Cherry Spring and Jackson Creek Adult Student Letters

My mother, Eunice Davis Burgin told me that the attached Newsletter were students in the adult classes from the Cherry Springs and Jackson Creek sections of McDowell County. Our neighbor Mrs. Alma Gilliam Bradley taught students in one of  these classes. Pages from the newsletter are below. Contributed by Jane B. Gouge

James McNeely and the State Archives of North Carolina

The State Archives of North Carolina website is a treasure chest of information. The site describes the State Archives, a part of the NC Department of Cultural Resources, as functioning to collect, preserve and make available for the public to use historical material. Searchable databases such as the Manuscript and Archives Records System (MARS catalog) […]

Delayed Birth Certificates

Years ago, births were written in family Bibles, on notes of paper, etc. when the government required birth certificates, then people of all ages applied for delayed birth certificates. A delayed birth certificate is one that is not filed within a set period of time, in North Carolina this is within a year of the […]

County Records Guide

The North Carolina State Archives is an overwhelming, treasure trove of information for the genealogy researcher. My visit to the archives was too short! I was there about 4-5 hours. The problem – I didn’t knwo what to expect or how to plan for the visit. I hope the information below will help you make […]

Horrible Affray

A Horrible Affray Contributed by: Elaine Kahler According to the Asheville News, NC, October 2, 1862: “A horrible affray took place in this town on last night, between J.C. Neal and John Isbell, which resulted in slightly wounding J.C. Neal in the head with a pistol ball, and in killing John Isbell dead on the […]