Military Links

The internet is packed full of information about the war, its history, its heroes, campaigns, memorials and much more.  Searching sites is the most difficult, for several reasons. The site may or may not be indexed.

If it is not indexed it is more difficult to search, but is not impossible. On Windows, the keystroke command is “ctrl+f “ to bring up the find command. Most often this will allow you to search for a word or words. This will work with Google books and most other digital documents. It is the quickest way to determine if the person or event you are looking for is included in the file you are reviewing.

When the document is indexed it is easier to search and typically contains a search box. Sometimes documents/files are partially indexed. If the find command (described above) does not work and there is not an index, then reading page by page, may be the only option.

Below are links to databases with a plethora of information

Revolutionary War

Civil War


Vietnam, Korean War

  • Vietnam      A list of military from the Vietnam Wall, Listed by city

Other Resources