McDowell county is divided into eleven townships:

  1. Crooked Creek
  2. Dysartville,
  3. Nebo
  4. North Cove
  5. Montford Cove
  6. Pleasant Gardens
  7. Woodlawn-Sevier
  8. Sugar Hill
  9. Old Fort
  10. Marion
  11. Glenwood

The county seat is Marion. The other town in the county is Old Fort.

I am looking for history for each of the communities, their churches, fire departments and schools. If you have information that you would like to share, please let me know.

Historic Carson House

Check out a new link that has just been added to the History page of this website.   Historic Carson House

The rescue and preservation of the house is a heroic story that lead to the establishment of the Carson House Society, two groups – The Carson House Board of Directors and the Carson House Partners. Both are very active and labor tirelessly to preserve the historic site.  They have a schedule of  upcoming events and newsletters to check out what is happening all year.

Read about the Carson family –  John Hazzard Carson, Jonathan L. Carson and Samuel P. Carson.

Maybe the ghosts of the House would interest you or information about Stoneman’s raid, or Carson’s involvements in conspiracy, politics, society and the local economy.

An eclectic collection of research materials are maintained in the Mary M.Greenlee Genealogical Research and History Room, providing a wealth of information for genealogy researcher. The website also has viewable videos on the collections and exhibits at the house.

The Historic Carson House is well worth the trip either in person or to their website.