Highway Markers

Historical Markers in McDowell County

According to the “Guide to North Carolina Highway Historical Markers” there are 6 historical markers located along the highways in McDowell County, NC.

They are as follows:

  1. Frontier Fort (N-31) that is located on Main Street (US 70) in Old Fort. Approved in 1956.
  2. Andrew’s Geyser (N-37) located on state road 1400 (Old US 70 west of Old Fort. Approved in 1976.
  3. Pleasant Gardens (N-4) is located on US 70 west of Marion at Pleasant Gardens. Approved in 1937.
  4. Cathey’s Fort (N-26) is located on US 221/NC 226 North of Woodlawn/Marion. Approved in 1950.
  5. Carson House (N-35) is located on US 70 west of Marion. Approved in 1965.
  6. Cane Creek (N-41) is located southeast of Dysartsville on US 64. Approved in 1991.

One of the longest running programs in the States is the NC Highway Historical Marker Program. Check out their website for more information.