Historical Sketch: Mt. Hebron Wesleyan Church by Mr. Clifford Knupp (1996)

Mt. Hebron Wesleyan Church Historical Sketch by Mr. Clifford Knupp

Organized in 1913 with Rev. G. A. Pegram as the first pastor with twenty-seven charter members.  The church used the facilities of the MT. Hebron Collegiate Bible Institute.  These facilities were used into the 1920’s until a new structure was built on adjoining property.  The structure consisted of one large room.  Two Sunday school classrooms were added about 1950.  Before the new classrooms were built the classes would meet in separate places in the large room.

The Mt. Hebron Collegiate Bible Institute was a Quaker school.  The student body was interdenominational.

The Mt. Hebron Church was a real source of strength and help during the depression era and WWII for the community.

The Mt. Hebron Wesleyan Church and the Old Fort Wesleyan Church were organized about the same time and made up the Old Fort and Mt. Hebron Church with one pastor pasturing bother churches.  The Miles Harvey family was a strong force in the early church.

The Mt. Hebron Church had a good revival in 1952 while Rev. M. R. Harvey was pastor.  The Old Fort and Mt. Hebron church had gotten Rev. Carlos Vernon and his wife for pastor in 1952 after Rev. M. R. Harvey retired.

While Rev. Vernon was pastor the church decided to try and build a new church.  Rev. Vernon resigned the church and Rev. Sam Parker, a student at central Wesleyan College, was secured to take the pastorate at this time.  In 1954, the two churches decided to split up and secure a pastor for each church.  Rev. Sam Parker took the Mt. Hebron Church.  During the next three years, the church raised money to go toward building a church.  Carter and Faye Burgin gave the property, along with twenty-five feet parallel with this that was purchased from Mr. George Moffitt, for the new church building.

During the summer of 1957 the grading was done for the church building and work got under way toward building the church.

Rev. Sam Parker resigned in 1957 and Rev. Robert Freeman came to the church as pastor.  Early on during Rev. Freeman’s pastorate the church started cutting timber for the church building.  A lot of people in the community gave timber.  People of the church cut and logged the timer.  MR. Theodore McEntire sawed the lumber for the church building.

The people of the church and community furnished labor, the masonry work was the only labor the church had to pay for.

Under Rev. Freeman’s leadership the building project went forward and by 1959 the church had the building to the point that we had our first service in the new building.

With a lot of help from answered prayer and from many friends from the community the church building was completed.

During Rev. Forris Barnard’s ministry (1963 – 1967), the church constructed a new parsonage.

During Rev. Bill Flinchum’s ministry (1971 – 1977), it became the desire of the church family to see the church free of debt.  The goal was set and the final payment on the church loan was paid in April 1974.  Then the church family had the desire to construct/complete a combination Fellowship Hall and Education building in 1975 -76.