Delayed Birth Certificates

Years ago, births were written in family Bibles, on notes of paper, etc. when the government required birth certificates, then people of all ages applied for delayed birth certificates.

A delayed birth certificate is one that is not filed within a set period of time, in North Carolina this is within a year of the child’s birth.

If you are having trouble finding a birth certificate, check out the links below to see if  your great or great-greatgrandparents filed for a delayed certificate

Delayed birth certificates for McDowell County in the USGenWeb Archives:





McDowell County Residents Mentioned in NC Newspapers

Last night I was watching  – “Who Do You Think You Are?”, a NBC televised show that chronicles  a celebrity as they research their ancestors. They make the journey look so easy. The celebrity (last night it was Rosie O’Donnell) have the help of certified genealogist and historians.

One of the clues that Ms. O’Donnell found about her great-grandmother was in a newspaper. There is a wealth of information in newspapers for the genealogy researcher – obituaries, birth announcements, tragic events, marriages, and social events  to name a few.

There is a great resource out there – NC People in the Papers. A database of various news worthy items such as deaths, marriages, and births from NC Newspapers.  See the About Page for more information.

BTW, Ms. O’Donnell found a newspaper article about her great-grandmother, who was fixing breakfast, while holding her year-old child.  The child pulled over a kerosene lamp that caught her mother on fire. She died 20 days later. The lead Ms. O’Donnell to a sibling, she did not know her great-grandfather had.

McDowell County People in the NC People in the Papers.

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