I recently found your contact information on the Mcdowell County, NC Genealogy website in regards to the Brooks surname.  My family and I have been searching for information regarding my Great Grandfather Stanley Thomas Brooks.  He was born May 1st, 1898 in McDowell Co, NC.  But, we have been told that his last name was […]

Cuthertson, Samuel T., 1825

August 2008 Can anyone help with these queries? I am looking for info on Samuel T. Cuthbertson.  He was married to Matilda Dellinger. He was b. 1825/29, d. 11-9-1892.  I have been unable to find a gravesite for him although he was supposed to have died in Mitchell Co. or McDowell Co.  He was in […]


I’m trying to find out information concerning the first husband(s) of Margaret “Maggie” Jamison/Jimison/Jamerson/Jimieson/Jimmerson who was born around 1866 in McDowell County and died in 1933 in Haywood County. She married Doctor Avery Taylor in 1889 but she had children previously, including my grandmother “Jessie Clementine” who married Theodore Vance Davis, my great aunt “Cora […]

List Your Surnames for McDowell County, NC

Great networking information! List the surname that you are researching and your contact information to network with other researchers. To list your surname(s), send an e-mail with the following information. In the subject line of your email:  McDowell County, NC Surname List In the body of email, For each surname: SURNAME(s) Location of research Time […]