Historical Review: Mt. Hebron Wesleyan Church by Mrs. Mary K. Burgin

Historical Review by Mrs. Mary K. Burgin, December 28, 1975

I have fond memories of the Old Church and Sunday school.  It was established in the late twenties.  My Dad, Henry J. Knupp and stepmother Sally Solomon Knupp, attended this church until his death in 1935.  Granny Sally, as we called her, was teacher of the Card Class and well known throughout this community for her services as a midwife.

We normally had three classes, The Bible Class, Young People’s Class and Card Class.  If the number present was small the classes would combine.  We would have between 14 and 22 present.  I found a few old records and on December 31, 1950 the Bible class was taught by Mrs. A. R. Walker, number present four.  The Young People’s class and Card Class combined was taught by Mrs. G. M. Moffitt.  Number present ten.  Total present fourteen.  Total amount in collection 43 cents.  Total memory verses seven.  The next Sunday, Jan. 8, improved a little .  Class #1 was taught by Mr. F. G. Knupp.  Number present six.  Class #2 was taught by Mrs. G. M. Moffitt, number present eleven.  Class #3 was taught by Mrs. M. C. Burgin, number present seven, total number present 24.  Total amount in collection $1.55.  Total number memory verses 13.  We would always repeat memory verses after the classes reassembled and then the Sunday school was dismissed.

We also had our visitors, especially in the summer, just as we do now.  One in particular that we always happy to see was Mr. A. C. Reynolds.  Mr. Reynolds was a great educator in Western North Carolina and the one for whom A. C. Reynolds’ High School was named.  He had a cabin on Byrd’s creek and he walked down to Sunday School.  He taught some inspiring Sunday School lessons for us.  I found two old Sunday School Quarterlies. dated 1942.  The lesson for December 27, 1942 was entitled Dynamic Christian Living.  I also found some cards the card class used, the oldest dated January 27, 1935.  One I found dated February 1942, where Helen had been learning to write her name on it.

One thing that stands out in my mind so vividly was the prayer life of the members back in the late 30’s and early 40’s.  About this time was hen Hitler was making his big brags and when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  This was hard times for us at the end of the depression and our young boys were being drafted and some of them we did not see for a couple of years.  We banned together in prayer, Uncle Mont and Aunt Ella Burgin, Melvin, Garland, Mrs. Moffitt, Mrs. Sybil Knupp and all the others.  Uncle Mont was one that we loved to hear pray.  HE really knew how to talk to our Heavenly Father.  Out of the approximately 20 boys that went to war, two were taken as prisoner and were pretty sick when released, one was injured, but all returned home.  I still thank God today and give Him praise for hearing and answering our prayers.

This week, when the temperature dropped to the teens, I was especially thankful for a nice warm Church that we can have Sunday School in.  The old Church was not always comfortable enough, especially when we walked to church.  Gas and cars were scarce and expensive in those days.  I’m thankful for the spiritual blessings that God has given us through our Old and New Church.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunity to serve Christ and I personally want to thank God for the way He has blessed me and my family by being borned in a community where we could receive His Word and teachings so freely.