of research and has lots of articles, including a newspaper interview with Reuben that was in the News and Observer not too long before he died. She also has a photo of him and Laura (his 2nd wife) as well as a photo she found online with him and some of the 34. She loves to talk about the family. I following the comments on this thread, so if you reply I’ll be happy to give you her email.

  11. John Bland says:

    i would love any info or pictures if any1 could email me them at or call 304245277 id appreciate it very much trying to find pics and info for my father which was one the grandsons of ruben c bland and knew most quite a few of them. thanks

  12. Gail Harden says:

    What was your father’s name?

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