Lurcie Harris Letter

This woman is the mother of 10 children, age 41. Went to day school 3 mo. Wrote this letter alone)

Lurcie Harris Letter 1936
Lurcie Harris


Old Fort, N.C.

Sept. 13, 1936


Dear Sister,

I will write you a letter telling you about my tripe Thursday. Me and my husband went to Lake Lurie to see the President of the United States. We injoyed our trip fine and say several new things. We say an old fashon Loom weaving rugs. We say Chimley Rock that was beautiful. It was cool and pleasant down there, so we hade a nice time.

Yours truly,

Lurcie Harris

Nannie Wright Letter

Sept. 16, 1936

Old Fort, N.C.


Dear UncleNannie Wright Letter

How are you all by this time well I hope we are all well at this time

Will did Ellar get out of the hospital and how is she and the baby

Till her I said hello. I would like to  see her and the baby

Ill Uncle Will how is your cotton I guess you have got a pretty field of cotton by now I would like to come down there again. We sure did have a good time down there in June at the birthday dinner. We got home just fine that Sunday evening just before dark.

Your friend,

Nannie Wright



(age 25, mother of 2 children, got to 3rd or 4th grade. Has had 4 or 5 lessons in Adult School)

Wash Price Letter

Wash Price Letter
Wash Price Letter

Sept. 12, 1936

Old Fort, N. C.


Mrs. Day, I will write you a short letter about the adult school. I think it is fine. I have learned more about reading and writing and counting and I  hope it will last. Tell all will learn to read and write.


Yours truly

Wash Price




(age 55, wrote this letter without help. Father of 7 children. Interested very much in school)

Dora Dalton Letter

(This woman is 28 yrs. old. Mother of 5 children. She is a faithful Adult Student)Letter by Dora Dalton


Old Fort, N.C.   Sept. 16, 1936


Dear Teacher,

I will write you a few lines telling you about my trip to chimmily Rock to see the President. I enjoyed my trip just fine. I saw thing I haven’t seen before. I see an old fashion looms. I am 28 years old and han’t see one befor. I sure did enjoy see it and all so the President.

Your true friend.

Dora Dalton

Eva Davis Letter

ld Fort, N.C.

Sept. 15, 1936


Dear Sister,Eva Davis

Will wrie you again hoping you are injoying yourself.

Wish you was here to go to school with me. I injoy going. I am taking arithmic and writing. Do you think I have improved any an my writing.

Will Edith have you got your canning done yet. I have been cannning tomatoes to day.

Say Edith you all come up here Sunday and go to church with us.

Doris said for me to tell you all hello for her she is to sleepy to write.

Well I guess I had better close it is getting late. So anser real soon.

From your sister

Eva Davis

(age 32 mother of 4 children. She got to 3rd grade in day school. Anxious to learn all you she can)

Maggie Price Letter

Maggie Price Letter
Maggie Price Letter

September 17, 1936

Old Fort, N. C.


Dear Mrs. Day, I will write you a few lines about the adult school. I thank it so fine. I am making Posters for the school. I have learned to write and spell. I hope we will have a good time.

Maggie Price



Written without any help. Age 46. Went to school 8 days in her life. Attended Adult school some last winter.

Cherry Spring and Jackson Creek Adult Student Letters

Letter Covers
Letter Covers

I found the letters in my mother’s estate, along with the Adult Student newsletter. I have transcribed them for ease of reading. The letters were in a paperclip with a a front and back cover with the following titles

“Letters written by Students”

“Cherry Springs Classes and Jackson Creek Classes”

Click on the links below to review each individual letter by the following students:

Dora Dalton
Mary Davis
Eva Davis
Lurcie Harris
Maggie Price
Wash Price
Nannie Wright
















Cherry Spring and Jackson Creek Adult Student NewsLetter

My mother, Eunice Davis Burgin told me that the attached Newsletter were students in the adult classes from the Cherry Springs and Jackson Creek sections of McDowell County. Our neighbor Mrs. Alma Gilliam Bradley taught students in one of  these classes.

Pages from the newsletter are below.

Contributed by Jane B. Gouge

Adult Student Letters